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(hahaha not)-ex

I typed that too fast. This will be better:


"as he ran towards the apartment, he looked at the flaming wreckage. No beacon. He was safe. he ran home, his brain twisted with a thousand thoughts all warped into a flashback:

--He was sitting at his computer, chatting with his friend piro, when what looked like a news van came up. As its antenna extended, Yoshi got a good look at the side. It was a Russian insignia. Not knowing what to think, he left the computer and resumed his kendo training. He was in the middle of a swipe when the shockwave erupted from the tower"

--- gotta go. I'll finish the chapter later. Sorry!!

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You don't really want to hear the rest, do you?

Oh well, might as well finish what I start......

His head wanted to burst, but he used his kikai-chi training to fight the powerful force. Screams erupted from buildings, cars, streets, everywhere. Soon followed an odd silence, followed by wet-sounding plops and honking horns, then the screech of metal on metal.

After what seemed like hours, Yoshi fell to the floor, and the pulse stopped. He looked outside his window, and to his shock, there were dead bodies and crashed cars everywhere. All over the sidewalks and buildings were signs that poeple had fallen out of windows.

Horrified, he then looked at the van. There were men with headphones on, running into the truck. Yoshi knew they had done it. He went to grab the sword, but it came to him first. He got ready to throw it, but it threw itself. He was scared, and made for the door, running. The door opened itself. There were objects everywhere. Yoshi calmed for a second, and a realization came to him.

"I've read about this. I've become telekinetic."

He took the sword and chased after the van.--

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Chapter 3:

Yoshi left the room and went into the street. There was a meeting he needed to attend. Yoshi turned and walked down the street. He kept his sword hidden seven hundred feet above everything, where nobody would look.

He had done this before after he was detected, and it usually worked, but he would attract attention by looking up and chuckling from time to time.

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see ex? gob agrees.

nothing personal ex, i just find it hard to believe you find it hard to believe that that couldve been a typo.

if it werent a typo, then why wouldnt i just type the whole word in leet? or the whole post?

it would be completely worthless to type 2 letters in leet like that.

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sorry, needed to seperate the 2 messages or it wouldnt post.

right in front of yoshi gthree sentrys were staring right into his eyes. he pulled his sword, lit it on fire, and swiped at the first sentry. he cought on fire, and rann screaming into the wall as the other two fired at him. he flamed the sword a second time, and threw the fireball into the wall right behind them. the force was so deadly, it still impacted them, and a mist of blood rained down on the solos.

"well, this isnt exactly where i planned on coming down, but whatever. this is close enough."gob stated.

"youre welcome,"yoshi said sarcastically, walking out of the room.

"largo,kasume, you go down the left hallway and destroy the backup generators in the last room.

yoshi,piro, you go and kill all of the sentrys in the hallway on the right. i'll go where i want to go,"said gob, running speedily across the hallway.

"well, guess we should get going,"said largo.

yoshi and piro ran across the hallways, looking into the doors. nothing yet.

he found a sign on a door and asked piro to read it since yoshi couldnt read russian, and he knew piro studied it.

piro was nowhere. there was, however, a bloodtrail leading into a door and a gunshot.

yoshi burst into the room to see piro fighting five sentrys.

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