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    Ever feel like Gun Turrets kind of suck? Well, they don't, but I've got another new thing for y'all anyway. This is a standalone mod that turns your traditional long-barreled cannon turret into highly responsive dual guns that mow down infantry and can be generally oppressive against vehicles. That's all this mod does. Here are some screenshots of all 32 frames in the three main colors, and their sidebar icon: Here are some gameplay tips: Design theory rant below spoiler: Regarding their animation / sound design: Here's a download link: AGTs.zip If you wanna install the mod, merge the data folder in the zip with the one in your D2k directory. The data folder under the backup folder in the zip can be merged with the data folder in your D2k directory to restore the changes this mod makes to the default state of the game. Have fun.
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    Here's another update in D2kEditor. Here is a screenshot, can you spot all the new things? As you might know, I was working on implementing support for per-mission editor graphics and configuration files (I mean those .ini files under config folder). This can be extremely helpful for creating missions using modded game resources, as you can use i.e. the modified graphics, unit and building configuration per individual mission. Here is example of changes I made: - Modified graphics/structures.bmp (just swapped colors for a simple demonstration) - Modified graphics/misc_objects.bmp (changed the background tile for spice bloom) - Modified config/structures.ini (added Flame Tank on the list of units) - Modified config/misc_objects.ini (renamed Spice Bloom to Wood Bloom) - Modified config/players.ini (renamed player names - already showed previously) - Modified config/mis_units.txt (this is list of units for Events and Conditions, added Flame Tank on the list) - Modified COLOURS.bin - Modified TILEDATA.bin Here is the example folder structure and how editor loads it: CustomCampaignData |- WarOfTheLandsraad |- Colours |- colours_O9.bin |- Players |- players_O9.ini |- WOL |- config |- structures.ini |- misc_objects.ini |- mis_units.txt |- graphics |- structures.bmp |- misc_objects.bmp |- data |- bin |- TILEDATA.BIN So the file loading logic is in line with mission launcher folder structure. The _mask bmp files are created automatically, if missing.
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    MVI (and some others who I don't know) made a lot of progress deciphering the format of various UIB files, culminating in the release of an editor that works on many uib formats. For the menus.uib, the each menu entry had: a key name (that UIL searches for when attempting to open a new menu), a value (the file that represents the menu to open) and two unknown integer values, named Unknown1 and Unknown2. I'll let Ghidra explain the unknown values for me. (Apparently the game has functions converting other files into UIB files. Probably used for debugging or their development, but very useful for reverse engineering their formats) ---------------------------------------- Unknown 1 (int): Determines how the menu fades in 0 = Fade From Black? (From videos of the game, this appears to be Fade From Black. However, my game does something weird when this is used, drawing a black rectangle at point 0,0 during the 'animation' phase). It could be due to the patched game, a graphics setting or that some legacy Windows broke on newer Windows. See below for a more visual result) 1 = Unused (the game flickers when you use this. I suspect this is for fading out but it doesn't play well as a fade in sequence) 2 = Tween (looks like the proper fade blending the menu and the background behind it) 3 = Skip (no transition. The new menu pops in) Other values (I only tested '4') = The new menu is not drawn, but is functional. See below for a more visual result) ---------------------------------------- Unknown 2 (int): Determines how the menu fades out 0 = Unused (the game flickers when you use this. I suspect this is for fading in but it doesn't play well as a fade out sequence) 1 = Fade To Black? (From videos of the game, this appears to be Fade To Black. However, my game does something weird when this is used, drawing a black rectangle at point 0,0 during the 'animation' phase). It could be due to the patched game, a graphics setting or that some legacy Windows broke on newer Windows. See below for a more graphical result) 2 = Tween (looks like the proper fade blending the menu and the background behind it) 3 = Skip (no transition. The new menu pops out) Other values (I only tested '4') = The background behind the closing menu is not drawn, but is functional. See below for a more visual result) ---------------------------------------- The tests are perform by modifying the entry for DIFFICULTY / skill.uid. This menu is called when you click Start New Game on the main menu. Visual - When using value 0 or 1 (Fade) as fade in / fade out For an example of a working Fade To Black, see 3:20 of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x9MahcVn7k where a Fade To Black was demonstrated from the campaign map. Visual - Value 4 for Fade In Menu did not appear, but is active. Buttons will paint over the screen when you interact with them. Visual - Value 4 for Fade Out Menu did not disappear, but the previous menu (main menu) is active. Buttons from the currently active menu will paint over the screen when you interact with them. With this I think the description of the Menus.uib is complete. I hope this gives modders more control over the UI behavior of their experiments. :) EDIT: Corrected errors - it was Fade (value 0,1) that was giving display glitches, not Tween. Also added more information on the fade behaviour.
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    Well, here I am. I'll post more shortly but Hi!
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    Hello everyone. As you should know already, the current Mission Launcher was created by Funky, and he was kind enough to give me the source code so I can work on it and improve it. And that is what I did. The new version of the launcher allows modded files PER MISSION, that get installed and reverted automatically by the launcher, so the player doesn't need to copy any mod files anywhere. Besides, there is also a new briefing screen, which has support for a bunch of Intel entries displayed in a popup window and a tactical map, both being possibilities to either enhance the storytelling of your campaigns or to provide tips & tricks regarding your mission. This is the release of version 1.2.0, which includes the following new features and bugfixes Features Automated mod file installation per mission, mods get reverted once the game is closed Same for colours.uib: now you can have custom colors per mission as well New UI elements for the briefing: Show Intel button and Show Tactical Map button Ability to add intel entries and images for these entries to your mission (see screenshots below) Full Changelog v.1.2.0 ======= Added support for automated mod file installation per mission Added new UI elements to the briefing view: Show Intel button and Show Tactical Map button Partially fixed flickering when scrolling long briefings Added a new campaign, with a corresponding custom campaign window: War of the Landsraad, by Feda, with 50 new missions in total Added a manual describing how to use the new features It is ALWAYS advised to create a backup of your game before working with any mods, so please do that, just in case. The launcher will also back up anything you had inside the dune data folder when you run a modded mission. You can find the backups in your <Dune2000Root>/MissionLauncherBackups. Dune 2000: GruntMods edition is recommended for this, but it should work for the DuneMaster version as well, although I haven't tested this. There is a manual included with the package, please read that for more in-depth instructions on how to use this and how to create missions that can take advantage of the new features. The Launcher comes with a brand new Campaign as well, featuring 50 new missions, 5 for the Sardaukar and 15 for each of the three main Houses. The campaign is called War of the Landsraad, and it created taking advantage of the new features. This means you can use this as an example of how to use the automated mod file support and the intel feature. As I said, all this info is in the manual as well, so read that. Download it from HERE (current version is: 1.2) For information, screenshots and other details about the new campaign, War of the Landsraad, please read THIS TOPIC For a video demonstration of the new launcher, have a look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHQr87vC3j8&t If you have further questions, you can talk to me directly on Discord by joining our Dune 2000 Singleplayer modding server: https://discord.gg/Adwfxxe Special thanks to Cm_blast, for testing it, and FunkyFr3sh, for giving me the source code of the Mission Launcher to work on it. Here are a few screenshots.
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    Hello fellow commanders / modders, I had spent the past few nights looking through some of the past research on the executable and data files, with the intention of uncovering past limits and removing some limitations of the game. My main inspirations are: Data modding (without modifying the executable) Uncovering what each data bit in each of the major .bin file means Uncovering what each data bit in each of the major table file (.uib) means Uncovering how the game registers a unit / building and links resources to it (bin, data.r8/r16, sounds.rs), allowing the possibility of adding new units / buildings. Executable modding (modifying the executable) Removing size restrictions (example: the number of entries in Colours.bin), where possible Merging the changes by other patches (if I ever figure out how the individual patches work, like the build queue patch) Expanding the mission triggers system (Conditions / Events system) My main investigative tool is Ghidra IDA. I use it mainly to read and interpret the Dune2000 executable and find where the data gets put in, and leave a trail of annotations / comments. It is like playing Minesweeper on a grid with almost 1.8 million cells (the size of the Gruntlords Dune2000 executable is about 1.795 million bytes). One of the obstacles I face is that I am late to the party. Thus, I am re-discovering what others have found before e.g. Intelligent Games had two mission event action codes 12 and 13 defined and named (BLOXFILE, ATTRIBFILE), but an internal parser converts them to invalid code 20, and there is no handling of those codes, suggestive of a scrapped mechanic. I discovered this yesterday. Kloflac, FunkyFr3sh and co. discovered this in 2015. So, I have changed my endeavor to collate what other people have researched, so that I can work on most updated information on the game's internals. I found one of the resources to be very valuable in my initial research, as it collated and documented the list of changes made to the game since the last official patch (1.06): https://github.com/mvi/dune2k Unfortunately, it is no longer maintained (https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/26661-dune-2000-106p-game-patching-bug-fixes-new-features/page/19/?tab=comments#comment-391397) and a lot of changes have since been made to the current Gruntlord / CnCNet version that were not present in this record: For example, the patches to fix several mission events (Trigger Actions as known in the RA/C&C world), described from here onwards: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/26661-dune-2000-106p-game-patching-bug-fixes-new-features/?do=findComment&comment=390766 , are absent in this source. The addition of the PlayMusic (action code 21) is very valuable patch, and it would be much easier to tweak a C-source file that implements the additional function branch that calls the PlayMusic function and re-patch than re-hack the post-patch executable. While I could run through both versions and make comparisons to append to my findings, I feel like a lot of time could be saved if the sources for those changes are available somewhere. In addition, I am quite confident I would trip over many of the same bugs from 2015 till now as I try to rebuild my interpretation of other people's changes to match the current game version. I am thinking of rebuilding the list of changes, and then use the research thus far to suggest new ones. This task is not an urgent task, as I would be spending my time reading all those BIN files first. But if I want to go about making changes to the EXE, without these prior information, it would be quite an inconvenience spending months to re-research what has been researched. Basically, I am hoping that instead of playing a new game of 1.8 million cell Minesweeper, I get to continue some other person's game where some cells have already been uncovered and navigated. I get it that it has been a long time since those research were taken, and the game of research may have been stopped at some parts. I am willing to continue this game. So, here, I ask if there are resources available that lists the source of changes that converted the original Westwood 1.06 patch to the current Gruntlords executable version, and any annotation that came with that research. Hopefully these are public; I am not sure how to go about getting permission to use knowledge that aren't public and put them in my fork of MVI's project.
