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Yep post your own at 1 per message.  That way we can tell where one ends and one begins.  And here I begin with a poem I just wrote froma  friend's POV.

This is written because it was inspired by a friend's true love for her boyfriend.

The warmth is so great.

To find comfort in him.

One who may become my mate.

For the sorrow at being apart.

Goes through the my heart.

Like a poisoned dart.

The pain and anguish.

Rain with sadness.

In my heart.

Yet I do know.

That he will always be there for me.

Even if I hide amongst the tree.

One day it will happen.

That I know.

One day, maybe in the snow.

We will confess our deepest love.

And get engaged, ring on a dove.

Then we will be married at last.

And we shall forget the past.

We will have fights and quarrels.

But they shall not last.

Love is perfect.

Love is true.

The only one I wish to be with is you.

(Ok Sallia does that pretty much describe how you feel about Will, from your point of view?)

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(ok before you read any of my poems I am posting them as I copy them from my site...in reverse order.  I just want to warn you that my darkest writings are in these poems.  That first poem is the only love poem I have ever done.)

Another Poem: Untitled

Woe to us all for the ace has fallen, the Hunters approach at dawn. The fear has spread like a cancer, and yet I have none. The apathy in me is high, and I can only try, to regan my soul on this day, for this I do pray. If I may, I will say, that I will pay for this transgression, even if it is possession. Darkness had swallowed me once again, but now I see it and fight it, for I have no other choice in this war...

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(Another little note thing that is, umm some of my poem's can be a little sensual if u read subtext, please do not be offended.)

Another Poem: Temptation


It can mean so many things.

It can mean sex.

It can mean drugs.

It can mean certain other things that are wrong.


It is so silky and slick.

It feels so alluring.

It feeds us the darkness we dare not let into our souls.

It tells us everything will be fine.

It tells us to do what we want.

It feels more intamate than any sensual expierience.

It knows your every desire.

It knows your every whim.

It knows your every dream.

It knows that you will give in.

It knows you will accept it.

And it knows you will accept him.

Lucifer, oh Prince of Darkness you think we do not know it is you.

We know oh Dark one, and we want to reject you.

It is impossible to though, unless we try something new.

Something you doubt we will, because it involves not selling our souls to you.

We hear you whispering in our ears not to do it, to spend eternity with you.

To spend eternity in hell.

Yet we know that we can accept Christ into our hearts.

We know he can forgive all of our sins.

That he will forgive us, and that we know and show that his son died for us.

On a cross, so full of pain, that was where Jesus was slain, yet he rose again, to forgive our sin.

We know when we accept him that you will attack us, try to turn us, but once you've become one of God's Children there is no turning back.

Eternity is eternity Lucifer, live with it.

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Poetry rules... ;D

My first one:

The Dead-End Silence

As I lay in my deathbed, sound asleep

Dreaming of my outcome, so clear and deep.

As I awaken to witness the death of my life

I wish to go back asleep, to flourish in the mirrors of life.

As I close my eyes for the last time facing the beast of death

Time itself slows down, bringing me to my last breath.

I turn my head and see my life before my eyes

I turn my head once again, turning away from all the lies.

My energy quickly diminishing, soon becoming inert

I wish my life would soon revert.

But I let nature take its course, and accepted the darkness creeping in

Hoping to be forgiven for every lie, every sin.

My heart stops, and my life comes to an end

And I see my soul towards life and heaven’s bend

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Another Poem: Desperate

I'm desperate for freedom.

Freedom from my neighbors,

who deal the drugs,

who the police do nothing about.

Freedom from the endless cycle of pain at school,

the taunting,

the teasing.

Freedom from the nightmares,

that haunt me each night.

Freedom from the world,

from its evils,

its wars.

Freedom from the grip of temptation,

its silky smooth voice,

urging me forward,

to do that which I should not,

but what attracts us all,

in an almost sensual grip.

Freedom from the pain,

the pain of life,

the life which we all face.

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My second one:

Life's Eternity

The days became years became eternity upon Life

When Evil bore a new face to the Forces,

Then the Eternal Light shined down upon the Earth from the Heavens

Then began gracefully so, toward Destiny in the skies and below.

