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Well finished, never bwaahaha. Actually I keep adding new stuff to it so that is why it wouldn't be "finished" anytime soon. First it started off with a map and 60 some towns with info. Then added everything else out of the blue. So whenever I think of a new idea to add, I start it and am not sure when done with it.

But as to when distances and history and large castles will be done, uncertain. Distances can be done within 5 hours of work(just some mathmatics and measuring to get each places distances, then HTML page for each place), history whenever I decide to add more, and large castles I have big plans for. (notice how the dimensions(pixels) of castles going from small -> medium doubled? ;D ) Large castles all 3 completed could take a couple months if done right.

But finished for a fanfic could be soon, hopefully when I get distances done and maybe large castles(or not large castles)

But if I get in a Dune Jihad mood then it will take longer to make as my free time would go to that. (which I hope to get going before March ;) )

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I just learned how to use the tag codes, so now I will hopefully soon incorporate the id tags to each town/city. (which means you can link directly to a town/city from any other page)

For now I have incorporated it in each factions page linking to the small town section. Also for United Islands there are links to each Island and its' small town section.

This all means that I have some HTML coding to do to each page, to link everything up.(eventually)

But can you id tag link to anything other than a heading? <h1 id="whatever">blahahblah blah</h1> ?? can you just have an <id="whatever">

EDIT - Added id tags to every town/city. Now each town can be linked from anywhere and it will take you directly to the town (and not just the area Ex: Dour Lands)

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Well here is a rough draft of what this fanfic will do:

Basic storyline for this fanfic: People want to get more land and control others, others just want to get on with life.

Each person can take control of a territory, and if more than 6 people join then those people can get a city or two and become allied to whatever territory they are on. Basically there are no Alliances already made. Although, most people get along with each other except for Dour Lands. So instead of picking X amount of towns/cities like I started before, you will pick Telander or Lowlands or United Islands etc.

The Capital of

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Some updates since September (last post) which can be found at the news/about page.

December 28, 2003:

Changed most backgrounds so the text is easier to read. Corrected a link to the Embroille picture. Changed the News / About page a bit by putting the news below each date, not next to.

Added some Horizontal bars, and added some other features to the website that will help with different resolutions; namely the top Sedermia banner will now resize. On the map page (the map itself), now has links on it to take you to the respective territory you click on to the page with info.

December 22, 2003:

I am currently working on the background images, so they are easier to view the text.

December 7 and 9, 2003:

Did a spellcheck of the website and found some spelling errors and fixed them. Still unsure of what to do with crystals.

Did the headers of each page over and added id tags to them.

Changed the Castles pages to include Niches and Forts.

November 2, 2003:

Added 5 Diamond Crystals to 5 towns/cities, that span across 5 Kingdoms. (Which are found in their respective territory page.)

September 23, 2003:

Updated Elementals statistics to all add up to 50. Playing with the Sedermia Distances, and added a link from each territory to each territories respective Distance page.


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I could have sworn I made a post in here since January 2nd 2004. ???


Monday September 20, 2004

Fixed some image links. Added Images Index page with links to all images. Might do a site map page someday.

May 12, 2004

Fixed coding in CSS file so that it is Mozilla compliant (italics and bold were not showing).

May 1-4, 2004

Made the website into tables instead of frames. Took many hours to figure out and implement tables. Fixed coding.

March 29, 2004

Only have two CSS files now. Redid some image coding.

March 13 and 22, 2004

Added CSS files to all webpages. Also did small work with coding.

February 23, 2004

Added a CSS file and changed some coding, but it should look the same, just easier to edit now.

February 5-6, 2004

Fixed some coding, added new information to each territory.

January 30, 2004

Added extra frames to almost every major page to increase accessibility. The website will not be nonframe compliant anymore. Added more frames to all pages except news, main and map.

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Long time no post.

I edited some of it more than a year ago, but never uploaded it.

Better Late than Never. Although I never got around to coding Medala Kingdom on the map. Everywhere else is on the map though. Easy to click on a city name on the map and go straight to the city info.

Sunday February 13, 17, 19, 2005

Did 1/2 of the links on map page. February 17: All done except Medala Kingdom. Fixed some errors. (Hullev was spelt wrong in the info section.) February 19: Fixed up some coordinates on mapping.

Sunday February 6, 2005

Started to add links to each town/city in the Sedermia Map page. Should be helpful when looking for the information for a specific area.

Sunday December 5, 2004

Added Territories, Information and Images pictures in the table of contents. Fixed some coding. Centered bottom ToC and took out some vertical lines between links.

Sunday December 5, 2004

Added hr coding. Fixed some title and uppercase coding.


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