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    I am looking at one of the big .bin files. This is currently a very preliminary research, as at this stage all I can do is to recreate the past discoveries by TibEd and other people, before I can break new ground. As such, this is a very preliminary research. I hope to share this here so in the future, other people can read and save on the discovery (I can also put my research on GitHub or something, but I have not put my mind into that) Here is what I guess the game executable reads the Templates.bin file and splits it into different areas. These structural divisions is fundamental to how the game interprets the bin file. For instance, the game will reserve a block of memory for Unit data, and a different memory block for Building data. With the help of TibEd and running the game, these are my guesses on what each section belongs to. ------------------------------------------------------ Text copy of above image ------------------------------------------------------ At a glance, the game appears to support up to 60 unit types, 100 building types, 64 weapon types and 64 explosion types. I attempted to change what I suspect to be the Unit and Building Count, and I have some varied responses: Decreasing the values and loading a mission where such a value is needed leads to crash on mission load. Setting Unit Count to 0x00 up to 0x19, and loading A1V1 leads to crash at mission load with error "MyVersionOfUnit didn't find a unit". Setting Unit Count to 0x1A just below the Sandworm ID (25), leads to crash to desktop (no error message) Setting Unit Count to 0x1B just equal to the Sandworm ID (25), and loading A1V1 leads to working game, with graphically maimed animations and offset build icons Haha, Construction Wind Trap Setting Building Count to 0x3B (59), and loading O9V1 leads to crash with error related to the Imperial Palace (ID 59, or the 50thbuilding in the list). Setting Building Count to 0x3C (60), and loading H5V1 leads to crash with error related to the Harkonnen Special Outpost (ID 60, or the 61st building in the list). Setting Building Count to 0x3D (61), and loading O4V1 doesn't lead to crash, but the player loses instantly (since the Ordos Special Outpost (ID 61, or the 62nd building in the list)... does not exist??). This happens on both the -spawn and normal launches of the game. I am not sure why this behavior is different from the Harkonnen version. Changing other values in the surrounding region may lead to lead to very damaging graphical glitches. Clicking on the building queue (to construct a building) may lead to crash due to 'BlitErrors' Hypothesis: Unit Count and Building Count works like what I think they do, but their DATA.r8/.r16 folders may be arranged specifically to the exact number of items. Either this could be controlled by the .bin file, or it is hardcoded and any modder working on adjusting the counts need to also pad their DATA files so that the image sequences are aligned correctly. This is the extent of my current research. More to come.
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    [UPDATE 1.7.2020]: Version 1.4 was superseded by version 2.0. Downloads in this topic are outdated. Go to this thread for more information and download of new version: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/28802-map-and-mission-editor-new-major-version-20-pre-release/ Hello all! It's finally time for a new release of D2kEditor! It's been more than a year since I made the last release (v1.3). After some time of rest, I saw Warcraft 2 snowy tileset made by Cm_blast which inspired me to work on the program further. I wanted D2kEditor to be more friendly with custom tilesets, and ended up with plenty of ideas and improvements I made in order to make the program more powerful and yet easier to use. I already showed preview of most of the new features in the other thread (https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/28518-d2keditor-v14-new-feature-preview-new-tileset-research/) so you should be already familiar with most of them. But during last days, I worked intensively on even more bug fixes and new features that came into my mind, and here it is, really rich changelog. Download (OUTDATED, take Release Candidate 3 please) Changelog: Added: Smooth spice rendering. Thin spice and thick spice is now drawn exactly how it appears in game. Added: Save minimap image feature Fixed: Outpost and Modified Outpost are visually distinguished by antenna turn direction. Fixed: The "Maximized" window property is now preserved for all dialogs when you close and open program again. Fixed: The last used directory for various open/save dialogs is preserved independently for each dialog. Fixed: Scrolling map with arrows will always work Fixed: Some key shortcuts (i.e. Ctrl+G) will no longer select a preset Added: You can use Shift + mouse wheel up/down to change brush size Added: You can hold Ctrl + click to map to easily and quickly switch to Select mode and start a selection Added: Select structures only mode. You can set the checkbox "Structures" next to "Select mode" radio button to third (grayed) state, which means select structures only. Useful for copying or moving a base layout. Added: Area type in Select mode. You can make a selection only of tiles of specified type, which makes possible to select more precise non-rectangle areas. If you hold Shift, the selected area is erased, which makes possible to easily move the area around. Added: Using "Reopen map" immediately after starting program will open the map which was open last time. Added: New dialog window to change a tileset. When you start new map, this dialog will open so you can select a tileset. Added: Reload tileset option. Useful when you modify tileset .ini file. Changed: In D2kEditor.ini file, the default tileset is not specified as tileset index, but as tileset name (setting was renamed to "DefaultTilesetName"). Added: Editor will load contents of custom TEXT.UIB file, if it is specified in mission .ini file. The "Test map" feature will automatically launch game with custom TEXT.UIB file. Added: Preset Helper feature (accessible from "Open tileset" window). Here you can easily design a block preset and copy its code to tileset .ini file, or directly use that block in terrain editor. Three major new features and changes: 1) Merged TileAtrEditor program into D2kEditor, so D2kEditor now has built-in Tile Attribute editor. TileAtrEditor became obsolete and no longer needed. 2) Significant improvements related to creating maps using custom tilesets. Creating maps using custom tilesets is now much easier and faster. 3) Major changes in tileset configurations (tileset .ini files) related to new features and improvements. You will need to update your custom tileset .ini files to make them compatible with this version of program. Ad 1) - Tile Attribute editor is now available from main menu under Tileset. - You can edit the current tileset used by current map. Swithching tileset would change it for current map too. - You save map and tile attributes independently. When you save attributes, changes will apply immediately to your map. - There is "Test in-game" feature (F8) that would save attributes and launch current map in game. - You can now edit all 32 game attributes. Previously only 7 attributes (which were present in original TILEATRx.BIN files) were editable, but according to latest TILEATRx.BIN research, it was discovered that the other attributes are internal attributes used by game during gameplay for various purposes. You can achieve various effects using those additional attributes, for example place a real working concrete on a map. - Editor attributes (special attributes used only by the editor to recognize which tile is sand, rock, dune tile etc.) are no longer part of TILEATRx.BIN files, because they conflicted with internal game attributes. You no longer need to distribute two separate versions of TILEATRx.BIN files: one for game and one for editor. - Editor attributes are stored inside tileset .ini file and editor saves them into .ini file automatically. - TILEATRx.BIN files are no longer distributed with the program. The program loads these files from game folder. - Added more flexible ways how you can filter tiles by attributes. Added "Filter tiles having any of attributes" mode, as well as "Filter tiles by rule" mode. Removed "Mark infantry-only" mode as this was just a specific case of a rule. - "Filter tiles by rule" is the most advanced mode, where you can specify which attributes tiles need to have (either all of any of them) and which attributes tiles must not have (basically combination of all three previous filter modes). In this mode you can easily design your rule and then use it in your tileset .ini file. - Added new view modes: "Draw minimap colors" and "Draw fill area groups" mode. These modes can help you design minimap color rules and fill area rules in your tileset .ini file, as you can easily and immediately see the result here. - Added "Edit tile hint text" mode. Tile hint text is a text that displays in game when you move mouse cursor over that tile. In original tilesets this is used only on spice tiles. Ad 2) - In Terrain editing mode, there are now 4 common paint groups and 8 tileset-specific paint groups (12 paint groups total). - The 4 common pain groups are reserved for Thin Spice, Thick Spice, Concrete and Void. The latter two are not commonly used in maps, but are potentially usable for new designs, or in custom tilesets. For example concrete can be used for decoration (in original tilesets it cannot be built on it), but it can be made buildable using specific tile attributes and used as real concrete in for example Dune 2 tileset. The Void could be used to make non-rectangle maps, or it is useful for indoors tilesets (i.e. Heighliner). - The 8 paint groups can be used for any terrain types. The original tilesets use no more tha 3 types (Sand/Rock/Dunes) or 4 types (Ice), however, in custom tilesets you can use all 8. - Improved "Auto-Smooth edges" feature (Shift-Click) and made it more flexible and configurable for custom tilesets. You can take advantage of this feaure for any terrain type in custom tilesets, it is not strictly limited for Rock and Dunes edge in original tilesets. - Added "Restrict painting" feature, which will let you paint specific tiles only on specific terrain type (i.e. spice and dunes can be painted only on sand, concrete can be painted only on rock). This can be turned off in Settings menu. - Added support for block presets with "blank" tiles. You can now have presets of any shape (not strictly rectangle shape). Ad 3) - Changed the way how rules (minimap color rules, fill area rules) are specified. Rules are now specified in this form: $attrubites_tile_must_have -OR- $attrubites_tile_must_have;$attrubites_tile_must_not_have If $attrubites_tile_must_have is negative, it means tile must have ANY of specified attributes. To design a rule, you can simply use specific filter on Tile Attributes editor and just copy the rule specification. - Fill area rules now have names. The names correspond to area types in Select mode. - You can specify up to 12 paint groups in [Paint_Tile_Groups] section. Groups A,B,C,D are reserved for thin spice, thick spice, concrete and void. Groups 1-8 are tileset-specific groups you can use for any terrain type. - The list of tiles used by a paint group is no longer specified by marking those tiles by editor attributes (Paint type 1-4), but directly as part of paint group specification ("GroupX.paint_tiles"). You can specify same tile number multiple times, which would increase probability of that tile being randomly selected. - The block presets used by "Auto-smooth edges" feature (Shift-click) are specified with "GroupX.smooth_preset_group" and "Group2.smooth_presets" properties. The presets are specified as list of keys on keyboard. There are two different modes of "Auto-smooth edges" feature: 1) 20 presets mode: used by original Dune2000 tilesets. Uses 12 1x1 blocks and 8 2x2 curved blocks. 2) 12 presets mode: uses only 1x1 blocks (4 straight blocks, 4 corners, 4 inner turns). - Added paint group restruction rule, which can be specified as "GroupX.restriction_rule" - The [Spice_Settings] section was completely removed. The spice minimap colors are now specified as additional minimap color rules. The thin/thick spice name, tile and restriction rule is specified as part of paint group A and B. - Spice is now also specified as separate fill area group. - Changed way how custom block presets (= blocks consisting of tiles not continuously arranged in tileset) are specified. You no longer need to specify them under separate [Custom_Blocks] section, but directly under [Block_Preset_Group_X] section along with standard blocks. To distinguish custom blocks, the width and height must be negative. You can utilize "Preset Helper" feature to easily design a block preset, and then copy its code and paste to .ini file. - Normal block presets are represented as "width.height.tileset_x.tileset.y", but you can newly specify them also in simplified form "width.height.tile_index" - Added "default_paint_group" under [Basic] section which is used to fill a new map. If not specified, group 1 is used. Just try it out and I hope you will like it. Note that this is still a Release Candidate, so in case you find any problem or bug, or any other idea comes into your mind, you can tell me and I can still add it into the release before it will get officially published on D2K+ website.
