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Dune Websites


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This post consists of many Dune related websites. Many thanks to those who contributed links. If you know of a Dune website you think is a good one, please post a link.

Main Dune Websites

Other Dune Related Websites

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Frank Herbert, by Timothy O'Reilly Good book, highly recommended to read.
[+]Science Fiction StudiesThe Fish Speaker
Dune Webring Has links to Dune websites.
A Chronology of Some Important Events in Human History Dune Timeline.
The Great Library at Arrakis
Frank Herbert Interview with Willis McNelly also see this thread to discuss.
Arrakis also known as Dune
Dune Masterworks - Slows computer down, has an animated gif or something.
Wikipedia - Dune (novel). Also Frank Herbert - Information on Frank Herbert
Dune Review
Sparknotes - Dune
The art of Lone Star Fedaykin
Arrakis/Dune - A Filmbook - OrLoK's Dune art website.
Star Wars Origins
Arabic and Islamic themes in Frank Herbert's "Dune"
House Atreides
Interview with Frank Herbert and Beverly Herbert by Willis E. McNelly

Dune Games and Mods Websites

Other Languages

Links not Working ATM

Andrew's Original Message/Post

I was just searching the net and found a lot of Dune web pages related to Dune(excluding game sites). I was thinking would it be a good idea for everyone to tell of Dune sites they can find and post them. Then I could update This first post with the links and give credit to the person who finds the site(s).

This way we can all have more than enough Dune to last a long time. The sites should be ok sites and not a site with just the word Dune on it.

I will give some I have found and may be known to others. I also hope this doesn't offend people at this site that I may be sending people to other sites(abandon this site(?)), but that is not what I am trying to do. Also sorry if this was already done.

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I have the actual book with me, but i think it should be as even he stated that his book is out of print., but me check sometime to verify.

And it was a pretty good book that talks about a lot of Herberts novels and actaully makes me want to read his non dune novels.

Yes that site is a good one.

EDIT - I'm pretty sure it is the full book, unless he for some reason cut out stuff, but what I've seen it is the full book.

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I would say any website that is a good one and deals with Dune. (most already listed are good examples)

If a website has a good game, essay or article about Dune then why not.

Once enough are posted or when I find time I will organize a better list that is easier to find the type of webpage you are looking for.

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Updated the look of the first post, re-arranged some websites, moved one to the not currently working list, and added the Dune: Spice World link.

Links to any Dune websites and suggestions would be welcome. (Games included)

Anyone know what happened to Emprworms songwave website?

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