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    i didnt want to reply on the others... so i just make my own.... umm this is for moidib or goby or whoever wants to answer this dang thing... um.... for trainers now... i have the 1.06 version.. thats just because i play online.. but i wnat to try those trainers just for the heck of it because i am bored of beating peeps on dune2k.. so if someone would explain to me in detail on how to install the trainers and how to work them on 1.02 version i believe, that would be greaATTTT... !!!!!!!!!! ;D
  2. Hey... if u scrolll down a lil bit... you will see my post on this same exact error... i couldnt get it to work... me and goby gave up.. so what i did was bought me a new computer... and now i can play!!!!! if anybody goes on there... loook for me... my nicks are Nerdyyy,FoXnErD, Nerdkid, and some others.. hehe... see you on there if you get there.
  3. [glow=red,2,300]TEXT[/glow]hello kidies... i am back now... lol i had problems logging in and couldnt get in... well just wanted to say hi to everyone!!!!!! i havent had a post on here for awhile.. and just wanted to thank GOB for sticking with me and that i am looking into that computer stuff 8) And... to let all you guys no... i am mad because i cant play dune or emperor becuase my computer SUXXXXXXX
  4. :-/ GrRrRR i am so mad Gob.... plliz just send my password... this crap isnt working.... first its dune2000 then emperor now i cant even get on to dune2k.com lol :( my life is getting miserable by the minute.... ty :)
  5. foxnerd

    Help Needed

    I would help i dont know what i have to do though... just let me know and i will do it.. if it doesnt take that much time...
  6. HeyYYYy yYY y nerdsss i am backk... i couldnt get on my other nick becuase it wouldnt work... so i am on this guest thing... well anyways i just got EmpeRor and i am already haveing a problem... can anyone tell me what to do here.... OK.. after i installed it and stuff... i went to play the game putting in the disk 2... when it was loading an illegal opperation error came up saying Game... So what the heck does that mean.. does that mean my computer does not have the right requirements? well just help me out here... i cant play dune2k or Emperor.. . this is really bugging the crap out of me
  7. damn why do people worry about the damn story line.. i am getting sick and tired of that... who actually cares about the story line... i mean dont you play dune to play the game becasue it is fun or do u play to try to find something wrong with the storyline?? thats just my oppinion on that... sorry if i sounded mean..
  8. Lol ... just listen to the guy before me what he said... just have about 4 groups of 5 troopers.. spread them out and push "x" to make them spread ... that should do it.. and maybe a quad or so in the group of them... do that for all entrances... and you should be fine... lol..
  9. yess that did... sorryyy.. i didnt know you were talking about a key.... lol sorry for being stupid
  10. lol tell me about it... i am fricken fed up with it... i almost through my computer the other day... but my dad would of wooped my azzz.. lol
  11. wait how do u do that.... in normal termss.. whats was that thing you put in brackets {symrq} or whatever.. so how do u do that
  12. Hey MoiDib... someoen has the same problem as me... so thats a good thing.. lol... but ordos45 do u play dune2k online.. if so what is your nick you nerd... :)?
  13. Actually i am still having the problem Gobalopper, but i havent got Emperor yet.. it is in the mail... it should be here in like 2 or 3 days.. i am guesssing.. but as MoiDib was saying.. i probably cant play Emperor because my computer sux.. so yeah.. :(
  14. Loll man this was just a joke between me and MoiDib... thats all so dont take it all personal... we just said that becuase you went to everyones post dropping bombs... lol ... soo yeah thats alll.
  15. haha MoiDib... i think you just got told to shutup... haha :)
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