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BFTU Chapter 4/5->Rising through ranks/Failure is death

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@Sandwraith:Yup,yr reins have arrived :)

You have found 20 elite troops and they have discovered yr jeep and killed it.They sent 6 tanks over to reinforce that scouted area and deploy all their units in Sector C on the border to prevent any scouting movement

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I broadcast an encrypted msg over the UN-SW alliance communications network about the intelligence report of the enemy forces in Sector D and that we need alliance forces to continue any kind of advancment we are no match for the enemy forces. I wait a reply from alliance members.

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*takes all of his units to the border of sector D to await for other comanders to get ready to attack*

note: i may not be here when everyone attacks, so assume I command my troops to go when everyone else decides to attack ;)

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6 tanks and 20 elite troops begin to approach the border...and they start to call in light air support from the helicopters nearby.

"9th Airborne Division,call in"

"Reporting Comrade"

"Give me some helicopters!NOW!"


The 20 elite troops charge at slaphapy's isolated army and the battle begins,tank mortar shells fire across and the UN army replied with some bullets back.Looks like mortar shells were 'spamming' on the battlefield more than the 'average poster',crushing slaphapy's forces badly.

"Report casualties,comrade"

"15 elite troops and 2 tank,comrade"

"Piece of cake taking the border"

"Prepare to cross over!"

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@Slaphapy:Please note that if u place a turret down when you have less than 8 number of reinforcement rounds left,the number of rebuilding rounds for the turret will also be the same.OK u bought a Mgun post and get a new round of reins.You lost the last battle.

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"We're being slaughtered we need to regroup before we attack again. We need to coordinate our attacks no one army attacks the enemy is to strong for such attacks. Our attack forces need to be bigger."

I send this msg over the SW-UN alliance communcations network.

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Elite troops and 4 tanks go assisted by 3 helicopters,attack the one territory heavily guarded by 11 tanks,40 riflemen,4 snipers,10 seals,6 jeeps,2 machinegun post,20 BA,33 cyborgs and 4 scout jeeps.The small group of units got blasted heavily but also managed some coalition units though

Casualties:40 riflemen,4 snipers,10 seals[slaphapy],4 scout jeeps,1 machinegun post[sandwraith],5 cyborgs[AK47],2 tanks[lowzeewee :)]

BTW,pls sign up at the newest BFTU forum here- http://kanupenalty.proboards13.com/

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The small regiment of less than a hundred troops wait at Sector C.THe tank crew have left to Sector B for lunch leaving their tanks unattended at the border.An oncoming charge of 18 cyborgs and 10 tanks came at the remaining troops and bikes with swiftly threading units of sandwraith tearing them apart with a final touch,destroying the 25 bikes and causing 7 of the 17 elite troops to surrender[Note:You do not get points from getting units to surrender].6 unoccupied tanks are left in the vicinity.Decide what you want to do with them.


Sandwraith:8 BAs,8 cyborgs

Lowzeewee:5 tanks

Ak47:15 cyborgs

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"Sector F looks the weakest of all"

"Crossing the border is too dangerous and sector B is too heavily guarded,sir"

"Take all the territories around B to make it easier for us!"

"Then we will cross in and sneak attack them for all directions?"

"Yes!That is the directive!Go!Go!Go!"

"But how about our POWs?"

"Well,I have a plan......"

*The 7 elite troops head towards the sector and fire a flare into the air.*

"You are back,comrades!"

"Nice to see you again,comrades"

*Three of the 7 take up position at the left,right and middle of the other elite troops*

*The others take up position near the hoverbikes*

"Proceed with Plan A"

*The 3 elite troops sandwiching the enemy elite troops blow themselves up with the grenades gathered on them,killing their deceived comarades*

*The remaining 4 fire their heavy A-M90 at the hoverbikes and get counterattacked and killed*

"Help!Comrade at other sectors,send support right now"

*An air of confusion fills the area*

*Lowzeewee sends his 3 tanks in to guerilla-attack them while they are in disarray and gets his next round of reinforcements to attack them again*

1 EliteTroop,10 hoverbikes,2 tanks left.

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The remaining Cyborgs add to the confusion by guerrilla-attacking the hover bikes,as they are the largest threat.

Commander Ak47 transmits commands to all the Cyborgs.

"Attack hoverbikes.Then proceed to tanks."

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@AK47:You don't get promoted during the war ;) ;) ;) ;)


The war continues as it was a battle of 4 commanders VS 1 :O

The remaining forces of tanks and hoverbikes get burned out.


AK47-All 3 cyborgs,new round of reins

ExSplug-6 rocketmen & 2 tanks

Dunenewt-10 rocketmen

Slaphapy-6 jeeps

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