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Ok, I hope this gets fanfic back on track. I made a map of "Sedermia" (name of planet or kingdom or something). It is populated by orcs, elves, humans, and other such entities. there are 73 different cities/towns. each person can pick 6 different towns/cities(which means only 12 people can join, but i have yet to see that many join a fanfic any way). (I will pick 7 to make number even for rest.). there is a bit of info on most town/city. you should try to pick city/town in the same region or area. and not one in the topleft corner and bottom right corner etc.(unless there isnt any in region because already picked)

The main page can be found here with info on each city/town. (well most of them)

Or you can go directly to map here

This world is basically like lord of the rings/Midkemia(BaK), but has no affiliation with them.

Hope this works out good.

The map doesnt look as good as it does in paint shop pro 7, but it does the trick.

I think I could update the map as people join, and the territory they control. (maybe)

There could be a lot of politics and not the usual I built a big army and attacked here and there. more story to it.

okay I pick Heder, Sudore(basic capital of region, look at info on page), Rocksly, Polre, "EDIT - Mt. Adurn", Hagre, Badre. (all these regions near where it says "Medala" in white on map)

If any suggestions on how to make map look better(from converting from paintshop pro to jpg) let me know.

You can add or change some details about a city/town you pick(add more industries/attributes), but no major changes like there used to be humans here but now there are trolls.

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Will you bring this back?

Bring the Sedermia fanfic back?

I dont know. Maybe if there is enough interest. If people would like Sedermia with one territory per town that map is already made up. Maybe like risk! but it would be called Sedermia! ?

unless people preferred the version with no "boundaries".

I got the idea for risk type from this thread.


me be back online in 6 hours or 18 hours to talk more.[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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So what would happen?

Would i say for example set up a base at the Bioku Islands?

The I could use Terragen to amke some detailed pics of the areas

Sorry people, I'm obsessed with my creation.

To answer Dunenewt better (dont know why I didn't in the first place), I have already made pictures(15?) and videos(6) of this map(places on map, like mountains, islands rivers, etc)

The Sedermia risk style map can be found a couple of posts above.(sedermia.jpg)

Note that all of the links in my messages do not work.

Would anyone be interested in a fanfic or something to do with this? It would not have to be risk style, we could use the red lines as borders with other territories, or just not use the map with red lines and water lines.

I have put the info about towns etc. up at


I dont have enough webspace to put up videos(maybe) put pictures are possible.

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I updated the info (main page) about each city. Mostly just spelling corrections and rewording, but there is some new info for some cities.

I also put the Sedermia Map back online. Updated most of the trees to look better, (I thought) and that is all I think for now.

I dont think this is badly breaking the rule

"If you wish to promote your site please do so in your signature or elsewhere. Posting about special events is acceptable."

I'm not promoting my site really, just Sedermia ;)

And maybe if people enjoy it enough there can be fanfic about it. Theres enough info, although more could come at a later time.

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Sounds good, I think this time instead of people picking x number of cities, we could have 6 players to start with that each control one of the areas of map.

They are:

United Islands - GhostHunter



Highlands - Alexander Ordos

Medala Kingdom

Dour Lands

If more than six people were to join, then some islands/cities etc could be given to them.

This woudlnt all be about just biulding an army and destroying enemies, as that gets out of hand too easy to me. Politics, Economics and everyday life should be included.

Yes you can.

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Sorry for bumping (at least I'm not starting a new thread :))

But I have updated the Sedermia Website(new ISP), with pictures of some places too!!!(that I created 3 months back, some I renamed to just fit the place adn you may remember some of them if you visited the terragen threads.)

And 63 new towns.

I might start a history and add more to each town/city info.

Anyone interested in a fanfic about it? I'm not sure what kind exactly, but if any ideas please post.

I've got big plans until I get bored with it.(updating, fanfics, stories etc.)


Don't forget to look at the size of the map now with awe and wonder.(I know it may be fuzzy and some colors wrong but hey, I enlarged it and its .jpg)

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Wow it's almost been 3 months... :P

But now it seems to be ripening up some more with the Castles addition, new towns, history section (still updating) Elementals page, etc.

So maybe a fan fic can be started soon if enough people want to join. Not sure how it would be played exactly. Any suggestions would be helpful.

medium elf small.JPG Elf medium castle

medium dour lands small.JPG Medium Dour Lands castle.

And I finally made Dour Lands castles. :D

Larger pics of all castles can be found on my Sedermia page.


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I only know HTML and QBASIC.

Maybe if I get bored or find economics to hard I could take University Computer programming courses as electives.

It could make a good turn based game (or real time ;D )

Seems Sympatico (my ISP) web page is down...time for me to once again bitch at them for their crappy service. My web page always seems to be crashing. (can't login etc.) But right now it is completely down for me. :O

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ooo spam ;)

Updated the map, the only difference you guys will be able to tell is the compass near top by Septentrion Island and Bioku Islands. What I notice is my map having 16 or so layers of text and images. Will combine some sometime. Haven't updated it lately. But since my last post I added graphic backrounds(gotta love the patterns) and started Sedermia Distances(not near completed).

Sedermia distances tells how long it will get to a destination(on average) by taking the shortest route. There are 5 different terrains, water being the fastest and mountains being the slowest. This way when people would post it takes that long to get to a city/town to another city/town. I'm only about 1/10 done of it.

The map can be found HERE and the thread that explains any updates is


My old ISP hasn't shut it down yet and I am still able to upload stuff (they even fixed it!). Hope it lasts until I get my new ISP webpage.

I seem to be in a Sedermia mood, so I may update in the coming weeks. I figure if I get the Sedermia distances done then a fanfic is much more possible, as people would be regulated as to their movements of armies/people.

Sedermia Distances

Almost 9 months into Production. :) (look at first posts' date)


is the main page with frames.

Also added the 125 FHD avatars I last submitted on my webpage.


Thats all for now. ;) Comments are welcome.

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