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Admittedly, I made up "bummish", but it gets the point across. Well, assuming you're me, 'cause I'm usually the only one who knows what I'm talking about.

Oh, and I meant bum as in a hobo, not a posterior, backside, or beeehind.

Anyway, Duncan had a "goatlike" beard and dark, somewhat curly hair, if memory serves.

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Duncan in the lynch film looked nothing like he should, hair was wrong colour and not scruffy (rule britannia). Should be black karakul (Herbert uses that word to describe his hair doesnt he? wtf is karakul?) I think in the miniseries of Dune, his face was too long. In Children of Dune, that Duncan is the closest so far. But hair should be a tad scruffier.

For some reason, for ages I pictured Duncan as looking like Hayt De Vries in the Harkonnen videos in Dune 2000. Weird. Probably cause the whole ghola thingy made a deep impression on me at the time.

Also, most of the Duncans had only the original life and their current life, but the Duncan in Heretics (the special one made by the tleilaxu - i mean the EXTRA special one made by the tleilaxu... sheesh...) had all of them, or at least a lot of them, so he got supermemories. Kinda ended up like Leto II in the end, hmm? Bloody nasty.

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In my dictionary karakul means:

Hardy coarse-haired sheep of central Asia; lambs are valued for their soft curly black fur

Therefore I am thinking Duncans hair is Hardy and Coarse.

Duncan in CoD mini was a very good looking Duncan (for the part) He is now who I envision when reading him.

Dunacan ended up not like LetoII at all, although I see where your going. You mean he has lived for a couple thousand years right?

Duncan had no LetoII superpowers like prescience.(or worm abilities ;) )

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I wasent a fan of the cod version of him, and actually duncan was the hero figure of the whole story, and probably the greatest stability of all. he had a moral figure and a standard that made all other figures in the book pale in comparison.

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Sorry guys, should clarify my previous post -

The hair on the Duncan in the Dune miniseries had the best hair, but the wrong face. The Duncan in CoD had the best face. Put the two together and for me, that's Duncan.

With the whole Leto II remark, he wasn't prescient or a worm. But when you think about it, 10000 years (between the original Duncan and Heretics' Duncan? Or is it 5000?) Anyway it's a pretty long time. Imagine the lives you'd have in your head. Kinda like Leto II's vastly extensive other memory and how he felt that was kinda a burden at times.

Duncan kicked ass, he never liked messing around with manipulating plans like Leto II or the BGs or the HMs. He had all the lives and he was everything at some stage - mentat, swordsmaster, zensunni, imprinter. What a guy. The last Duncan was the best.

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