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  1. Im playing hark emp worm and ive gotten advice that i should destroy the ordos base below and every time i try i never get there before a attack that they send that kills me every time. it comes at 6 min into the game and i attack with asault tanks and a few inkvines
  2. can you give me tips on this one because i have beaten atr but barely and the atr sonics keep beating me. Also when i set up units in between the two rocks that the leeches come through this light comes down and damages my units. i set up units there for atr but this didnt happen. is it really worth it to go and capture the buildings that they tell u u can get with the engineers? is it worth it to go down to the bottom and capture that piece of land too?
  3. thanx, i found it and am going to reinstall right now
  4. when u reinstall emperor does it let u keep your saved games? i have to reinstall it because after almost every victory it freezes on me or sometimes when i try to save it. Right now im on the emperor worm in Atreides and ive had to do it 4 times because it freezes!
  5. when I bought emperor i got the install disk and one for each of the three main houses what are these for???? I also have another problem which is within 5 min of starting a new game it cuts me off and restarts my computer!
  6. Im going to buy Emperor and currently have Dune 2000. how is this game any different and how much does it cost?
  7. you shouldn't need any xtra space! they give you this huge space to build on. if you need more firepower just wait for more transports. they keep sending more. if i were you i would take out the harks first. if you want more land then take out the harks and use that. BUT IF YOU DO USE ENGINEERS TO CAPTURE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!
  8. when i try to do the multiplayer for dune 2000 i register on westwood and it gives me the password and it works but when i get to the screen that says connecting to westwood that goes away and a screen pops up that says a download is needed so i try to download only it just sits there at 0% downloaded until an error comes up and it freezes.
  9. ??? the atreides always wipe me out within a few minutes. i always block off the footpath but the western opening is too big to block off and they attack my harvester what am i doing wrong?????????
  10. whatever i do i cant get through this one. nothing i do works. i can get through enough to just barely get a hitech factory before i lose ???
  11. is the only way to build them by capturing the heavy factory?
  12. a tip to win this one is to move to the area directly east of and wall of the southeastern opening right away if your harvesters are served by carryalls
  13. Whenever i try to get through this one i always lose because of the death hand missile and the airstrikes. Not to mention i never have much extra units to send with the missionaries.
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