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Emperor CDs


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As for that 5th 'Documents' CD, I will guess that it contains the manual. When they repackage retail games, they often times put the manual on CDs to cut down on the production costs.. hence the $5-$10/game price point. (BTW, I saw Emperor at EB for $5, but I'm assuming that was back inventory they were dumping. I'm seeing it at K-mart, Target for $10 though).


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when I bought emperor i got the install disk and one for each of the three main houses what are these for???? I also have another problem which is within 5 min of starting a new game it cuts me off and restarts my computer!

As for the game cutting you off, please visit the tech forum and we will assist you.

For start, you can make sure that all background programs are closed. Making sure the ingame graphical settings set to medium/low and shadows turned off. Make sure you've updated all your drivers to the latest version.

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