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BFTU Chapter 4/5->Rising through ranks/Failure is death

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OK the storyline will now be revealed......

Now the reason for the capturing of the planet is known,the planet contained mithium ore that when refined,would smelt into mithium metal needed to produce a new vechicle,the APC,not Armored Personnel Carrier but Anti-Personnel Carrier and the new vechicles have came rolling out of the HQ factory in the north and now being deployed in masses all over the planet and it is in danger of getting completely rid of its ore in order to produce their APCs,stop them at all costs,don't come back if you fail to show them the emtrance back to their dropship.

Anti-Personnel Info





Quantity in their army:Said to be more than a hundred at the moment.

Info:Their threads run on special metal that allow them to glide on the ground like a snake making them both a superb scout as well as an excellent multi-bullet firer that can tear off the skin off many infantry's throats in just 1 pull of its gun trigger.Can carry 20 troops at a time and can cross borders without fear and not needing to crossover through the territory facing the targetted territory.



Current Armies at SP:

Slaphapy:1 tank,1 machinegun post

Sandwraith:12 BA,2 cyborgs,1 machinegun post

Lowzeewee:10 tanks

Dunenewt:40 rocketmen

Exsplug:14 rocketmen,8 tanks,5 snipers

Ak47:39 cyborgs

Enemies:25 APCs+100 riflemen for backup before the other APCs arrive

Sard Elite hasn't bought an army and Alex has got an army but hasn't posted,hence hasn't arrived >:(

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At the frontline was 11 tanks against a massive 65 APCs who did hit-and-run attacks on them before escaping with almost no casualties left behind.Out of the 4 APCs,climbed 5 riflemen each but they got shells and machinegun bullets in their faces and only 4 of them are left and taken as POW ATM.

Units lost:

Lowzeewee:2 tanks

Slaphapy:1 tank

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"Special threads...infantry killer..."

"Listen up tank commanders! Aim for their threads! Your first priority is to demobilize them, nevermind if you can't destory them, just move on to stop another! Snipers stay hidden, and snipe off any of the crews that get out! Rocketmens! Enter battle after 30 mintues, and destory those demobilized! Now move out!"

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"Enemy tanks detected on ETA sir!"

"Hehe...Those United Necromancers people want to play eh?Let's get some tanks from our neighbouring territory and play with them then"

"Yes comrade!"

*Lowzeewee sents his tanks towards the battlefield as well*

*10 enemy tanks roll in with 50 backup riflemen behind*

*THe threading sounds are not heard anymore*

*BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!THe mortar shells fly towards the other side of the battlefield for both regiments......the M1A1s are destroyed by stronger enemy T-95s and as they move towards the other tanks,they stop again and heavy fighting continues till only 2 tanks from Exsplug are left there to fight 21 fast APC who speed past them and tear off their armor while losing only 1 of their vechicle and then hunt down the snipers and the rocketmen but while reaching the rocketmen,they lose a few more of their APC company units but still truimph over them and prepare to fight the next wave as they surround the starting point and start to close in.

Exsplug-Reinforcements are waiting.

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I run ALL the way back to the SP and make some trenches by shooting up the ground with Vulcan bullets.

And I will aim for the threads.

Also I will send 10 Cyborgs into the woodss to shoot from a distance.

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40 riflemen,4 snipers,10 seals,6 jeeps,1 tank and 39 cyborgs get assaulted as the APCs,with their high speed,enter the woods,chase after and counter-fire at them,bringing them down one after another and lowzeewee sends his 5 of his 10 tanks in to assist the wounded forces and hold out at the area as the APC squadron's quantity dwindles down further and further till they are defeated but they send 3/4 of their riflemen division to attack you and the coalition forces have been defeated with 25 riflemen surviving behind but lowzeewee corners off the woods with his other 5 tanks with 2/5 of the fighting tanks surviving behind to corner off the other side.The 25 riflemen have also been taken as POW.


AK47 and Slaphapy:Yr next rounds of reinforcements await you.

