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  1. yea. also anyone played enfos, SOL, Dota, or TOB?(if u have tft u know what im talking about)
  2. what was the name of the company
  3. well actually on the islands map there are transport ships
  4. ooh i was in the beta. (yes blizzard emailed me and gave me a cd-key) and i got it and i got halfway through story mode but then backedup my comp and then just stopped playing campaign my nick on there is WardenX by the way.
  5. hey guyz what ever happened to that mmorpg of dune that was coming out? i forget the name but did it come out or was it canceled?
  6. no i mean online at the EXACT same time.
  7. what is the most # of people that have been online on emperor at the same time ? i remember when i used to play the most was like 20. how much is it now? more or less
  8. wow its been so long. 8) i saw emp for 8$ last month im gonna go and see if its still there and i might even buy it. i got tft though (the frozen throne) its pretty cool. there a really cool game called nitto1320 challenge its a car racing game for free its fun anyone eva played it?
  9. areyouforit


    how about sard sounds? lol sorry for bumping up a old topic ;D
  10. hmm where is the site for kwisatz haderach i wanna read the story
  11. nuh uh really where? just watch if u get it from an online site look and i bet the shipping&handling will cost more than the game ::) ;D
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