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Another Poem: Horrors of War

Horrors of War.

There are so many.

If only I had a penny for every one.

I'd be the richest person under the Sun.

Horrors of War.

The ambush.

The blood of the unsuspecting flying.

The death of veterans and of kids just arriving.

Horrors of War.

The invasion.

The enemy knows your coming.

And then meets you with heavy fire.

You cannot win until they tire.

Horrors of War.

The innocent deaths.

They didn't mean to kill the civilians they say.

While the enemy shouts yay.

The darkness of good has been revealed.

The layer of self righteousness has been peeled.

So now those innocents are gone?

That's just wrong.

They never did anything to you.

Except maybe throw a shoe.

So why is it they are the first to die?

Probably because they cannot resist.

They are like a harmless cyst.

But now the bodies are hidden in the mist.

So who really is good and who is bad?

Will we ever no without becoming mad?

The good can be bad and the bad can be good.

Its all part of the Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood of War.

The bond that all soldiers share,

no matter where they are,

or what language they speak.

There is no right or wrong in war.

War has never been pretty.

And do not think it will start now.

For we have all seen what we are up against.

And we shall never crush all terrorists.

For they are like cockroaches.

Impossible to kill.

So look on the bright side.

You may not have to kill.

Even if strife is now part of life.

The battle lines are now blurred.

There is no true front line.

Civilians and military are hand in hand.

Blended together as never before.

For the single purpose of war.

We must not break down...

We must not cry...

Most importantly we must not die.

We must fight as never before.

To end this unending war.

Fear may have been planted in our minds.

But not in our hearts.

Because if it comes down to life or death...

We will choose the strife of life.

To strive, to seek, and not to yield in this war.

Terrorism may meet its end one day.

But we shall all be on the mend...

As war has no true end.

Maybe that is the true horror of war.

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I'm in a tunnel

I see the light ahead and head for it

I turn from the darkness I'm in

I run, run from them all

The light becomes brighter

Then I realise that there is always a light at the end of a tunnel

Sometimes it's a flamethrower

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I wake up to a creak outside my door.

Must be the cat I comfort my self.

But the Cats sleeping beside me.

Must Be my dad.

But my dad never walks by.

It can't be someone else i would  have heard them enter.

Least my doors locked.

I think.

The handel turnes.

I hold my Breath.

It dosn't open.

I relax.

Theres a loud crack against my door.

Wood splinters hit me in the face, my cat jumps away.

I see my knife lying on the floor.

Fight or flight....

I cant jump out the window on the roof

Wood brakes in from the door.

Seconds to chose

fight or flight....

I chose to fight.

I grab the knife.

I won't atack him I would die.

I close my eyes and pretend to sleep.

He brakes the door down and charges me with a knife.

I surprise him with my own.

But to late.

Are Blades Peirced each other

His Firey blood shot eyes don't blink

His mouth turnes to grinning and blood escapes but not a sound escapes as he fades away

I push him off Seeing my own wound. Worse then his.

The Pain hits me Nocking me down.

My hands clamp over the wound.

Vainly trying to stop the bleeding

Vainly trying to hold on

Vainly Trying to hold my fleeing soul.

A muffled cry escapes my lips muffled by a wave of blood

Fight or flight.....

Fight or flight.....

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I see it coming:

I see it coming

glittering gold

I see it coming

small but bold

I see it coming

spinning like a top

I see it coming

shooting forth with a pop

I see it coming

causing fear and screams

I see it coming

ripping through the seams

I see it coming

piercing the skin

I see it coming

it always wins

I see it coming

coming towards me

I see it coming

to late to flee

tell me what you think and and what it is.

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Name: Victory

Theme: The only victory is a war not fought ;D


On opposite sides of a beautiful plain,

Stand two armies, endless in size.

Sounds the battle cry, two forces meet,

Soldiers scream in pain and thousands die,

But through the cries of anguish and honor

One cannot here commands of retreat.

Sun sets and rises, the battle goes on,

Upon their dead comrades, new soldiers stand,

Ready to fight and die for their nation and king.

And die they will for an inch of enemy

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I like it a lot Vigil Virus, especially the end.

heres one of mine:

Decline into Pandaemonium

Falling deep throughout the rift

My mind descends, spreads and sifts

Wrenching, tearing, forever afraid

passage beyond, in chaos made.

Questions hurl about my head

they drop in pain and soon are dead

curiosity lost is never regained,

the sparking soul cursed and tamed.

With my senses and hopes snuffed out,

Insanity and pain pervading throughout.

but behold a light shineth thus in the dark,

panic flees, replaced by this mark.

The hand of clarity grasps me firm,

and in this way I feel I must learn:

is this the one I so bluntly deny?

I hope not.

please say what you think.

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Clarity in light and dark

I spoke to the dark

expecting no answer

hearing I stood

afraid of the void.

Hark came a voice

so twisted yet clear

its layers shaped me

all to its whim.

It spoke of evil

of the dark things that lurk.

And then in response

I denied it all.

My mind ignored

cut at the edges

the memory warped

so hard to find.

I spoke to the light

expecting no answer

hearing I stood

listening keen.

Behold was a voice

so clear and true

my heart lept at its highs

and sank with its lows.

It spoke of heaven

of all things good

of kindness and truth

and I knew it was so.

I knew it was so

that all was a lie

and that evil and good

were shadows aside.

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Twilight from above.

Resting soilders.

Await the next battle.


The whislte blow wakes those


hands to rifils

eyes alert.

Shrieking Children

fall from hell

Lions roar defeans all.

Needels of steel fall on those

not ready to



Rifils discharge

night sky arupt

with flames

Steel on steel

Jab parry thrust


The blood the pain

the flames that


Friends and foe fall in


enimies in life

brothers in death.

Twilight from above

all is calm.

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hehehe thx.

this one is just a first draft.

Ominous entrence

becons all to enter

to come and explore its dark


Pull the pin and throw

Explosion shakes the ground.

Destroying any traps

or looming personel.

A vounteer is chosen

to be a rat in dry canals.

Flash light in left.

45' in right

Chamberd round.

Breath a prayer

Comerades lower you into darkness.

headfirst no way to turn and flee.

Crawling through the narror passage way.

Shoulders pressed against the walls

arms pulling you along

A rat in dry cannals.

As the tunnel bends

What will lie ahead?

Viet Cong waiting for your head to show?

Pit vipers strung from the cieling waiting for a bite?


No one ever reambers the rats in dry cannals.

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another good one ex =)


My mind folds inwards

tempered by flame

it caresses me

and I know no pain.

Images flash

things without names

colours without colour

awash in a sea of confusion.

Reaching forward

my limbs extend

and are gone as no

memory can record.

I feel all

see all

am all



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