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A leetle idea...


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If one was to make all the 3 major houses generic (in that they are all the same) and then make the subhouses (5 of them) each into different houses we could have a possibility of up to 15 major houses!


Atreides + IX

Atreides + sards

Atreides + frems

Atreides + tleilax

Atreides + Guild

all of these make different houses as do all the other majorhouse to subhouse combos

What do you think?

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I have a related question...Is it possible to make it so you can only select 1 subhouse? I have an idea for a mod in which though the sides were all different, they would have very few units. You could choose then "specialties" which would give you many more units that vary with what you chose.

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Great idea Apollyon! Provided you could keep the units interesting, diverse (we don't want 50 guys that all do the same thing ;)), and hopefully original, I don't see why this wouldn't be worth the time and effort. I've downloaded a 51.83MB mod for Total Annihilation twice on my 56k modem (two different versions of the same mod), and it was well worth it. Heck, I've even downloaded the demo for Hagemonia, which was ~150MB. Leaving the computer downloading overnight and having a good download program (so you can pause and resume broken downloads) is the way to go on 56k. :)

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Well, you can always just remake all of those campaign-specific units into buildable ones, if you don't mind destroying campaign compatability.

Overall, I think you cannot have more than about 200 or so units, campaign units included.  Feel free to correct me on this, though, I've been away from modding for a while...?

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