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CASE: Navaros vs. Blizzard Entertainment Co.

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*random person stands up again*

for the record i think you should shut the hell up! am i right here folks?

(OT - hehe)

(off topic: LOL)

(on topic:)

Sir! I warned you once before. I will not tolerate outbursts in my courtroom. Bailiff, remove this man out of my courtroom IMMEDIATELY!

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*bailiff comes over and starts to grab tsukasa*

hey, what the? hey, what do you think your doin. i KNOW my rights. hey, get off me. i have every right to be here. YOU CAN'T SHUT ME OUT LIKE THIS. it's not in the constitution!! i want a lawyer!

*bailiff promptly picks tsukasa up, and tosses him out the door*

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A journalist that works for www,hacker.com writes in his notebook as he see the process :

" Mr. navaros cyrenius told to his lawyer : * tell them that I may suck in a court of law but I'd kick your ass at Emperor * "

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"Sir, we posses evidence that indicates an attempted hack into Battlenet took place from Cyrenius' nick. We believe that we have sufficient material to assume Cyrenius is guilty, and that is all we need. If Cyrenius claims that he hasn't hacked at all, he is to bring up evidence he coulnd't have commited the crime. I also must point out that Cyrenius hasn't provided an alibi for the recorded time he attempted to hack, namely 30-12-2002 at 16:04."

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"It is your client that started this case to begin with, and any harm to his reputation is his own doing. If he wishes to clean his reputation and granted acces to Battlenet once more he will need to provide us with clear evidence that he did not commit the crime, otherwise we will stick to our right of refusing that acces to him."

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Enough of this bickering! I will not allow my court to be made into a madhouse. The issue is whether or not the Plantiff's client has sufficient grounds to claim the two part lawsuit that is before the court today.

The court has entered into evidence the fact that Blizzard has terminated numerous accounts along with Navaros.

Ex-Atreides may sit down.

*looks to the Defense*

Present your argument, counsel, and call your witness

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"Thank you, your honor. I would like to call Mike Morhaime, executive producer of Warcraft III, to step forward."

Morhaime steps forward, and swears on the Torah.

"Mr. Morhaime, is acces to Battlenet a privilige that comes with the copy of Warcraft III?"

"No, as said in the licence agreement, we have the right to terminate ones acces to Warcraft III anytime."

"Do you believe that there is a reasonable suspicion that Cyrenius has attempted to hack the Warcraft III servers?"

"Yes, there are several indications tha he did try, and thus we felt that we should ban him for the integrity of our community."

"Thank you. You may step down. Your honor, as you can imagine, the persons who were banned would of course deny any blame. It doesn't mean anything. And in the unlikely event that they were unjustly banned due to an accident, Blizzard reserves the right to revoke the acces of customers to Battlenet at any time. No violation of the terms of agreement have occured at all."

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[note passed to Belziel]If you believe this man is lying, it is up to you to prove so in the cross-examination (try asking the defence counsel by IM for what details they mean - if it's not mentioned in court, it's not tenable evidence in a case).[/note]

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Sorry to interupt, your honor, but to continue, I believe something should be noted:

After you start a game of WarCraft III, or any other such multiplayer game, you are directly connected to the host computer. Battle.net is a mathmaking service, nothing more. Thusly, in order for Blizzrd to know that anyone, including my client, was using a hack would require them (Blizzard) to install spyware programs on your computer. That is a breach of the liscence agreement, as it does not state that such programs are installed with WCIII.

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Grunting is heard outside. Suddenly the court doors crash wide open and Acriku runs in and jumps over the little door and onto Judge Judy's podium naked.

"Freeeeeedoommm!!!" Acriku cackled.

Acriku is shot dead by the bailiff. The body is dragged away and the case continues.

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Meanwhile, outside the courtroom, reporter Lord J is interviewing ChanServ, the 'bot on the #fed2k chatroom.

<Lord_J> Hi! take a seat, good coffee, by the way. Do you think Navaros has a chance of winning his case against Blizzard?

<ChanServ> It is decidedly so.

<Lord_J> Hmm...Interesting. Will Navaros recieve a monetary sttlement from this case?

<ChanServ> Oh, please, PLEASE, make it stop!

<Lord_J> I couldn't agree more, but that doesn't answer my question. What is your answer?

<ChanServ> Yes.

<Lord_J> So, will Navaros use the monetary settlement for anything constructive?

<ChanServ> Are you mad?!

<Lord_J> Yes, but that's beside the point. I asked you a question.

<ChanServ> If the prophets will it.

<Lord_J> Ahh, I see where this is going... Will Nav attempt to buy back his posting rights at Fed2K Forums?

<ChanServ> Absolutely not.

<Lord_J> Thank Gob. Do you think he will try to start a website, with the names of all his proported "newbies'"?

<ChanServ> You never know. Neither do I.

<Lord_J> True, true. Well, you've given me enough material for my post. Do you have anything further to add?

<ChanServ> No.

<Lord_J> Now *that's* what I call a decent interview.

Back at the news studio, a lady nods and says, "And that was reporter Lord J, with ChanServ and some comments on the court case. back to you Joey."

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Grunting is heard outside. Suddenly the court doors crash wide open and Acriku runs in and jumps over the little door and onto Judge Judy's podium naked.

"Freeeeeedoommm!!!" Acriku cackled.

Acriku is shot dead by the bailiff. The body is dragged away and the case continues.

*in utter shock regarding the bloodbath that has just occured*

Guards! Have this Baliff immediately arrested. This man was just a crazy unarmed naked lunatic fan of William Wallace. There was no life threatened, only the decency of my court. Killing this man is criminal!!

*guards arrest him and remove his weapon*


*the baliff is escorted out in handcuffs by an entourage of security, meanwhile the judge looks around at the bloody horror*

This court will recess until tomorrow. This room is now a crime scene. We will meet in Superior Court #7 in Building Annex B at 0800. Adjurned.

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At midnight, in a hidden place, a plot is about to begin.

The old enemys of navaros cyrenius are getting together for one sole purpouse.

The guards (heavly armed) are only authorized to let pass members and former members of the clans "hobbtz" and "FEW".

Conversation between the guards :

G1 : This looks serious, all people is in a rush.

G2 : Yeah, who didn't come yet ?

G1 : well, let me see the list, hmmmmm, only one member.

G2 : Who's him ?

G1 : bilbo30

G2 : He must be really important, that's why the meeting didn't begin yet.

G1 : Yeah, we better be carefull.

A few minutes later a man showing a terrible anger in his face is arriving.......

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