Taken upon the form of a lordly King, it touched the ground of Precious Life

And tasted the sweet percussion of life beating its drums of endearment,

With the horns reaching the stars with its sounds, Evil took its place

Casting a shadow over the skies, Evil had mercilessly darkened the Eternal Light and its creation.

Hell then lifted from its profound caverns, wreaking havoc upon the Earth and the Heavens

Balls of fire shot down, destroying the creation of the Eternal Light that is Life,

It is then that the Eternal Light mightily rose from the great depths from which Evil cannot bear

And joined with the last force that was not to be destroyed by Fate - Nature.

The last two forces from which the Fate of the Earth and the Heavens depend on drew slowly towards Evil

And in its truest, yet newest form it still did not compel the two forces to turn course,

Even still the forces stayed true to their path, to their Fate, for that is the only thing to depend on for victory

As the forces drew nearer to the Evil that held such malignity towards Life, hope sprouted wherever the Forces may be.

The forces then were divided by Instinct, and cornered Hell to its core, ebbing to its abysmal origin

The two forces hence combined for the last time, starting the end of their Destiny,

And they started from which they stopped, towards the destruction of Evil

And towards the resurrection of all Life.

Evil let loose all of its craft, but still no match for the forces that protected the realms

Still the two forces flew towards Evil - faster now, for the confidence in Life was overbearing,

Finally Evil released all its anguish and hate into one bellow of abhorrence, howling for no mercy

The two forces then flew through the presence of Evil in which it could not bare, the ruination of Evil has begun and ended.

The hope that once fed the two forces grew into a mighty Tree that is to be the Giver of Life

The Great Tree let go the seeds of Hope, and Life grew, regaining what is great of the Earth,

When the force of Nature settled into the Wonderful Tree, and the Eternal Light set its place in the Heavens

All was righteous in the two worlds, Heaven and the Earth, and all was...Destiny.

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(Good one Acriku, very deep!)

Another Poem: Untitled

I walk through the mist.

To where I do not know.

All I have to show is my faith.

That the path will be in front of me.

Should I stray I will find it again.

Nay shall I ever be conquered by evil again.

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My third one:

(Thanks dude!)

The War With No Ends

The drummers beating the skulls throughout the land

And the spears began to flood the army of men,

Time would cease and it will come to one side at hand

While the dark fog of destiny would co-exist with the cloud of sin.

The war cries were carried throughout the world filled with death

And were slowly diminishing never to be heard again,

With many dead, and many dying, many take their last breath

While fighting for freedom and for the respect of all men.

As the battle fulfills its hunger for death and war

The cries die out, bringing an eerie silence amongst the alive,

But this did not stop the warriors, the warriors of war

And they slowly died in honor, and feared dawn would not arrive.

The battle may be finished, no more death to be brought upon yet

But the war will seem to never cease, and the world will forever be fighting,

For that is what destiny does, and that is what it will do, and that is what it will let

The battle would not be forgotten, for it will be forever engraved in writing.

The side that diminished the other, kneeled at the feet of the dead

For till the end was when they realized what they had done,

With the land flooded with a sea of bodies, and the sand drenched red

Among the enemy they saw their own kin, and found that no one had really won.

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Poem: Darkness Overwhelming Light

Darkness overwhelming light.

That is what I see,

when I look at my world.

Darkness overwhelming light.

That is what I see,

when I look at the hatred and anger in my friends' eyes.

Darkness overwhelming light.

That is what I see,

when I watch the sunset.

For in this world we live in,

the light is flickering,

as people continue bickering.

The light continues its march to extinction,

at a faster pace,

thanks to the human race.

The light continues to fade,

as the US Military accidently bombs Afghan Civilians,

and as they die senselessly and without reason.

The light grows even dimmer,

as the boiling pot begins to simmer,

and then the light flares one last time.

The light flares,

it illuminates the area,

but dies down again.

It grows weaker,

as the evil acts increase,

as the hate continues to build.

The light is nearly out now,

its glow barely visible,

darkness overwhelms light.

