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20,000 Corpses Under The Sea

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note this isnt finished yet...

comment for feel my rath!

June 28th

Dear Journal,

We lost Contact with the surface today. A few garbled messeges about being atacked, Something was wrong though. We surfaced San Fransico for a look. It was wrong. Everything was wrong. Image the pictures of the apocolpse and image them actully happening. Smoke billowed into the sky from the taller buildings. Boats were raced apon the shore. It was...


At first we thought it was a qauke and all. It being San Fransisco, The buildings were still standing. What happend?

Captain Summers submerged the sub after that. We left the bay.

Time for my shift to start.

-Ryan Sharpie

July 5th

Dear Journal,

We celebrated American independence yesterday. A small party in the mess area. We have gotten some radio transmissions in the past two days however. Before that it was nothing. Even satilite coms died out.

"Red Queen to Shi-Hulud."

"Shi-Hulud we copy."

"Procede to cordinites L-45 for further orders."

And that was it. No time to ask what was going on. Just enough time to set course for Iceland. It would take two months to get their, to round the cape and head north. Summers said he didnt want to take the Cannal. Dont blame him really, With San Fran still on our minds we dont want to risk it.

I am a Engineer, So I don't have very often moments of free time. Those that I have are very nice. Most of the time I write in this, others read books, play cards whatever you expect people to do on a submarine.

I can tell they are getting jumpy. late to duty, make smart remarks to the officers. I have been a little jumpy to whatever could to that to San Fran is very bad. And why are we going to iceland?

24:00 hours time to go.

-Ryan Sharpie

July 12th

We picked up a old fashioned SOS yesterday. A cruise ship had sent it near Peru. We went to investgate.

We resuced 14 People

4 of them insane.

The Rest...

The rest didnt make it. We found those people clinging to bits of debree the ship...went down.

The 14 people could be called insane as well I supose. They incenst that a group of canibals had boarderd the ship and started killing everyone left and right. They sware that the caniballs were demons and couldn't be killed.

The other four must have been the caniballs they talked about. They had been coverd in blood when we pulled them in and tried us. We put them in a little brig we formed near the engine room. Which to tell you the truth makes a little nervous. They dont even act human. They wont eat, they wont drink and their eyes....

their eyes are white as a snow storm in montana and they just dont respond to words. Even with the funny farm jackets we managed to put them in they still scare me

-Ryan Sharpie

July 18th

Dear Journal,

Rounded Cape Horn today. No other boats or radio contacts since last updates. 18 still on board. No progress in comunicating with canibals.

-Ryan Sharpie

July 24th

Dear Journal,

Crewman O'Ryan was bitten by them today. He was walking by and they lunged at bit him. One of them managed to tear a peice of shoulder off him and consume it before we could pull it off.

O'Ryan is still in the Med bay.

Summers has decided to drop off the canibals at the next stop. Very smart.

You see O'Ryan goes to engineering to. He is second shift.

That could have been me.

We have ended up naming the canibals

George. He is the most agressive and the one who atacked O'Ryan. He is middle aged and a litte chubby. He dosnt speak.

Samantha. The only female in the group and if she wasnt a canibal she would be a nice peace of ass. But I am probebly saying that becouse I have been in this god damn boat for to long. Its been so long since I have seen the sun!

Then their are Steven And Steven. Both of them use to be twins, well technicly are still twins. They look exactuly the same. We dont know either of their real names. And the 14 survivers refuse to even go near them.

Well thats all for now.

-Ryan Sharpie

July 26th

Dear Journal,

O'Ryan Died today. Doc said it was from some kind of infection. He tried everything he had short of amputation. It didnt work.

Mitchal and Harison frenzied themselfs into a vigilantie like state and shot George three times in the chest with their side arms.

It didnt kill him!

Sweet mother it didnt kill them! Three shots with a 9mm should have put him down flat. But he didn't even bleed. The doc came over and said that the reason they didnt die was that. Take this either way you want.

They were already dead. How could they already be dead? We could see them standing their, chaned to the wall in streight jackets trying to get out.

How could they be dead?

Doc Didnt know, I dont know. No one knows. Not even the captain knows.

I have to walk by them every day. No matter what I cant go around them.

I am scared.

And I want to go home

-Ryan Sharpie

July 29th

Another Radio signle!

This one...


As soon as it had begain. What was going on? We got no com signels, the radio messeges sounded rushed and despret. He didnt even use the grid space. He refered to it by name....

Doc Dissapeared today. We have searched the entire ship and cant find him. Where could he have gone? Its a submarine for gods sake!

Augest 9th.

A lot has happend and only now do I have some free time to write.

The crew started dissapearing left and right after the doc. Withen 24 hours their were only 12 of us. We huddled in a suply room and locked the door seal.

And thats whare we have sat for the past week and a half. Their is plunty of food and drink here. But the boredom was is starting to build up. Their is nothing to do! I managed to grab this and what ever I could as we rushed in.

Nothing has happend...At all.

Summers never launced operation Arrow. He couldnt bring himself to launching the missles. And could you blame him? Operation Arrow included nukeing parts of America and West Europe. I fear he is dead now...I fear I will be dead soon as well. Pounding is at the door. Maybe its other survivors...Need to check.

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Thanks. I plan to do a undead set in the Napoleonic war. After the french win the batle of waterloo. Jamin Sharpie and other members of legindary grognards old gaurd division must hold off anoter prussian atack! or so it seems...mwahahah

will be filled with historical acurecy

Gun modles

Ranking commanders.

Authentic Napoleonic Infantry tactics :)

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