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    More information on the fade (value 0, 1). It appears that the Fade to Black and Fade from Black works. The only issue is that the game uses a black rectangle to simulate the fading process. And the size of this rectangle follows the original resolution. This is what is seen on a game with the original dimensions (640 x 400) Looks like hi-res patch has some more work to do. :D
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    The campaign map (also known in the game as 'Globe') had always fascinated me. Today I try to decipher what makes it work. When you first start a new campaign, you see the campaign map evolve from a globe of Arrakis (or if you did not have a working cutscene file, just the map). Then the following occur: The game announcer (SFX voice) opens the campaign with three statements. One for Atreides, one for Harkonnen, one for Ordos. The order depends on which house you chose to play as. Let's say you picked Atreides. In fact, we may use this video as reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x9MahcVn7k The game announcer opens with the first statement about Atreides. Concurrently, the map animates, and some regions are colored blue, left to right. The game announcer delivers a second statement about the Ordos. Concurrently, the map animates, and some regions are colored green, left to right. The game announcer delivers a second statement about the Harkonnen. Concurrently, the map animates, and some regions are colored red, left to right. Two Atreides icons appear on the map. The game releases control to the player. The player may select the regions where the icons are, or perform other actions (Save, Load, Quit). If the player selects a playable region, the game takes the player to the briefing for that mission. For the most part, these actions are controlled by the campaign.uib file, I have found out roughly how it works, and other interesting tidbits related to the single-player campaign. My findings are summarized in the image below: ------------------------------ Text copy of the image description: ------------------------------ More detailed explanation: The campaign.uib file is divided into 3 Houses, each House with 10 104-byte sections. Each section represents a mission 0 to 9. Mission 0 appears to be a setup performed before animating Mission 1. The campaign.uib file is loaded into the game memory (0x00795708) at startup, like other uib files. If changes are made to the file while the game is in progress, the game has to be restarted for the changes to apply. The executable has hardcoded the following limits: 3 supported Houses, 9 supported missions, each mission having 2 supported versions (V1 and V2), and 27 map regions. Changing those require modifying the executable. The campaign map is split into 27 map regions. The background piece is DUNEMAP2. The graphics for each map piece lies in /data/UI_GFX/regions. The position and polygon hitbox are hardcoded in the game. The polygon points appear to be a POINT (int x, int y) array in executable addresses 0x004be3fc to 0x004beb84. Reference Flow: Atreides Mission 4 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3hZzNg9TrA When the player enters the campaign map, the game first notes which mission the player is going to play. (If the player just completed Mission 3, then the next mission is Mission 4) The game notes which House the player is playing as. (E.g. this is an Atreides campaign) The game will then load up the regions for all previous missions for the player's house. Specifically, it begins from a blank map, and starts awarding regions to each houses for each mission up to the previous mission map (right before the previous mission): Atreides Setup (or 'Mission 0'): Atreides is awarded regions 2, 3, 4. Harkonnen is awarded regions 12, 18, 22. Ordos is awarded regions 21, 25, 27. Atreides after Mission 1: Mission reward: regions 7, 8 to player House (Atreides). Atreides is awarded region 1. Harkonnen is awarded regions 13, 16, 19. Ordos is awarded regions 15, 17, 20. Subtotal: A = 1,2,3,4,7,8. H = 12,13,16,18,19,22. O = 15,17,20,21,25,27. Atreides after Mission 2: Mission reward: regions 5, 6 to player House (Atreides). Atreides is awarded nothing. Harkonnen is awarded regions 9, 26. Ordos is awarded regions 24, 11. Subtotal: A = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. H = 9,12,13,16,18,19,22,26. O = 11,15,17,20,21,24,25,27. Player's previous mission was mission 3. Stop here. The game renders this map. The game begins the first SFX / Animation cycle: The first SFX for Atreides Mission 4 is C_A4a. Announcer plays the corresponding speech (AI_MAP4A.AUD) Concurrently, the first house to be animated is House ID 0 - Atreides. Since House Atreidies is also the player's house, the Mission 3 reward (regions 10, 11) and Atreides' own advancement (nothing) shall be given to House Atreides. The map animates the colors of regions 10 (unoccupied) and 11 (Ordos) changing to the Atreides blue. (while the speech is ongoing) First SFX / animation cycle end. The game begins the second SFX / Animation cycle: The second SFX for Atreides Mission 4 is NONE. Nothing is played The second house to be animated is House ID 1 - Harkonnen. Region 14 shall be given to House Harkonnen. The map animates the colors of region 14 (unoccupied) changing to the Harkonnen red. Second SFX / animation cycle end. The game begins the third SFX / Animation cycle: The third SFX for Atreides Mission 4 is NONE. Nothing is played The third house to be animated is House ID 2 - Ordos. Region 23 shall be given to House Ordos. The map animates the colors of region 23 (unoccupied) changing to the Ordos green. Third SFX / animation cycle end. The game looks at the mission versions for Atreides Mission 4: Version 1: Region 9, Mission: A4V1, Atreides Icon (AT_POINT) rendered at point 193, 75 Version 2: Region 0... Skip. The game renders the animated Atreides icon, and activates the hardcoded polygon for Region 9 and links it to mission A4V1. The game releases control to the player. If the player hovers over Region 9, he'll get an attack cursor. If the player clicks Region 9, he will be taken to the briefing for A4V1. The player starts playing the mission The initial music is indicated to be FREMEN. This will be first music that is played on starting the mission. The mission score multiplier is 2.5 (byteform 00 00 20 40). If he wins the mission, the score screen will divide 2.5 x 200 = 500 points between the player and the enemy AI. If the player wins the mission, the next campaign map will see Region 9 animated to turn to Atreides control. The values covered in green are values taken from campaign.uib. How moddable is this file? Alas, not very... Although you can change the values in campaign,uib as you like, the game logic imposes some rather arbitrary restrictions: Hardcodes: 3 Houses, 9 Missions, 2 Versions of one mission, 27 map regions Hardcodes: The region polygons for mouse selection. You can draw new regions however you want, the clickable region is still the same. The house icon is only for show. Region changes are cumulative. Campaign maps further down the campaign depend on the maps before it. You cannot return a region to a neutral color. Between any two missions, a non-player house can be awarded a maximum of 3 regions. The player house has the same limit, except that it is also awarded the player's targets from the prior mission, potentially bringing up the number to 5 (3 + v1 and v2 of previous mission). You cannot chose not to award the player's targets to the player's house. For example, A1V1 is Region 7, A1V2 is Region 10. Both regions will be Atreides after mission 1; you cannot make the house take only one region. However, I believe another house could take Region 7 from House Atreides during their animation phase. 1 Mission, 1 Campaign map. Doesn't look like it supports diverging paths and story branches. Only a linear march to victory. However, you can... Enable missions and define them on the campaign map, which were disabled by the original devs (A4V2, A5V2, A7V2...), provided you have made the missions for them. Change how the regions move around. With creativity you could make very interesting map progress with the 27 regions given to you. If you have new icons, this file can help you adjust their placement on the map. If you have new regions, you might have to look at the executable instead. This is quite the lengthy explanation, but I hope this is a start to understanding one of the more elusive UIBs we have in Dune 2000. EDIT: Fix typos. EDIT2: It appears I was wrong. Byte 56 / 0x38 (int) is indeed used during the second animation cycle, not the third. Updated the image and text to match.