(I really don't understand what the Light is. It takes so many meanings such as good, truth, justice, and most importantly...Hope.)

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Poem: Visions II

He was a mean looking man.

He had no straight teeth,

he ate lots of meat.

He was a mean looking man.

He busted through the locked door,

heading for my mother.

His butt was mine,

or so I thought,

wrongly so.

I threw myself at him,

head driving for the vulnerable throat.

He caught me.

He gave me a hard punch to the spine,

I went down, paralized.

Then he raped my mother in my view.

It made me spew.

Then he turned to me and spit with contempt,

in my face, spittle leaving a trace.

He then delivered one quick blow.

The pain was intense for one moment,

then the darkness overwhelmed the light.

(Another one of my nightmares which deserved a poem of its own. It was so vivid that I awoke screaming with pain, even though you aren't supposed to feel pain in dreams. I went into the bathroom at 4:30AM when I calmed down enough to walk and took a bath until everyone was up. The water may have soothed my emotions temporarily, but it cannot sooth my turmoiled and ravaged soul. That nightmare, now in poem form here has been the reason I have gotten 3 hours of sleep in the past 36-48 hours.)

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Poem: Visions

Why these dreams and visions?

Why the images of death?

Why the destruction?

Why the feelings?

They send me reeling.

Why do they haunt me...

Day and night...

Is anything still right?

I try to gather my might,

To fight the encroaching sight.

Yet I fall asleep still.

Only to find myself in a mill...

of visions that rock my soul.

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(This was written 8 hours and 45 minutes before a plane crashed into a neighborhood in Queens in New York City.  Which is why it freaks me out)

Poem: Final Moments

When will they come Lord?

My final moments.

WIll they peaceful?

At the end of a long life?

Will they come early in my school?

That would not be cool.

Will they come in a fight for freedom?

WIll they come by accident?

When they do come...

Will I be ready or will I not.

When they come, will I face them meekly...

and weakly or bravely?

In the end whose side will I be part of...

the darkness or the light?

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Poem: I Watch and Listen.

I watch and listen.

I watch the trees sway in the wind.

I listen to the rustling leaves.

I watch and listen.

I watch the birds fly through the ethereal tree limbs.

I listen to their melodous sound.

I watch and listen.

I watch the stream bubble by.

I listen to the rushing and gurgling sound.

I watch and listen.

I watch the salmon swim mightily against the current.

I listen to the splashes of their valiant sturggle.

I watch and listen.

I watch the dear graze nearby.

I listen to the popping twigs.

I watch the moon so full in the sky above.

I feel the dirt between my toes.

I listen to the sounds of nature.

(What can I say a week in the woods is relaxing.)

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Poem: Death of a Tyrant

I watch as he walks in.

Not even looking at any of the men.

I cannot stand him anymore.

I hate him to his very core.

I can stand his tyranny no more.

I draw my blade and notice how the light reflects.

I know he believes us all rejects.

I know the others follow my lead and they take heed.

I slash my dear Tyrant friend.

Soon the day is at an end.

I hope at the end of everything we will mend...

Our sin.

(We're doing independent and group projects for Julius Ceaser in school. This is my independent project. The group project is Survivor:Ceaser addition.)

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Poem: Walk the Halls

I walk the halls.

I see all the people laughing and talking.

I watch them, not knowing the horrors to come.

I walk the halls.

I head into study hall sleepily.

I do not realize the horrors yet to come.

I walk the halls.

I listen bored.

I hear gunshots, now knowing horror.

I walk the halls.

I run for a place to hide.

I see the person beside me go down, blood flowing freely from his head.

I walk the halls.

I hide in a janitor's closet waiting until the horror ends.

I no longer hear gunshots and believe the horror is over, but it is only begining.

I walk the halls.

I see so many of my friends and my tormentors dead.

I hear the cries of the wounded.

I walk the halls.

I cry at the sight of them bathed in blood.

I vow to myself," never again."

I walk the halls.

I never saw the killer's face but I know it was my friend.

I walk numbly into my parents' scared yet loving embrace.

I walk the halls.

I'm in the halll at home and turn on the television.

I see the news report on the shooting and see my friend's face, he is the shooter.

