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Emperor and Norton AntiVirus

Untalkative Bunny

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Trying running a game with the side panel of your computer removed,see if it still lags.

I would be pretty supprised if he is able to test that. . . ;)

Now my computer won't boot up at all! Maybe the comp is just fried and needs fixing?
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Well guys, I think it's solved. Mom and I called tech support in New Delhi and it turns out to be a defective video card. Since we're signed up with a warranty, we get a free replacement. I think I'll end up just fine. Who knows...I might be playing against you guys soon, for the first time!  :)

Thanks again for the long period you have been helpful for.  8)

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umm, i know that this topic is old, but nav sucks... its not just imo either. everyone i know has had problems with every version of nav. the only varient that i know that doesnt have problems is symantec corprate antivirus. and even then... anyways i use avg or avast when i am in windows, (primaraly a linux user, GO PENQUINS!!!)

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4 years since the last post in this thread - I'm gonna assume the data here is out of date.  If anyone wants to correct me and create an updated thread to be stickied, be my guest.

Click here for an explanation on why threads are being unstickied.

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