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Emperor and Norton AntiVirus

Untalkative Bunny

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But there's a huge difference in file size between both of the Emperor.EXE files! The original is 926 KB whereas the downloadable replacement is only 92! Are you sure that replacing a 926 KB game file with something a digit less will work?

Not to poo poo the idea, I'm just saying...will it?

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Also...I tried it. And it didn't seem to work for me.

I have Windows XP with I believe Norton AV 2003. It was last updated about half a year ago, so I think that would be it. Version 1.0 for Dune.

Anyway, (I didn't initially do anything with Norton, [i don't want to do anything like uninstall; that would just get too complicated] though the second time I tried disabling auto-protect, which didn't do anything) I got the file, pasted the EMPEROR.EXE file from the download to C:WestwoodEmperor, and all that happened was I start Dune, and before anything can load up, the screen freezes for about a minute, something vaguely resembling a window appears on the lower bar of the screen, and something pops up saying 'game.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.'

What am I to do?

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Did you install the Service pack 1 for win xp ?

If not download it using Internet explorer.

Open IE click on tools, select windows update.

Once your on the Microsoft update page , scan for updates, install the SP1 service pack and then try running the game again.

To install a driver for your graphics card properly in win xp :

Click on Start/Control panel/look for the System folder, open this and click on hardware,device manager , then display adapter,

right click on your graphics card and select properties.

Click on update driver then driver tab, then update driver ,install from a specific location , search for the best driver in these locations, put a tick in the box include this location in the search, click on the browse tab to the right.

Browse to the location where you downloaded the graphics drivers, the rest should be self explanatory.

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To all the people having problems with games in Win XP,

Without the Service pack 1 properly installed, win xp doesn't recognise CD's properly, this appears to be with certain types of CD Rom drives, not all.

Alot of Lite-on and Lg drives are effected.The better drives like Sony combo drives don't seem to have this problem.

Just always install SP1 and it should work fine !

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I have tried numerous uninstallations/re-installations, so I don't think that's the answer. Thanks, though.

Uninstalling Norton is a pickle for me because mainly it's not my computer to begin with. :-[

But I'm sure that Norton is the culprit. I remember Emperor running perfectly on this machine in the exact same setup, (hell, even without any updates - I think the game's version was a piddly 1.02?) smoothe as all everything. Then Norton was updated, and the game out of nowhere refused to cooperate.

Are there any ways around Norton? Or even in the worst-case scenario, if I -had- to resort to uninstalling NAV, is there any chance that the uninstallation would be temporary? Like, for example, uninstall the game, uninstall Norton, re-install the game, re-install Norton, with a whole bunch of technical stuff in between?

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There was no attachemnt. The attachement archived was the text and link where Untalkative bunny explained how he fixed the problem. I'll quote it so that you'll know which text I'm talking about.

OK friends, here's what you've been waiting for!...

After completely disabling NAV 2003 (by disabling auto-protect, email scanning, script blocking and automatic LiveUpdate) and stopping related processes from loading at XP's startup, I was able to coax Emperor to load long enough so that Windows could generate a log of the error. I've attached that log file if anyone feels like ciphering through it to find out what is causing the problem (I was unable to do that).

In the meanwhile, while browsing Westwood's FTP looking for maps, I found and downloaded EMPENGINSTFIX10.ZIP. This update fixed some compatibility issues between Emperor and certain makes of CD/DVD/CDR drives [the readme says]. Along with the readme, I also found a SETUP.EXE and EMPEROR.EXE within the zip file. Then I said to myself: what the heck, nothing else has fixed the problem ... why don't I try replacing my EMPEROR.EXE with the one in EMPENGINSTFIX10.ZIP and guess what ... EMPEROR: BATTLE FOR DUNE LOADED PERFECTLY!!!

My next step was to enable all of NAV 2003 services and try Emperor, and again, Emperor loaded successfully.

I have a feeling that this fixed EMPEROR.EXE is probably closely related to a NoCD fix, but Emperor still asked for the Atreides Disc when starting my Atreides campaign, so it's not quite a NoCD fix. I assume that the reason why some of you who did get Emperor to work with NAV 2003 are probably running the game with a NoCD/fixed EXE.

Anyway, if you're having problems with Emperor: Battle for Dune and Norton AntiVirus 2003, just replace your EMPEROR.EXE with the one found in EMPENGINSTFIX10.ZIP and, hopefully, everything will be fine :)

You can get EMPENGINSTFIX10.ZIP off Westwood's FTP:


Enjoy everyone and thanks for all your help ;)

Naja, I think it is possible if you read this !

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Like I've said though, I have tried the replacement. Numerous times. I copy the EMPEROR.EXE (which is a mysterious 92 KB) over the game's, (which is 926, I think?!) and there is still no load of Dune. Only difference in this situation is that there is a very noticable freeze for about half a minute, something vaguely resembling a window appears at the bottom of my screen, and then it says something to the effect of 'game.exe has experienced a problem and needs to close.' :(

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Hey dudes and dudettes, I tried exactly what was stated above, and it worked! I'm back to playing Dune!!!  ;D

My only problem now is a very buggy comp, and I would really like some help on that:

I have a Dell Pentium 2 (or is it 3?) with Windows XP (obviously) and there seems to be something amiss. I know it can't be a virus, and the memory space on my computer is just great. What's wrong is that during Emperor (or anything else that is more 'modern' in the gaming world that happens to be on my comp, like Jedi Academy, Warcraft 3, etc) the game keeps freezing at odd intervals. I don't understand, because I have put the game graphics/display at minimal levels, and have even uninstalled several space-hogging programs off of my computer. I even had the thing defragged not too long ago.

All of these games worked fine a while ago. And back then, my computer had EVEN MORE shit on it. It's just perplexing. Do I need more ram, or what? It just very recently (like past month/s) started acting very slow and freezy.  >:(

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...Actually, no. The problem is a device failure of some kind. Probably a video card/display feature? Because Emperor has crashed before, forcing me to reboot my computer, saying something to the effect of 'Windows has experienced a device failure and you must reboot, yada yada yada.'

When I restarted Windows, it had the whole shpeel of 'Windows has recovered from a device failure' and it mentioned something about a display device, about how perhaps I should go to the provider for an update? I dunno. I don't understand why it's failing -now.- Ya know?

What to do, now?

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are you familliar with hardware ?

or more direcly . .can you check your computer on the inside for any loose things .. see if all the cards are seated firmly .. all IDE connectors and such are in their positions ..

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