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    Howdy, y'all. For those of y'all who've followed my Heighliner tileset WIP thread (https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27842-wip-heighliner-tileset/), here's the end of it. This release makes it officially done. Take it, map with it, and have fun! Here's a comprehensive list of the features of this tileset: - Built for compatibility. No game modding required, no files need to be overwritten and later replaced with the original versions, no nothin' like that. - Many colorful combinations of platform edge, wall, and base can come together to form interesting aesthetic designs. - Create maps taking place either in the confines of a superstructure or in a massive space-based Heighliner! - Use the hybrid resources system of Supply Depots and Mass Deposits to innovate exciting gameplay! - Tell an expanded story by taking your campaign to new heights, figuratively and literally! Special thanks goes out to: Cm_blast, for his awesome help all along the way. All the testing, feedback, and encouragement is sincerely and greatly appreciated, my friend! Klofkac, for his awesome editor. I couldn't have configured the tileset or mapped with it without you, mate! Many thanks. D2k Sardaukar, for the original sprite I edited to create the Launch Pad. It's a critical part of this tileset. Thank you! Shaokhan, for his feedback on using this tileset for multiplayer maps. I give you my sincerest thanks! Helkor Duner, for further encouragement. I appreciate that very much, so thank you! Before you begin mapping with this tileset, you may wish to try out the mini-campaign to get a feel for how maps using it might play out. Here are details on the mini-campaign's four maps: HTTMC01: Lift-Off! - Reclaim the spaceport on Arrakis from the Ordos and prepare to assault the Heighliner itself! HTTMC02: Boarding Action - The Harkonnen are here to cut your invasion off as it lands. Break their base. HTTMC03: LAV Liquidation - Roll over the enemy Trikes, Raiders and Quads with a battalion of Combat Tanks. HTTMC04: Fight With Flight - Trapped in the center of the Heighliner, you must defeat all the remaining enemy forces to achieve final victory. Whatever design mistakes I've made in this simple test campaign, such as unit pathing and resource distribution, learn from them to improve your own maps in style and gameplay. Maybe you'll make your bridges shorter and wider, add two pads to your Mass Deposits, or add more incidental Guild buildings for atmosphere like what I did on HTTMC04. This campaign is mostly here to give y'all ideas since, being unlike Arrakis maps, it needs different designs to shine. Download link: Heighliner Tileset.zip Check out the README for more info on installation. And, if you're wondering how it looks in the editor, here are a couple of screenshots from v13: https://i.imgur.com/oZ65dBa.png https://i.imgur.com/CPC18hq.png You can use the middle mouse button to pull up the hotkeys in the Block Preset Selection window. These can be used to quickly cycle through tiles. For anything else, hit the "Open tileset" button and have a look around! And remember to enable Infinite Spice in the .ini settings for Mass Deposits to work. Without that, the MD pads will turn into crates and then disappear entirely. That should be all. Have fun.
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    Thanks! I did my best. I'm SUPER excited for the next installment of your legendary campaign, Feda! So glad these beauties are making their debut there, of all places.
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    Another update: Apart from loading custom COLOURS.BIN file per each mission, editor can also load customized list of player names per mission! @Feda you would be interested (hope I used correct names, this is just for demonstration): Rather a cosmetic thing in the editor, but I believe it can help a lot when designing events for the mission: Much better, isn't it? All you need to do, is to place .ini file into Colours folder. The file name is same but extension is .ini instead of .bin (for example colours_O9.ini). And the file structure should be same as config/players.ini in the editor folder. [Player1] name=Tleilaxu Right short=TlxR [Player2] name=Tleilaxu Left short=TlxL [Player3] name=Ordos short=Ord [Player4] name=Tleilaxu Mid short=TlxM [Player5] name=Capital Power short=CapP [Player6] name=Capital Small short=CapS [Player7] name=Capital Main short=CapM [Player8] name=None short=None You are right. For higher indexes, editor will display black color.
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    Hi, I am AnimalMan; I lost access to my original account; so I am using this account I once made to discuss modding Dune2000. It had been a while since I modded EBFD, but I have been making a mod recently and I have been making new discoveries left right and centre. The difference between this mod and my last mod; is that 4 or 5 years ago when I made a mod for EBFD; I had absoloutely no knowledge of game development< but now things have changed. Anyway if you are active PLEASE LETS INTERACT AND CONNECT AND DISCUSS THIS BEAUTIFUL GAME. I am going to start off by showcasing a breakthrough I had modding EBFD last night, and show off a new gameplay mechanic that resulted.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Trading / Economy New Item available at Starport - Trade Goods Trade Goods are crates that are delivered to the starport by the CHOAM frigates. The Trade Goods are then collected by any infantry or unit and credits are awarded to the collector of the crates. Trade Goods are the first of a great number of enhancements I have made to this version of EBFD. And I do believe I am restoring the playability of this game to a standard that was originally intended for the game, before it was rushed to the shelves. I will showcase my other improvements when I can get some actives up in here. I might even make a discord server to connect with you guys regular. And we can develop this thing for a good player base. I am removing the clunkiness of the game; and the mid-development vibe that the original game was dominated by(really fast units, weak buildings, all of the things that turned what is suppose to be a long game, into a match that is over in 5 mins; something you might want when you are testing many different mechanics; but is not intended for the final game) So we are restoring the game to a playable state akin tactically and in depth to Dune2000. ------------------------------------------------------------ Update;;;;; ADDING NEW UNITS ---- Finding reasons to include or add new units is always tough in Dune Games. Though there is always a need to add new units and structures. The problem I face with adding new units; its adding new units with justified functions; or uses; or mechanics in which the player can have fun with. This is why with this mod I kept main faction expansion to a minimum, and focussed on adding a set number of units; and these units would be hybrid classes between two selected sub faction houses. This would give player more choice in subhouse combinations, and would be encouraged to explore different combinations of subhouses to unlock different hybrid technologies. I have many units in game currently, but this is the first one I made; and it is also a structure I featured in a previous mod. Just as in ancient Egypt; the Sphynx, Pyramid and Palace combine the Imperial Sardaukar and Guild into a formidable, and independent faction of its own. FIXING THE ECONOMY CARRYALLS --- THE ORIGINAL BROKEN GAME ---> TECH JUMPING HARVESTERS && SLOWING DOWN THE PACE In the original version of EBFD -- you will receive a free harvester and carryall when you construct a Refinery. If you upgrade the refinery with a refinery dock you will also receive a free harvester and carryall. When playing vs lots of AI; this makes spice fields quite messy. With lots of carryalls circling around but no harvesters. And fundamentally; this is because everybody has carryalls. Therefor, this has been nerfed. And doing so throw up some unexpected benefits. For example;; The Tech Tree ---- In dune2000 carryalls are like a luxury to your core harvesting abilities. They just speed up the process; but the key in dune2000 was that they came at a certain tech level. In EBFD this idea was scrapped; and carryalls were expected to escort every harvester all of the time. With the introduction of the refinery dock upgrade; this allowed refineries to upgrade two additional docks; originally intended to reduce queue times at the refinery; however they would each also come along with their own harvester and carryall. But not anymore. I have removed the free harvester from dock upgrade and reduced the refinery dock upgrade cost to 500 and cut the build time in half. It no longer comes with a free unit, which means it no longer comes with a free carryall; only an 1800 credits Refinery will grant you a free early tier carryall and harvester; but only grant one of these. Everything else needs purchasing when the tech level is reached. This fix effectively slows down the tech progression and it becomes more obvious who is at what tech level simply by how they are managing their spice harvest operations, and in the process we decrowd the spice fields early game. But what does this effect? --- This fix effects player and AI speed of progression, and development of base/spending of resources; and puts the player and ai on more reasonable grounds. It makes the AI harder early game, and by late game it has the AI sporting on average two Refineries, with 6+ harvesters and around 3-4 carryalls managing each. (on average); and ordering harvesters in groups from starport; and building them at the factory(which was a rarity before). And gameplay-wise this is a lot more reasonable then having carryalls everywhere. It simply improves the feel of the game all around. and progression from a 10k start(which is how it has been balanced) has us progressing the tech tree at around the same rate as the AI, instead of vastly surpassing it as was the state of Skirmish on release. In addition; as a player activity --> we are now having to manage our refineries instead of just building them and clicking the upgrade dock button. We are having to spend factory production time on building harvesters; and we are having to actually use the Airbase for something economically useful. And finally.. Tactically --- This makes early decision making all that more important. since you will have limited funds early game -- you can no longer rely on a dock upgrade to keep your spice flowing; and such a military rush is harder to achieve and more high risk than it was before as the spice will flow at slower speeds if you do not invest production time into harvesters. Here we make decisions on space and time; --- we cant keep building refineries to exploit a free early tech carryall; as we will simply run out of space; and we will fall behind in the construction of other structures. We can build 3 harvesters - but then we'll need to address the traffic at the refineries by building additional docks. And later on -- when we have an outpost up and running we can buy carryalls to pimp out our fleet of harvesters. This simple adjustment -- believe me -- completely changes the game. And I am sure that had the original game not been rushed to release -- then the final game would have seen this change. Infantry Movement Speeds; Defensive Structures and War In addition to economic fixes; all infantry (except contaminator) have seen a 50% movement speed reduction -- they are now 50% slower; and All Buildings && Defenses have seen a 100% hitpoint increase. result = The contaminator at its base speed(unmodified( is now slightly faster (.5) than tier 1 and 2 infantry(except scout). Buildings are no longer made of matchsticks; and infantry are no longer covering the distance of the map in a matter of seconds. All attacks on base are less effective. Recon vehicles are now the fastest units in game. Defensive structures are stronger and last longer (AI now also act to repair a damaged structure or defense much faster than before; usually while you are still attacking it) Everything is more realistic as to how it looks and how it would have been if this had been Dune2000. Slow but effective infantry + Fragile but more efficient vehicles. and most of all -- Attacks require a number of infantry and vehicles and no longer are Ra2 Tanya style surgical tactics as easily performed. The player has time to enjoy the game, explore the tactics; use strategy; and stop playing feeling satisfied that it was a good game. lol Unlike the original version; that saw infantry move faster than vehicles; scouts moving faster than trikes; defense structures that cost near 1000 credits dying in 2 or 3 hits and most of your stuctures got one shot by a Harkonen Nuke. And what made this all so bad on release was that the actual infantry animation speed is tied in with its movement speed; so these infantry animations on release were looking ridiculous.
