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  1. ahh i forgot to get the patch and get online, yay im sooooo happy :) :) :)
  2. thats why i love this place, cause its the best, i thank you so much, and westwood for making this file, thank you thank you thank you
  3. yea but like the untalkative bunny said that he cant work it too with NAV 2003, but he put the emperor.exe and it did work, i did that also and it froze my computer so i had to press alt cnrt del and yea know. damb i really miss playing dune can some1 please help :'(
  4. ok i gatherd some data opn what my problem is, it must be NAV 2003 but im not going to uminstall it to play dune, but like the sticky post made quite a long time ago, untalkative bunny wrote that he has NAV 2003 and it wont work too with the solution. My dune used to work, with NAV 2002, i play it often online so lots of people would know me from here, ok this iswat happens when i have NAV 2003 and when i open dune. Picture (the attachment) come out, but after a while nothing happens, i doesnt load, nor does it create an error.......it has to be NAV 2003, but in the zip file that was from west
  5. i read that post, i got it, i put the new emperor.exe, but now, it just freese my computer, this is the computer i have: win XP -sony brand NAV 2003 --------------------- what is the problem, they though tha the NAV was the problem but they said to add the file emperor.exe and it did replace it but it just doesnt work
  6. yea i got the same thing, like you run emperor then the picture comes out like it supposed to, then after a couple seconds, nothing happpens, it probiliy NAV 2003 damb my bro force me to install it, i used to have NAV 2002 and it works, so maybe it the new curent version of NAV
  7. can anyone elp, i really want to play dune :'(
  8. when i run my emperor battle for dune game, it doesnt work, like i insert my cd, press start, then of picture comes out, but after nothing happens, the game does not load or do anything, why is that?
  9. heard of a search my friend ;D
  10. hmmm, i know you, your the cheater man, dont think i dont remeber, u even told me that your nickname is either appllon
  11. man ive played this game with this guy p3n3lop3 and he just used an online cheat on me, the air drone cheat, what it did is that his air drone attacked my land units. Man that is cheap, i hate you dumbass, i told him to stop but he wouldn't, btw it was emperor battle for dune game
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