I walk the halls.

I know that no one could take his place.

I know whenever I shut my eyes I'll see his face and fear it.

I walk the halls one last time.

I hear my name and head up to the podium.

I recieve my diploma with a tear and no cheer.

I will walk the halls no more.

I sit back down and glance toward the special section.

I know the section is was for those who died before they could graduate.

I walk down the halls one last time and leave the school.

I glance back with a tear in my eye.

I cry for one last time.

I walk the halls no longer.

I have not cried about it since.

I may now because it is time for my high school reunion.

(Author's note: This is based on a nightmare I had that I remember every detail of that I put into poem form. I'd like to dedicate this poem to Rachel Scott and every other person who has died or been injured in and act of school violence. I hope everyone who reads this is inspired to stop school violence forever.)

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Poem: Children of Someone

We are all children of someone.

Are we children of good?

If so, does good exist?

We are all children of someone.

Are we children of chaos?

Once I create chaos I thirst for it.

We are all children of someone.

Are we children of pity?

Do we pity those who need it?

We are all children of someone.

Are we children of evil?

If so, what is evil?

We are all children of someone.

Are children of darkness or of light?

I don't know which I am anymore.

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Poem: Embracing Darkness

I have fallen into the abyss. The darkness has embraced me...consumed me and has deposited me in its womb. As I sit in the darkness I wonder. I wonder how long it will be before my soul is changed forever.

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Poem: The Thin Line

I walk a thin line.

The line of fear.

The line of violence.

The line of rage.

I walk a thin line.

The line of fire.

The line of death.

The line of hate.

I walk a thin line.

The line of darkness.

The line of light fighting the darkness.

If I fall off the line into the abyss I will be consumed by the darkness and become its child.

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My First Poem: Fear

I live in fear.

Fear of guns confiscated from kids at school.

Fear of the bomb threats.

Fear of violence.

Fear of when my best friend finally snaps and tries to kill someone.

I live in fear.

Fear of my neighbors...the local mafia.

Fear of their son who I made an enemy of.

Fear that one day they will come for me.

I live in fear.

Fear of the Middle East.

Fear that one day the sands will run red with blood.

Fear for the lives of the people there.

I live in fear.

Fear of America.

Fear of the death traps our schools have become.

Fear of going to school.

Fear that I won't come home alive.

I live in fear.

Fear of death.

Fear that the darkness will surround and take me into its womb.

Fear of the Devil's plans.

And fear of the world's fate.

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(A poem by my friend Ashley)



Sunlight falling through the trees

Filtered on the warm, brown earth

I'm floating, walking, out of these mysteries

Out onto a patchwork stone path

While a warm wind sways gently.

The crystal waters, singing with the wind, with nature

I feel complete, but why?

Floating down the path, to the ancient bridge

Of rose quartz sand and greened copper, holding a million secrets

My mind is blank

I feel relaxed

I feel at home, but why?

I feel intuned

I feel connected

I feel deeper than I ever have before..


Stop in the middle, opening my senses

Turning around

Mirrors in the forests, reflecting the sun



Rush forth, branches grabbing out at me

Forked pathes reaching out to me

Just going blindly to wherever

The lush green grass, tangled and struggling

Running through a field, with my mind elsewhere

What is this fountain, tall and stone-white

Pale lavender shadows, solitary crescent moon

Moonlight ribbons spilling from the top

Joining with the water below, offsetting

The golden trees, unlike the green ones elsewhere

How do I know this place?!!

Where can I find it??

When will I find it, most importantly?

Delving deep into my mind

Who am I really?

Forgetting There was Land

Up above the clouds

Surrounded by the twilight

Dancing through the air

High above the land I knew

Looking down upon the cities

Lights like thousands of jewels

In a jewelry box, against black velvet

Beads scattering from a broken necklace

I want to remain high above the wind

Holding onto these wings called "experience"

I won't let any trouble steal me from my flight

The land below, illuminated

In the moonlight's silver glow

Aided with the help of the stars

I want to treasure this feeling forever

The fireflies become my precious wings

Soaring through the night, upon the breeze

These are my wings, which I call "understanding"

I never want to be taken down!