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    Short words: DG VooDoo 2 wrapper created by Dege Managed to launch fullscreen, widescreen in 1600x900. In the mentioned wrapper i've changed only not to launch in fullscreen but in a "stretched window". Runs good:) My specs - Dell XPS l702x - it's a laptop with built in intel Hd3000 and Nvidia Geforce gt555m. Trust me it's a real pain in the... to run older games on this config. Something with integrated graphics card structure and priorities of mainboard to use one or another. Although thanks to DG VooDoo managed to launch Shogun Total War. Still working on Warhammer Dark Omen though. Tested solution on another laptop with Ati graphics radeon hd 4200 - couldn't launch in proper widescreen, although I guess it's a directX issue. And the card itself. It has really issue'ish drivers. Hope it helps some fellow Dune fans.
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    Its best to get a majority of shares in an AI company before trying to merge. You can merge with less than a majority sometimes if you offer a very high price. The companies chairman will always vote against a merger in my experience so if the chairman of the AIU company has over 50% of shares in his company you won't be able to merge and may have to make him bankrupt (see the Robber Baron for tips on that) e.g steal all his traffic.
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    Have you tried disabling the startup video? (you have to get the game to start before you can do this though and be in a scenario before you can use the games control panel options). Maybe temporarily use an old monitor to disable the startup video. The issue may be related to screen resolutions on your computer. You may be able to turn off sound via HDMI on your computer and use separate speakers but definitely try disabling the opening video first. You could also try disabling direct3d in your grapics card driver. WineD3D has been suggested as a fix for drivers. When buying old games I purchase from Gog.com as they are usually better at getting them to work than steam is.
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    Actually I do this on occasion depending on the game. The way to do this to keep the AI from buying it is: 1. Pause the game 2. Issue the stock 3. Go to the stock market and buy the stock. 4. Unpause the game The only way I know to get the stock once he has bought it is if he ever decides to sell it then you can buy it.
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    I have finished 1898. I have more than $1.3B in cash. I stopped the dividends so as not to create an overflow, but my cash is increasing by more than $1M per year. What am I missing? Wealth tax? Was that a mechanism to overcome the lack of corporate income-taxes in the game? In any case, I own my railroad outright and have effectively neutered my AI opponents. But what lies ahead? It was depressing playing through a three-to-four year depression (though I loved the interest payments), so I am hardly looking forward to the Great Depression (my dad telling me about it growing up was depressing enough, back when it was just "the depression"). Also, my war industries never fired up, and the SpAm War never happened, not even in the papers.
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    I'm not sure if I mentioned Emperor of the Fading Suns before as having rather obvious Dune influences and themes, but apparently there was another game (which was sadly cancelled) that also went in a somewhat similar direction. The game was called Mech Wars and then Metal Lords, and only a handful of pre-release screenshots and a non-playable demo appear to have been preserved. Here's a video of the demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5HpANBASHY The premise seems to have a feudal interstellar empire with noble Houses, but unlike Dune, war is waged with giant mecha robots. Recently I found several preview screenshots on the SCORE magazine coverdisk (issue No. 21, found here), and uploaded them: https://imgur.com/a/2IzGgMV The shots show characters from noble Houses named Paul Strader and Vladimir Sardonis, which I believe are pretty obvious references to Paul Atreides and Vladimir Harkonnen: Note how the two characters on the latter two screenshots (which are BTW not the characters mentioned by name in the respective images) also look very fitting for Dune character art. Another noble House is called Ordeus. The game was developed by SimTex, the team behind Master of Orion and Master of Magic.
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    Here you go. And one more thing, just started making a built-in mission launcher.
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    Wow, I am not much into skirmish, but the moments I was I wish I had this kind of stuff, I used to play with a friend using hamachi some years ago. New colors and more money would be an interesting way to play.
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    Woah! This is awesome. Thanks, Runis.
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    Let's see if this works. Going to ping the top 20 posters of all time. Those with checks have visited recently. @Andrew✔️ @Acriku @Dunenewt ✔️ @Gobalopper ✔️ @Edric O ✔️ @nemafakei @Dante @Caid Ivik ✔️ @Anathema @exatreide ✔️ @lowzeewee @TMA_1 @Timenn @Terror @Mahdi @Inoculator9 @Nyarlathotep @emprworm @erjin999 ✔️ @gryphon ✔️ We'll see how many people still check their email accounts they had 10 years ago. 😂
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    Y'all are gonna dig this. First, lemme mention that I updated the editor and grabbed the new ini from the other thread, and that issue from before is totally fixed. Definitely forgot to do that sooner lol Now I'll get on with the new features. I added some stars already, and the concrete, y'all saw that, and I did some touch-ups on a bunch of tiles, but there are some more new things. Like, certain celestial objects that might be neat to put in a campaign, like Caladan, Giedi Prime, Draconis IV, and Arrakis of course... We also make use of the behavior Klofkac recently discovered to make a vehicle-only pathway. Behold! As a side note, there is some new artwork for my mod thanks in whole to the new guy, @AZ-Stalker So, big thanks to you, mate! That's all for now. Uhh... but, due to the changes to the tileset, the tile presets do need some re-adjustments. @Klofkac, you let me know to ask you if I wanted an assist, and I absolutely wouldn't refuse! In the zip below is the updated mod, tileset, and an example map built in the style of a 1v1 skirmish. You are playing as the Imperials, fighting the Atreides. WiH.zip NOTE: This map is balanced around a standard skirmish game against a "hard mode" AI. That is, an AI that begins with 40k credits. Although because this is a campaign map, and the AI will therefore build using normal build speeds instead of easy mode build speeds like they do in multiplayer, I recommend playing on easy! You'll have the most comfortable economy that way. This is built like a skirmish map, so the economy is designed with that in mind. Besides the six Mass Deposits around the map, your main Supply Depot has 15k in expendable Mass, your natural expansion has 25k, and the center of the map only has 12k. I have an actual multiplayer version of the map that perhaps I should share instead. It could be loaded via C&Cnet, and the AI would act more authentically. I'll see what I can do... Anyway, this map doesn't have any RFGs (Repulsion Field Generators), but they can be seen in the tileset and placed on the map through the editor if you want to check those out! They just didn't seem right for this particular map, so I didn't include them, but Caladan and Delta Pavonis can be seen. Also, if you want to build Flame Tanks, you'll need an upgraded Light Factory and a High Tech Factory. Use Combat Tanks to soak some fire (haha) for them while they clear out enemy infrastructure. For anyone unfamiliar: To install, merge the data folder in the zip with the data folder in your D2k directory. To uninstall, do the same with the data folder under the backup folder in the zip. Ez pz. Enjoy!
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    Has there been any thought to having folks post new dune news to www.dune2k.com? right now it just directs to www.dune2k.com/duniverse and a blank page. I know you're busy these days, but I'm sure some folks would be interested in helping out.
