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This is either going to sound like the pickiest subject in the history of the forum, or either that someone else has done this already, but here goes anyway....

In Frank Herbert's books and Brian Herbert's books, I notice some spelling differences.

Question: Kaitan (Frank) or Kaitain (Brian)

OR: Axlotl (Frank) or Axolotl (Brian).

Which do you think is right/better?

Yes, you're right: I am a total pedant.

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Vanguard is right all the way. Kaitain is never mentioned. As a matter of fact, It talks about Farad'n being raised on salusa secondus and tought for a while by shaddam. Shaddam hoped that he could rebuild the sardaukar. I question, could salusa actually always have been the emperial home?

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I wouldn't bet on it. Throughout Dune, S.S. is known as a prison world - no place for an Emperor. Also, At the end of Dune, Paul forces him to live on S.S. in exile. Of course, this could simply mean he can't attend meeting on other worlds or party hardy at Gamont or anything.

I suppose it's possible, but I doubt it.

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your probably right vanguard. just a random thought anyway. In general though, the reason why it is mentioned is because it isnt important where he is. Brian and Kevin focused too much on little details that were irrelavent to the story as a whole. They turned it into a startrek. Where all over the galaxy, trouble spots were occuring, houses were feuding. Of course there were house feuds, but how they show it is kinda fake. Also how shaddam acts upon things. He is looked upon as way too pompus and ignorant than he should be. He does things that owuld have gotten him removed from his seat of power in the blink of an eye. just too scatterbrained and not enough intregue and intelligent cold wars.

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Ok, some points:

I was wrong about one of the words: Axolotl is Frank's word and Axlotl is Brian's word (DOH!)

I'm fairly sure, I could be wrong on this, but I think I remember the planet being referred to as Kaitan in the appendices in Dune.

Salusa Secundus was an ironic choice for the Corrino's exile, it was the Imperial capital in Legends before being nuked by that mysterious renegade family.....

And I've often thought that Herbert Jnr and Anderson were too picky about their subject matter, but have you read the appendices in Dune? That's picky. There's about 50 words in the lexicon at the back for words which appear in the appendices only. A lot of what Herbert Jnr and Anderson write about is stuff mentioned in the appendices by Herbert Snr. For example, it mentions the fact that Fenring poisoned Elrood IX, that Shaddam married Anirul, a Bene Gesserit of Hidden Rank, that the Ginaz Swordsmasters were attacked by the Grummans. I think they actually drew a lot of their source material from Frank Herbert, but they can't capture the highly-intense intellectual philosophical atmosphere.

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