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HEy guyz im back..


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but i cant find my Emperor CD i mean i have it just i dont have my CD-key...

so does neone remember me,i got emp like in june after it came out..



I do recognize your name, but that's about it 34.gif

Anyways, for your cd key, do what Gob suggested. Westwood is able to help you in the matter.

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heh lol...

i got warcraft 3 then i stopped playing emp then my cousin sat on my hark CD, i forgot my atreides and install CD at my other cousin's house, and my ordos CD i cant find.

not having an install CD is pretty bad.

i just wanna play emperor again ive gotten better at RTS

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wow its been so long. 8) i saw emp for 8$ last month im gonna go and see if its still there and i might even buy it. i got tft though (the frozen throne) its pretty cool. there a really cool game called nitto1320 challenge its a car racing game for free its fun anyone eva played it?

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