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    Ok, I will tell you how the AI works, because it's totally a problem most of newcomers find. The AI, to define which area he should protect, he draws a rectangle from the building at the top, bottom, left and right. It does matter the distance, he consider the area he draw as "my base it's under attack". This is the imagen: This is your minimap, and the red rectangle it's the area the AI consider it's his base, which cover 80% of your map; so, doesnt' matter where you are, his base is "that big", and for that reason, anything he build he send it to attack, ¡He is not attacking, just defending himself! If you want to avoid that, theree are two solutions, one it's using different Ais. 1 AI to the base at top, and you can use another for the ref to the right, another to the base to the left (or 1 for the others since they don't produce anything). Or, as an alternative, you can use "defenses areas". This is H4v1 map, to the fremen, the defense area makes the units to wander around this area but ignoring where the other buildings are, you can create a defense area at the base at the top while keeping the ones to the bottom and they will group units much better. These are the values you need to change. "DefenceAreas" need to change into 1 if you need 1 area of those, 2 if you need a second, Fey sais that with more than 2 game may crash, I cannot confirm but I trust his word. MinX - MaX - MinY - MaxY are the position, the editor at the bottom tells you X and Y coordinates, so it is easy to know the position (unlike events, here you need to write it manually). The first unknown it's unknown, we always use 255 because that's how the original games were, feel free to try other values, I never tried anything else. Strenght controls how many units will wander around that defense area. The strenght it's base on the HP of the unit; On the manual I made a list with values, you can check that; Quad it's 1100, harkonnen tank it's around 2500 or something like that... so based on which units you plan to have wandering pick your value. For example, 5000 will be filled with 5 quads, the quad number 6 will be used to group for the next attack. The start delay it's the time the AI wait until the unit starts wander, for example, AI builds a quad, and will wait 40 seconds (in game) before that unit starts moving around that such defense area, if you change that into "1" he won't wait at all. The last unknown it's just like the first, we have no idea what means so we keep using that value. Don't forget to turn this value to 0; otherwise, your units will keep thinking that his base it's the big red rectangle I paint early. Of course, if you make those secondary bases as owner by the Emperor AI (even if later you make them to be Harkonnen) defenses areas are not needed, that's up to you. That's a good thing. My first campaign, "A new house" just reuses original maps, some from the campaign, some from the skirmish-practice one. And my second campaign, "The emperor return", if you open the maps most of them are 80% sand with barely details. 1 big rock area around the enemy or player bases and that's it, the remaining it's mostly sand/spice. Today tools make it so easy that every newcomer that comes to do a mod already surpass my first 3-4 campaigns ever done, and that's a good thing. I like that design; sometimes I force myself to do weird set ups or not just always the same "rock for the base, a few rifts and that's it", like that, you have the entrance and in the inner section sand and a piece of mountain there, I like that. Ps: on the second mission there is a wrong tile under the trike.
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    Zero commuting has been great but as I work in the staffing industry we have seen a big down turn (not many companies hire during recessions and depressions). Also I'm not at home (I live in Boston and was visiting my SO in Prague when the lock downs hit). Certainly not the worst place to be as Czech's early restrictions have meant a relatively low infection and death rate. Recent articles have stated that many ICUs are half empty and it seems that the number of active infections is stabilizing around 5,200 mark as the number of recoveries increases and the number of new cases stays quite low. Obviously my home home (UK) and new home (US) seem to be in quite some dire straits at the moment. (to be honest though most of my news on the US comes from @rebelliousplatypus posts on Facebook 😃)
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    Awesome, dude! The OG D2k campaign can be a bit tricky in a lot of places. There are some more campaigns out there which amp up the difficulty, but tend to be more and more polished the closer you get to the modern day. We're still innovating new ways to change up the game and throw a curveball at the player, so if you check out any custom campaigns, I'm sure you'll have a blast! This thread should have links to all of the custom missions and campaigns: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27756-all-completed-mods-and-tools-index-dune-2000/ Enjoy.
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    Hello there, I have always been lazy when it comes to writing any sort of documentations or manuals. For D2kEditor I never wrote any proper manual and rather relied on people figuring things themselves, or letting others advise and explain new users how things are done with the Editor. I myself do not usually read through manuals, since many times I even do not have any at hand, and this way I can miss some really useful information that can change things really lot. Due to the fact a new member came into our community recently and he struggled with missing knowledge of some mapping mechanics, and seeing how he was asking here in forum and you spent so much effort explaining things to him, I finally decided to write up a Mapping manual, which should cover all needed information about how to create maps in D2kEditor. I strongly recommend to read through it, because you could still find some useful information you possibly did not know for all the years. And also, I'd like to see your review and opinion, you can point out something what I forgot about and what I forgot to mention, or possibly, you could find any information that is not right. EDIT: Uploaded a new version of manual: https://forum.dune2k.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=4259
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    Welcome to the forum. People having trouble with the game will get a good help with your videos. I saw you play the game at the regular speed; I hope at some point you do the same with the many custom campaigns, some people struggle due how hard some of them are.
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    Sometimes I heard opinion from mission creators, that the Sandworm (8th) player/side cannot be used as a regular side with working AI that acts its role in a mission, because even if you configure valid and active AI for this side in .MIS file, this will not work. Therefore you can only use separate 6 AIs in a mission + 1 side you play as + Sandworm just for... yeah, sandworm. However, yesterday I just tried this, I mean configuring a Practice AI for Sandworm side, and not surprisingly, it worked. The Sandworm player acted just as a regular side with working AI. What I also noticed, that the sandworms (placed on a map) dit not start moving and acting at all. So probably activating AI would deactivate sandworms. Which is a trade-off. But still, if you do not want to have sandworms in your map (in some specific tilesets it even does not make sense to have them) you can utilize Sandworm side and have 7 different working AIs in your missions. Could you please comment on this and confirm if I'm right? I did not examine all existing custom missions whether Sandworm was used there with AI, but I'm curious. And in case this has been just a misconception for all the time, then I probably opened new possibilities for all of you.
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    Hello there, finalyl I got into checking what's going on in this thread, and tried out the first released Redzani mission. I must say, it was pretty good and fun to play! The mission flew pretty well and won it at first try. I found a way around the Harkonnen outpost, so I sneaked without losing any units encountering Harkonnen base or trike. In the end, only my Sardaukar survived and I used it to kill the thumper infantry. I did not notice three additional reinforced units at first so did not use it. The terrain design was nice too, many narrow passages I needed to sneak through, and you used extraordinarily large amount of "sand specials" everywhere, which is ok for this kind of mission design. I noticed lot of tile errors and misplaced tiles, but as discussed here, you would eventually become more cautious to spot and fix them. My only concern here is configuration of events, namely use of run-once flags for events which are triggered by "Tile revealed" condition. As far as I know, the "Tile revealed" condition triggers only once on its own already, so it is pointless (and waste of event slots you might get short of) to yet add flag condition to make it run only once. Or am I wrong?
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    An Update: The turn counter is quite efficient and is on its third rewrite and this time its pretty clean and straightforward. I have begun the process of implementing stats for each house. Of whom each house now has a script. What we do now is --> if its a Houses turn their script is receiving +1 diplomacy point. If it has been a full revolution of turns -- and a full turn cycle is complete --> which is currently -> (Faction.Count / GameSpeed) Then all houses will receive HomeWorldIncome in Credits from their homeworld. HomeWorldIncome is defined on each house script; and is specific to each house. I'm going to go ahead and create production system for Buildings; and hopefully copy and paste this for all other productions.
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    Heya. There's a new version of the editor! Here: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/28587-map-and-mission-editor-v14-release-candidate-full-of-improvements-and-new-features/ Not sure if it fixed the fullscreen image stuttering issue. I've seen it too. Usually I keep a movie or something up on the side while I edit, so I'm typically working in windowed mode. Anyway, there are several different tilesets with image data, and the tileset with those sand-sunken structures would be BLOXBASE, if I remember correctly. The 'tileset options' are in the top bar, here: https://prnt.sc/ritrkf Hope that helps.
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    Hey mate! Glad to see a C&C enthusiast stop by and give us some love. This is nice. As a YouTuber myself, I can really appreciate what you've done with this review. Much love, mate. Say, if you're sticking around, there's a lot more that we've done with D2k in recent days. There are new tilesets, tons of custom campaigns and maps, and we can even play the game in windowed mode or higher resolution. I'd recommend giving this thread a look for more info. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27756-all-completed-mods-and-tools-index-dune-2000/ Enjoy!
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    Hello, as I already mentioned recently, I'm working on new version (v1.4) of Dune2000 Map and Mission Editor. Right now I have two most important new features complete: built-in tile attribute editor, and newly: Smooth Spice rendering! No longer ugly blocky spice, but now it looks exactly like how it is drawn in game. It's so fun and satisfying to place spice on a map and see how the tiles prettily connect to each other! I still have a couple of minor improvement ideas to implement: just stay tuned, I'm going to publish a pre-release version soon. Feel free to give me any more ideas for features, bug fixes and improvements if you have any. As you may notice, my primary aim for new features in v1.4 is easier custom tileset creation. So while implementing smooth spice rendering feature, I also did some new research about some special tiles and how the game handles them. By special tiles I mean those tiles, which the game uses internally during gameplay to alter the map based on player's actions (building, harvesting spice etc). These tiles are used to draw for example concrete, basement of buildings, thin spice and thick spice, and most importantly, the tiles which game will draw on a place where spice has been harvested, or where building or concrete was removed/destroyed. This information may be very useful and valuable for custom tileset creators, and this also influences the limitations of custom tilesets. For my research, I used a modified version of tileset BLOXBGBS. I wrote numbers on some special tiles, and those numbers would show in-game so that I can better see which exact tiles the game uses. I marked some tiles with red color, which means, those tiles would never be used by game. Here it is: The most important is, that you can safely replace the red-marked tiles by whatever custom tiles you want, without breaking the game. Only 8 sand tiles (marked 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9) are drawn by game on tiles where you harvest spice, and only 8 rock tiles (marked 1-8) are drawn by game on tiles where you destroy/remove a building or concrete. The 3x3 building basement is not used by any building. Only three tiles are used to draw concrete in game (marked 1,2,3) and the others (4,5,6) are unused. And the very first two full-spice tiles are not used as well, and finally, tile 795 either. Which, in result, gives you 33 extra tiles you can use, and which you previously mostly left intact to be safe and not break the game. Here you can see some in-game screens to see how it works: Only 3 different tiles are used for concrete. Only 8 different rock tiles are used on place where you destroy concrete or remove a building. Only 8 different spice tiles are used on place where you harvest spice. And the last, most interesting finding: The game draws thick spice in the same exact pattern always in all maps. The pattern is 8x8 tiles and repeats. I hope you found this information interesting and useful. Happy modding!