***NEW UPDATES FROM THE HQ***:The POW have revealed a few new planned attacks to prevent you from attacking southwards,try to repel the attacks!And the reason is to prevent you from reaching their sub-division HQ in this territory,when you find your way to their sub-division HQ,try and find their main HQ on this planet!!!

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The 80 elite troops camping at Sector P take up arms and slowly move to the coalition-controlled territory.....


*The general's trumpet is blown*

"Sir,yes Sir"

"How's the attack going,comrade?"

"Very very good,sir!"

"Proceed with your attack,comrade"

THe troops march towards sector F.....

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"Incoming sir!"

ExS and his troops are on a ridge in sector F. Looking through the binocluars he could see the rebel troops moving in...

"Private! Where's your rifle?"

*A sniper hands him a M82A1*

"Die scumbags..."


"All units! Fire at will!"

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Slaphapy, I propose that you and I attack Sector F and get to the rebel SP, while the rest of you hold back the attacks from sector o and then go invade sector p.

"ok then, let's go kill the skum in sector F!!"

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20 rocketmen,10 tanks,5 snipers and 40 riflemen,4 snipers,10 seals,6 jeeps,1 tank and 10 tanks combine to form a big group to combat the well-trained 80 attackers as both fight to a stalemate as almost all people are killed.But 19 elite troops have surrendered themselves before they die and 14 elite troops have escaped :)

Remaining forces:

Exsplug:2 rocketmen,1 tanks,1 sniper

Slaphapy:3 riflemen,1 sniper,2 seals left

Lowzeewee:None.Next round of reins waiting...

The Enterprise stubbornly send their 400-strong 32th Infantry fighting division to the territory alongside 30 assisting heavy artilleries,desperately trying to sustain their HQ for the moment....what a shame.....their main weakness is mental power,overcome them with quantity and most of them are likely to surrender...take note of that :)


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While sandwraith sends his captured tanks and sacrifice them to bring down both of the gun turrets,the situation at the border was different.

Exsplug and Slaphapy's already meagre forces,weary after fighting at the sector F battle get slaughtered by the 'abbatoir' of the Enterprise forces,managing to kill 21 enemy riflemen though.[New reinforcements have arrived.]

40 rocketmen of dunenewt,12 BA,2 cyborgs of sandwraith and 39 cyborgs of AK47 engage the enemy riflemen from the border while 10 tanks of lowzeewee go in to attack the artilleries.THe artilleries,being unable to attack from close range,decide to fire at the coalition troops instead,killing most of them,but after losing some of their comrades to the tanks,they retreat back to the HQ to defend it instead.Lowzeewee's tanks attempt to go towards Sector P now.

On the infantry side of the battle,43 of the enemy riflemen have surrendered as they fear being killed by the equally-strong coalition forces.

Remaining forces:

Dunenewt:10 rocketmen

Sandwraith:3 BA

AK47:19 cyborgs

Lowzeewee:5 tanks

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takes all his units to try and head off some of those units... Raming all his jeeps and 1 tank at the infantry trying to run the bastards over while his snipers shoot at them from a distance picking off as many as they can...

his 40 riflemen and 10 seals run right behind (far enough away to not be killed by an exploding tank or jeep :) )the wall of jeeps and the tank to take out any they miss

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THe units had no problems killing off the 14 elite troops and the 10 elite troops taken as POW sacrificed themselves and killed their former comrades while the rest of them were easily shot off with no problem while lowzeewee's tanks destroyed the heavy gattling gun.


Lowzeewee-5 tanks

Slaphapy-40 riflemen,1 sniper,2 SEALs,1 jeep

Exsplug-10 rocketmen,1 tank,3 snipers

Lowzeewee sends his 10 tanks and destroys 9 of the 25 artilleries waiting at the starting point for coalition troop companies to kill but lose all 10 tanks but not to worry ;)

Lowzeewee pledges 10 tanks to any coalition commander who wishes to attack :)

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I think I will take all my units and move them to sector P

I will run my 3 snipers and 8 SEALs behind the jeeps and tanks at a far enough distance so that they don't die from an explosion, but can still shoot at all the infantry from a distance. at the same time the 5 jeeps and tanks rush at the infantry trying to run any over... then moving on to the big guns :)

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