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In the original Dune novel? I would say around 30-40(rememeber they live longer in the books because of spice) Also if he is such a great swordsman I'm sure it took a few years.

But then they always say he looks young.

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Yeah... he seems young.

But remember: Bashar Teg was 300 years old when he died on Rakis. And he semt to me like no more than 50-55 old. So Duncan could have been a little bit older (not like the Bashar of course).

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Remember, Davidu, that every Duncan would only remember his original life as "Duncan Prime" (the actual Duncan in Dune), and his current life. But it would still be quite horrible to live so many lives.

And there were over 120 Duncans during the reign of Leto II. I think it mentions that somewhere in GEoD. Still, remember how long Leto II lived, and how short the average Duncan ghola survived. There must have been quite a lot. ;)

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I believe he was 45 at the time of his deat, I read somewhere he was born in 10146 and he died 10191 well 45 years (could be mistaken though)

I've allways imagined Duncan to look like Richard Jordan, from Lynch's Dune.

btw did you know David Lynch was actually playing a part in Dune?

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Lynch was the Harvester foreman.

"Good eye. Who's on that unlisted flight?"

"We can't leave all this Spice behind."

"Yes...Yes Sire!"

And so on.

I always pictured Idaho as looking like Richard Jordan as well, but that's probably due to the fact that I saw the movie before reading the books. Personally,I don't think Lynch casted him correctly. Idaho was often depicted in the books as somewhat scruffy.

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