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    I honestly never thought I'd get my hands on this CD. It's like, super-rare. I had put a notification alert on a search for "Spice Opera" on ebay, so I got mailed when one appeared. Since it was an auction, though, I had no idea if I'd win it. But I got it The original Spice Opera, by Stéphane Picq and Philippe Ulrich: (oh and the EBFD soundtrack. Also pretty neat )
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    I have been playing RT2 on and off for a long time, but only just recently found this site. I hadn't necessarily noticed the errors that remain in the latest official patch, but as an engineer I like things to be correct when possible. Using data from the 'Modding RT2' and 'Historical RT2 Mod' threads, I started a few small projects. And a huge thanks to everyone who contributed on those threads, particularly JeffryFisher and jcco. JeffryFisher created his historically patched exe which corrected the data errors, but also made changes specific for his US History scenario, or for historical accuracy. I could not find anywhere that someone had corrected the errors without additional changes. I therefore created this patch (replacement exe for RT2_PLAT.exe) to fix the errors without further changes. Since it builds on the official 1.56 patch, I called it 1.57ddh, with the ddh suffix to distinguish it from anyone else's 1.57. The version is changed internal to the file as well and the Main Menu properly reports 1.57ddh. Versions added for GoG.com platinum installations (1.57gog) and Gold CD installations (1.57gld). The content of the readme follows: Note: From my recent experience, guests can download from the download area, but cannot download files within forum posts. If you then create an account to question or comment on this, you'll notice that you can download from forum posts once you have an account. RT2_PLAT 1.57ddh.zip for standard CD installations of Railroad Tycoon II - Platinum RT2_PLAT 1.57 GoG.zip for GoG.com installations of Railroad Tycoon II - Platinum RT2_Gold 1.57.zip for standard CD installations of Railroad Tycoon II - Gold
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    The map editor now supports editing actor properties such as owner, health, facing, and stance. The color chooser now allows you to save and restore your favorite colors.
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    You can now save games: Other notable changes in Release 20191117 Significantly improved behavior for harvesters, attack-move, and unit repair Aircraft-based support powers can be given an attack direction The Death Hand missile now works like the original game Fixed various issues with left-click mouse controls
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    Update - started a new game with the 1.57ddh patch in place, but with no modification to the default port supply/demand setting. Upon the first delivery of autos to Toledo with its port, demand went to zero and stayed there - did not recover. Like it always used to be. Goods demand also went to zero on first delivery, but then recovered....slowly. That's not exactly as I remember it, but my memory could easily be off on that point. Goods demand going immediately to zero didn't seem quite right, but at least it was starting to recover. First to 1, then to 2. I didn't continue to play long after that to see how far it would go., as the main purpose was to test the port mod effect on autos. So my test removed any doubt about the effect of rearranging the port supply/demand positions as I previously outlined. Again, Jeffry, thank you for that tip. The summation of these changes in the patch and now in the port mod will increase revenue and make game goals easier to achieve. That's wonderful, but will almost necessitate an asterisk with new record games when compared against the harder, pre-patch game records.
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    As much as much people trash talk at translations or dubs; I am glad that here, in spain, they took the time and efford to actually release the game in spanish. They even tried to keep the similar type of voice for the mentats, and (in my opinion), enhanced it the best they could (Hark mission 8 intro, were the voice said "Soon Ordos will be extinct"; on the spanish it is say with like a kind of joy, you know, they Joy a Harkonnen may feel for annihilate his enemies). But; I totally understood you; change Dune 2000 for Civilization 1 (much more complex) and that's it, you have no idea what are you doing; but you end learning how the "bronce working" gives you the "Phalanx", the "wheel" gives you the "Chariot" and the "gunpower" gives you the "musketeer"; If I ever played Civ 1 in spanish I would feel a bit lost XD (but I'll probably would read much more the civilopedia menu). Same with Dune 2; but again, spanish release, even if the game hasn't voice effects whatsoever, just some texts in mid-game to warm about sandworms, harversterse release or enemies approaching. Although we had the "manual" (fotocopy from, who knows who had the game originally); but in this case because the anti-piracy system; a question on missions 2 and 8. I eventually learn what armor have the vehicles or that the MCV had 15 units driving it; but when the game asked how far, in KM, the DH can reach... well... time to search the manual. Although not Dune 2000, but on Tiberian sun, the first time I used the concrete for... you know, place buildings on top of it XD; took me a while to understand it's just to block those digging vehicels and force them to deploy elsewhere. But now that you mention; I would like to have the Dune 2 behaviour for Dune 2000; not the decaying HP (which happens in Dune 2 whatever you do, concrete or not, but I think it's a bug, and buildings on concrete weren't suppose to have any decay), but, in dune 2, buildings loose efficiency the more it's damage. A 50% factory produce units slower (I don't know values, but saying that a tank takes twice as much it's not too insane); heh, a red-HP CY takes forever to produce concretes... Outpost doesn't give 100% accuracy information (number of enemy and allies on the radar), repair pad repairs slower, and even the refinery transfer the spice into credits slower. Again, not dune 2000, but on the KKND game I didn't know you could do upgrades on buildings; same as you "wow, the enemy it's using much more variety than me". That's funny man, a very expensive vehicle but you actually produced 9 xD. Luckily in Dune 2, with the manual commands per unit the MCV had a "deploy" command. Play Dune 2 then; enemy AI barely have windtraps to sustain their bases (at least in mission 9), but that's more about the item limit of the game itself. That's something I would like to have today, a limitless dune 2 version with Ai's having the correct amount of windtraps required (and the IX, feels so wrong not seeing enemy special tanks used against the player, except for the early enemy reinforcements). Oh; and recovering from the previous quote; I cannot imagine the amount of time you took to actually build 9 MCV with low power... 20 min at least of gameplay there XD.
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    Hi Go to configure settings in the Gruntsmod launcher, then Video Options and tick 'Cutscene Change Resolution.'
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    In case anybody still reads this forum! I've made a few comparisons between the rolling demo mentioned in this topic and the DOS floppy version of Dune on TCRF. I actually started on it when that topic was new, but it's only now that I've really looked into the text. The differences on that page certainly aren't exhaustive, but it's interesting seeing the little ways the game changed in the months before its release. I'm curious as to whether anyone's found anything related to the debug stuff - if there's anything left of it in the final game apart from a few strings. And on the game's main page I mention the game's demo recording feature. I'm sure someone must have come across it before, but I only came across it whlie looking into all this other stuff. I haven't really tested it, but it records all your clicks and menu choices, so if you record yourself saving and loading games, the playback saves and loads games too. It's great learning new things about decades-old games!
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    For anyone super curious, the first byte of column F in John2022's sietch structure is used to determine when a sietch can be discovered. For example, Tuono-Tabr is set to 02, so when the game stage variable is 02 (which it is when Leto orders you to find the stillsuit maker), the sietch becomes discoverable. The game stage only goes up to C8 (I think), so those locations set to FF are revealed through other events.
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    A new mission was released by Cm_Blast, “The Rebellion of Atreides”. Click here to view the page Posted by: gruntlord6 View the full article
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    I just spent 50 minutes replacing 700 trains. At around 500 I noticed that I could speed the process up by double-clicking on the new engine, a little quicker than moving down to the buy button. Then I had a look at the engine list view where you can see 5 (I originally incorrectly said 6) trains on a screen. There is a nice little replace button on each one! So I replaced the last 50 in under 2 minutes. At that pace I could have replaced 700 in less than 15 minutes! Maybe this is common practice for some of the experienced players here, but I am putting it out there for those who don't know. Hope this saves some time, so there's more time to have fun! PS. I wanted to insert an image to demonstrate, but I have NoScript in Firefox and I think there is conflict with the Posting system on here.
