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Emperor and Norton AntiVirus

Untalkative Bunny

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There was no attachemnt. The attachement archived was the text and link where Untalkative bunny explained how he fixed the problem. I'll quote it so that you'll know which text I'm talking about.

OK friends, here's what you've been waiting for!...

After completely disabling NAV 2003 (by disabling auto-protect, email scanning, script blocking and automatic LiveUpdate) and stopping related processes from loading at XP's startup, I was able to coax Emperor to load long enough so that Windows could generate a log of the error. I've attached that log file if anyone feels like ciphering through it to find out what is causing the problem (I was unable to do that).

In the meanwhile, while browsing Westwood's FTP looking for maps, I found and downloaded EMPENGINSTFIX10.ZIP. This update fixed some compatibility issues between Emperor and certain makes of CD/DVD/CDR drives [the readme says]. Along with the readme, I also found a SETUP.EXE and EMPEROR.EXE within the zip file. Then I said to myself: what the heck, nothing else has fixed the problem ... why don't I try replacing my EMPEROR.EXE with the one in EMPENGINSTFIX10.ZIP and guess what ... EMPEROR: BATTLE FOR DUNE LOADED PERFECTLY!!!

My next step was to enable all of NAV 2003 services and try Emperor, and again, Emperor loaded successfully.

I have a feeling that this fixed EMPEROR.EXE is probably closely related to a NoCD fix, but Emperor still asked for the Atreides Disc when starting my Atreides campaign, so it's not quite a NoCD fix. I assume that the reason why some of you who did get Emperor to work with NAV 2003 are probably running the game with a NoCD/fixed EXE.

Anyway, if you're having problems with Emperor: Battle for Dune and Norton AntiVirus 2003, just replace your EMPEROR.EXE with the one found in EMPENGINSTFIX10.ZIP and, hopefully, everything will be fine :)

You can get EMPENGINSTFIX10.ZIP off Westwood's FTP:


Enjoy everyone and thanks for all your help ;)

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yea i got the same thing, like you run emperor then the picture comes out like it supposed to, then after a couple seconds, nothing happpens, it probiliy NAV 2003 damb my bro force me to install it, i used to have NAV 2002 and it works, so maybe it the new curent version of NAV

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  • 3 weeks later...

well it did when I got window ME before on my older computer but i need the fix to install it and it runs fine just a bit slow ...then i got a new computer and it installs fine but wont runs(play) it just runs, the screen shows up cdrom runs for a few seconds and nothings happened...nope unstalling norton didn't help

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I got WinXP, Nav 2003 and I install the EMPENGINSTFIX10.ZIP patch. I'm running with directx 9. But nothing to do, Emperor doesn't work :(

I got a black screen during 1 sec and I go back to my desk after that.

here my dxDiag

thnaks for help[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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