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How do Fremen get rid of their waste?


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once in biology class, we were studying about efficiancy of animal bodies. Its funny how all our technology is soooo inefficiant. I think that after the jihad, a lot of devices had to be created that focused more on quality of use and minimum of energy. I think it goes for the stilsuit. Notice that our body only needs a little bit of energy for the body to work well? I think that the physics of the suit must focus on extreme economy, kinda what mahdi was talking about. They were low on resouces. Also it is interesting to see that offworlder stilsuits arent as effective. It shows that people who have less to work with always make things that seem more ingenius and resourceful.

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By Jove, I think I've got it! Well, some of it.

from the Terminology:

RECATHS: Body-funcion tubes linking the human waste disposal system to the cycling filters of a stillsuit.

That is what I was trying to say before Vanguard but I could not think of the word cather. Now does what I was saying make more sense. I mean the whole way I was viewing the stillsuit was because of the (cough, cough) female version of a stillsuit.

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