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I was playing around the voice syntetisator of one of my friends yesterday and I typed in "Atreides". Instead of the word "AtreideIs" I'm used to, I've heard "Atreids". Is the program wrong? Maybe, but I've always been very curious. How do you spell it?

Atreides - Atreideis

Atreides - Atreids

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OK, after all you are 18 now,

here is Frank Herbert answer:


Now you just want the transcripter to be crucified >:(

At least the rest of the interview is quite interesting (you learn from FH that the end of a Dune novel is ejaculatory... :O)

May be Dune is rather self-sufficient and does not really need FH comments...

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I have a worse linguistical problem:


What kind of weird dialect is this? I would say it should be shaheed (or chahed, shahid), but chouhad? Also plural is shaheedin, not shaheeda. Other thing is bad, very free, translation, but that's other cause.

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Well, I think Frank Herbert invented lots of terms to fit his book. Some of these terms were derived from existent terms, but they were so badly deformed that today they have no foundation. He tried to show how Arab would sound like 14000 years from now.

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My way of pronouncing Atreides (the Greek way, yeah :))

A (tr) ei (d) e (s) =>

the a like: father, but then long (aaaaa)

the ei like: English don't have them in their language, but the Dutch know it as 'ei', the Greek as ei

the e like: a in man

after all, it was Agamemnon, Atreides

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Twas Agamemmnon of House Atreus, and if it's the legendary one, he was mycenean i think. Euripides, trojan wars etc. Sorry im a pedant.

But what I wonder about is it actually agamemmnon the ancient greek or agamemmnon the titan? Cause he did do some serious history altering. although that was in the prequels, and leto II did say he knew agamemmnon, so maybe it 's meant to be the ancient greek.

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That's weird!


Sorry, my mistake. I meant as in man

I think Leto meant Agamemnon the Greek. Because it was him who was the son of Atreus (=Atreides) (Menelaos too actually, but that doesn't matter)

But I think my way of pronouncing it isn't found in any English voice synthesizer

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