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  1. the price of a pint of coconut juice in kingston town. you know i'm right, tio 1, turing 0
  2. Erm....is this a joke? or are US people really allowed carry assault rifles now? <hides under bed, in ireland, with several leprechauns for luck>
  3. what i've wondered in the books, not being stereotypical at all, but Andrew Skouros and Julianna Parhi (Agamemmnon and juno's real names) were both into the internet and strategy games when they met....i've just got this vision of a cymek warrior-form with the voice of Professor Frink..... ;D
  4. i've just finished it. like anything written by BH and KJA, expect silly similes (the one about rows of brain-preservation canisters being arranged "like some sort of machine genitalia" made me laugh for about 2 hours - guys, learn to write) and one-dimensional characters, expect for the really really annoying ones. but i think we were expecting that anyway. [hide]what pissed me off was that the most destructive movement, the cult of serena, was actually formed from some kind of "religious" experience and was given barely any real explanation. i had a better argument, but ive forgotten it.
  5. would i be able to just delete most of the temp stuff without too many probs, cos most of it i don't recognise. this was a post sp2 update, i installed sp2 off a disc then went online to see if there was anything more recent. and im still not sure of the difference between hibernation and standby. i've set my laptop to standby if the lid is shut and then goes to hibernation after about 10 minutes. but even if i don't wait that long, i can't reactivate the thing from standby.
  6. maybe i didnt explain very well.....i can put my pc on standby, but if i try to resume work again i just get a black screen and i cant do anything. the hardware kicks in, but it's completely inoperable.
  7. just got a new dell laptop, i patched it to winxp pro service pack 2 the other day, was on microsoft's website, doing an update and my dialup cut out at around 60% online installation. now i notice that if i try and boot my computer up from standby, i just get a blank screen and can't do anything. im not sure if this is a "convenient new feature" of service pack 2 or cause our SH*T ISP cut out in the middle of an online install. bit annoyed, i hate when new shiny expensive computers go wrong after a week. any help would be muchly appreciated.
  8. is westwood well and truly gone then? what has happened to the developers? and the bosses? im more concerned about the developers tho, apparently they weren't that well-treated by their bosses, i think ed del castillo was only given a $600 bonus for his part in the original C&C.
  9. Can anyone who has this game please enlighten me, why are so many of the missions in contracts the exact same as the missions in the first Hitman game? I was under the impression that Contracts wasn't a remake or anything like that.
  10. Has anyone come across the Red Alert mods and Tiberian Sun mods for Renegade? Are they any good?
  11. nah, im sorry the patch that upgraded renegade so you could fly orcas and apaches in 3 multiplayer maps is incredible. in terms of what you can do, it's like a cut-back version of tribes that#s still good fun, good vehicles and not as hardcore. renegade is a unique game. just cause it's a crap plot (which is no better than the original c&c plot anyway) and it's not picture-perfect nvidia geforce 8 amon-ra 52000 caliber graphics doesn't mean anyone should neglect it.
  12. when you haven't actually read the 3rd book, it's called speculating :P
  13. Was the jihad the reason why even all the way down the line in Chapterhouse, there is a general negative reaction to the creation of cyborgs? because it's part of the whole "man must not be replaced" thing?
  14. in comparison to the nod one, certainly. "He's married to the scientist! OMG!"
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