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    here is how you do it NAv.................... this is the ini file that contains all of atreides's voices.......(keep scrolling) ;********************************** ; -------- UNIT VOICES ------------ ;********************************** [LocalDefaults] Type = Dialog Control = Random [ATKindjalAttack] Sounds = $00-UA01 ;"Engaging enemy." Sounds = $00-UA04 ;"Victory!" Sounds = $00-UA07 ;"We're on them!" [ATKindjalSelection] Sounds = $00-US02 ;"Awaiting orders." Sounds = $00-US04 ;"Kindjal ready" Sounds = $00-US06 ;"Ready for a fight" Sounds = $00-US08 ;"Ready for action" [ATKindjalMove] Sounds = $00-UM01 ;"Yes" Sounds = $00-UM04 ;"You've got it!" Sounds = $00-UM05 ;"On the move!" Sounds = $00-UM06 ;"Look sharp!" [ATAPCAttack] Sounds = $03-UA01 ;"Acknowledged." Sounds = $03-UA05 ;"Order confirmed." Sounds = $03-UA06 ;"Acknowledged." Sounds = $03-UA07 ;"Silent and deadly!" [ATAPCSelection] Sounds = $03-US02 ;"Ready to go!" Sounds = $03-US03 ;"Climb aboard" Sounds = $03-US04 ;"APC" Sounds = $03-US05 ;"We're powered up." [ATAPCMove] Sounds = $03-UM00 ;"On our way!" Sounds = $03-UM02 ;"Rolling!" Sounds = $03-UM03 ;"Transport in motion" Sounds = $03-UM06 ;"Moving to new location." [ATSniperAttack] Sounds = $06-UA05 ;"I need a clear shot." Sounds = $06-UA06 ;"He's mine" Sounds = $06-UA07 ;"I've got him in my sights." [ATSniperSelection] Sounds = $06-US04 ;"Sniper waiting" Sounds = $06-US06 ;"Just give me a taget" Sounds = $06-US07 ;"Readu and willing." Sounds = $06-US08 ;"Eyes like a hawk" [ATSniperMove] Sounds = $06-UM01 ;"Check." Sounds = $06-UM02 ;"Moving out." Sounds = $06-UM05 ;"I'm on the move." Sounds = $06-UM06 ;"Roger" [ATADVCarryallAttack] Control = random attack decay Sounds = Static01i_vol1 Sounds = Static02i_vol1 Sounds = $07-UA02 ;"Prepare for pickup" Sounds = $07-UA07 ;"Grapplers in position." Sounds = Static01i_vol1 Sounds = Static02i_vol1 Attack = 2 Decay = 2 [ATADVCarryallSelection] Control = random attack decay Sounds = Static01i_vol1 Sounds = Static02i_vol1 Sounds = $07-US01 ;"Transport." Sounds = $07-US04 ;"Carryall reporting" Sounds = $07-US06 ;"On your command" Sounds = $07-US07 ;"Transport standing by." Sounds = Static01i_vol1 Sounds = Static02i_vol1 Attack = 2 Decay = 2 [ATADVCarryallMove] Control = random attack decay Sounds = Static01i_vol1 Sounds = Static02i_vol1 Sounds = $07-UM01 ;"Roger." Sounds = $07-UM03 ;"We can do that." Sounds = $07-UM04 ;"On the move." Sounds = $07-UM06 ;"Coming about." Sounds = Static01i_vol1 Sounds = Static02i_vol1 Attack = 2 Decay = 2 [ATSonicTankAttack] Sounds = $10-UA01 ;"Cover your ears." Sounds = $10-UA02 ;"For the Duke!" Sounds = $10-UA04 ;"Harmonics set." Sounds = $10-UA05 ;"Full power!" [ATSonicTankSelection] Sounds = $10-US02 ;"Sonics Online" Sounds = $10-US04 ;"Wave shifters ready" Sounds = $10-US05 ;"Sonic tank" Sounds = $10-US07 ;"We're ready for action." [ATSonicTankMove] Sounds = $10-UM02 ;"Yes Commander." Sounds = $10-UM06 ;"Rolling thunder." Sounds = $10-UM07 ;"Good to go" [ATInfantryAttack] Sounds = $16-UA01 ;"Attacking target." Sounds = $16-UA03 ;"For the Duke!" Sounds = $16-UA04 ;"Charge!" Sounds = $16-UA05 ;"Attack!" [ATInfantrySelection] Sounds = $16-US00 ;"Infantry here." Sounds = $16-US04 ;"Are we going in?" Sounds = $16-US06 ;"In position" Sounds = $16-US07 ;"On your order." [ATInfantryMove] Sounds = $16-UM02 ;"Yes Sir!" Sounds = $16-UM04 ;"To the battle!" Sounds = $16-UM06 ;""Right away" [ATRepairUnitAttack] Sounds = $24-UA00 ;"Repairing." Sounds = $24-UA02 ;"What seems to be the problem?" Sounds = $24-UA04 ;"We're on the job." Sounds = $24-UA06 ;"We're here to help." [ATRepairUnitSelection] Sounds = $24-US00 ;"Who needs help?" Sounds = $24-US01 ;""If it moves" Sounds = $24-US02 ;"Repair here." Sounds = $24-US03 ;"Mobile repair" [ATRepairUnitMove] Sounds = $24-UM00 ;"Let's go." Sounds = $24-UM01 ;"At once" Sounds = $24-UM03 ;"Heading out!" Sounds = $24-UM05 ;"We're on the move." [ATMongooseAttack] Sounds = $28-UA00 ;"Locked on target." Sounds = $28-UA04 ;"Target locked." Sounds = $28-UA05 ;"They'll not escape" Sounds = $28-UA07 ;"Time for battle!" [ATMongooseSelection] Sounds = $28-US03 ;"Mongoose " Sounds = $28-US04 ;"Mongoose" Sounds = $28-US07 ;"Standing by." [ATMongooseMove] Sounds = $28-UM01 ;"Let's go." Sounds = $28-UM02 ;"At once" Sounds = $28-UM07 ;"On my way!" [ATEngineerAttack] Sounds = $35-UA00 ;"I see it." Sounds = $35-UA02 ;"I'm going in." Sounds = $35-UA03 ;"It shall be ours." [ATEngineerSelection] Sounds = $35-US00 ;"Engineering." Sounds = $35-US01 ;"Engineer reporting" Sounds = $35-US05 ;"At your service" Sounds = $35-US06 ;"My tools are at your disposal." [ATEngineerMove] Sounds = $35-UM01 ;"Yes Sir!" Sounds = $35-UM03 ;"Cover me" Sounds = $35-UM04 ;"On my way." Sounds = $35-UM05 ;"I'll check into it." [ATMinotaurusAttack] Sounds = $39-UA00 ;"They wont know what hit them." Sounds = $39-UA03 ;"No holding back." Sounds = $39-UA04 ;"I smell fear!" Sounds = $39-UA05 ;"Open fire!" [ATMinotaurusSelection] Sounds = $39-US02 ;"Awaiting orders." Sounds = $39-US03 ;"Canons loaded" Sounds = $39-US06 ;"Awaiting your signal." Sounds = $39-US07 ;"Canons at the ready." [ATMinotaurusMove] Sounds = $39-UM00 ;"Responding." Sounds = $39-UM01 ;"Yes Sir!" Sounds = $39-UM04 ;"Orders confirmed!" Sounds = $39-UM06 ;"Moving to new position." [ATScoutSelection] Sounds = $40-US00 ;"On watch." Sounds = $40-US01 ;"Yes Sir?" Sounds = $40-US02 ;"In position." Sounds = $40-US04 ;"They won't notice me" [ATScoutMove] Sounds = $40-UM00 ;"On the double." Sounds = $40-UM01 ;"Yes" Sounds = $40-UM03 ;"Scouting ahead." Sounds = $40-UM07 ;"On alert" Sounds = $40-UM08 ;"Eyes wide" [ATOrniAttack] Control = random attack decay Sounds = Static01i_vol1 Sounds = Static02i_vol1 Sounds = $41-UA00 ;"Target spotted - twelve o'clock low." Sounds = $41-UA01 ;"I've got the boogey." Sounds = $41-UA02 ;"Attacking." Sounds = $41-UA03 ;"Target locked!" Sounds = $41-UA06 ;"Hostiles engaged." Sounds = Static01i_vol1 Sounds = Static02i_vol1 Attack = 2 Decay = 2 [ATOrniSelection] Control = random attack decay Sounds = Static01i_vol1 Sounds = Static02i_vol1 Sounds = $41-US02 ;"Eagle force ready!" Sounds = $41-US05 ;"Holding position" Sounds = $41-US08 ;"Airborne ready!" Sounds = Static01i_vol1 Sounds = Static02i_vol1 Attack = 2 Decay = 2 [ATOrniMove] Control = random attack decay Sounds = Static01i_vol1 Sounds = Static02i_vol1 Sounds = $41-UM00 ;"Roger. Watch our six." Sounds = $41-UM01 ;"Roger that." Sounds = $41-UM03 ;"On attack vector" Sounds = $41-UM05 ;"Course plotted." Sounds = Static01i_vol1 Sounds = Static02i_vol1 Attack = 2 Decay = 2 [ATTrikeAttack] Sounds = $45-UA02 ;"Engaging enemy commander!" Sounds = $45-UA04 ;"For House Atreides!" Sounds = $45-UA06 ;"Take 'em out!" [ATTrikeSelection] Sounds = $45-US01 ;"Ready and willing." ;Sounds = $45-US02 ;"Trike here" Sounds = $45-US03 ;"Need somethin?" Sounds = $45-US04 ;"How 'bout a little recon?" [ATTrikeMove] Sounds = $45-UM00 ;"Right away Sir." Sounds = $45-UM04 ;"Sounds good!" Sounds = $45-UM06 ;"On the way." NOW OPEN up the hark ini file with the Hark voices............ keep scrolling for example ;********************************** ; -------- UNIT VOICES ------------ ;********************************** [LocalDefaults] Type = Dialog Control = Random [HKScoutSelection] Sounds = $01-US01 ;"Yes!" Sounds = $01-US02 ;"Reporting!" Sounds = $01-US03 ;"What?! (as if you are bothering him)" Sounds = $01-US06 ;"Just lurking about." [HKScoutMove] Sounds = $01-UM00 ;"At once." Sounds = $01-UM01 ;"Understood." Sounds = $01-UM04 ;"Let's get a closer look." Sounds = $01-UM07 ;"As you wish." [HKFlameAttack] Sounds = $04-UA01 ;"Burners on." Sounds = $04-UA02 ;"Ashes to ashes
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