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The Official Countdown Thread to Children of Dune


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Today is the Canadian Debut!

Here is the official countdown thread to Children of Dune, we will be counting down the days until its debut on the Sci-fi Channel and Space: The Imagination Station. If you know of it's debut in other countries, please feel free to post the date and a link to the stations site.

To learn more about Children of Dune, please visit the miniseries section of our website.

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Oh my god I just saw that trailer you said you heard of Mahdi, it is awesome! Leto is fighting some guys in a fighting room it seems with an audience, and he is whirring around like the wind (literally, he is faded some, a neat effect) and then climbs to the top of a dune and shouts "I will face my fear and allow it to pass through me!" Wow is all I can say. That's all I remember, will add more when it shows again - I can't wait for it!

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the last series was shown on canal+ (don't know if you have in the netherlands) But I sure wish I had Sci-Fi channel, Buck Rogers and all those series was great :-

yeah i/we have canal +. And yeah i saw dune miniseries there for the first time. It was ok, but much better on DVD

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Maybe you should also start a thread with the direct links to all the movies/interviews for quick reference.(if that is legal) or at least the older ones, but not the new ones as scifi would want people to go to their site.

Go to the Children of Dune section of the website, we have all that stuff there. We were given direct links along with the new pics, plot synopsis, etc. as part of the internet marketing program. We'll probably get direct links for the new interview fiarly soon.

There is mroe to this site than a forum, you know. At one time, the forum was a very small and unused portion of it, people came for the news.

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yes lately I only go to the forum and ignore the main dune2k.com page. :(

But what I meant by the video was a direct link to the video itself, but I guess that is stealing it(but you would give credit to scifi.)

But if you put a link to that main COD page at the top post in this thread it might help others like me who forget to check the main page find info.

EDIT- nevermind the part about direct links. me figured it out.

I guess I was missing out on a lot of stuff. I was somewhat confused with where this synapsis and stuff was going and how it wasnt up in the foums. me just feel silly now :).

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The links contained in the miniseries section are direct links to the videos and trailers.

Edit to add: You are right about linking this thread to the miniseries page, though.

Also, we have quick descriptions of each trailer and interview along with screen captions in the miniseries section. Well, most of them. Soon enough we will have them for all.

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