I'm floating, I'm flying

Lost among the clouds

Holding onto my precious wings

Guided by my emotions

Through my mind, through paradise

Floating on the wind, forgetting there was land

Even though dawn now approaches

Melting away the midnight shadows

I won't let the loss of the moon and stars

Pin me to their dreariness

I want to look at everything

Through different eyes

Holding onto these wings, called "boldness"

I want to explore all the world!

I'm floating, I'm flying

Gone above the clouds

Keeping hold of my wings, everchanging

Through the days, never giving up

Lost upon the wind, forgetting there was land

The midday sun, burning with a vengeance

No matter how hard it tries

Won't make me fall to land

Looking down at the gold-washed earth

I want to treasure these visions, eternally!

Holding onto these wings, named "hope"

I will not let anyone steal my dreams

I want to explore all the galaxy!

I'm floating, I'm flying

I'm gone, in the clouds

Clinging to my wings, renamed "consciousness"

Realizing that with courage, I won't fear anything

Lost upon the breeze, forgetting there was land

Reappearing nightfall

Beautiful, star-filled twilight

My wings of fireflies, reappearing

Another day has finally passed

Still holding onto my wings, called "open-mindness"

I'm going to explore all the universe, all my mind

I'm floating, I'm flying

Lost upon the breeze

Closing my eyes, holding this moment close to me

I'll always hold my wings, called "individualism"

Exploring all the world, my mind, everything there is

Floating upon the clouds, forgetting there was land.

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(another ashley poem)

Call to the Planet

Feeling incomplete

Searching for another sign

This sense of knowing something's out there

Calling to me, trying to pull me closer to it.

If I could only understand the message

More completely

I know that I'd be able to solve this puzzle

Revealing what I've been searching for all along

In my dreams, I'm always searching for it

On more than one ocassion, though

My soul has found it, in the depths of nature

Yet I can't seem to find it yet, not now

This longing to be complete frustrates me

I wish I could only understand

To be able to find this treasure

That bids me, through my dreams and soul

Through my mind

I'll find it one day

Lost in the forests

Forgotten by every soul but my own...

Am I the only one that it's been calling out to?


Did anyone else hear it's pleas?

Feel it's tugging on their souls?

Or was it only me, and why?

What is it that I'm searching for?

Asleep in the forests, is it to the east? The north?

How will I know when I find it?

Will it make itself evident within every part of my being?

How long will it take to find this place, this thing?

What will occur there?

Confused, yet clarified

I understand, but I can't quite grasp it.

This feeling that takes all of my soul, trying to bid me forth

Trying to find me

Or is it make me find it?

What will my future reveal?

Will this place, this thing, always be concealed

Except to me?

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(another ashley poem)

My Darkest Days

Night throbs in my head

Pain pounds in my heart

Clouds hide the stars

Blackness throughout the night

With lightning, and rain

Dead, quiet times

Inside, I know these are

My darkest days

Darkest nights

Darkest moon and sun

Hang from a thread of light

It has begun

My darkest days

Darkest nights

Darkest truth and lies

But now the thread's dwindled

Since no hope has come

To save my lightless eyes

Lightless days

Lightless nights...

Thunder cries in the distance

Lightning burns dark

Black as my hands

This empty shell of a body

Hides pain, sorrow, and worries

Hide it away

And still, it seems these are

My darkest days

Darkest nights

Darkest dreams of all

Into the darkest

To despair I fall

My darkest days

Darkest times

Darkest thing I know

Trapped, but still not alive

Cold as the snow

As long as I'm dead inside

No one can know.

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(The Original "My Darkest Days" Ashley poem.)

My Darkest Days

Night fills my head

Pain throbs in my heart

Unbearable aching that seizes my soul

As the storm overtakes the skies

Flashes of promises never to be

An empty, dull feeling that

Fills up more emptiness inside

Sadness, pain, inconsolable grief

What I wouldn't give to throw it all away

Inside, I know these are

My darkest days, darkest nights

Darkest moon and sun

Live on a thread of light

They have begun

My darkest days, darkest nights

Darkest moon and stars

But now the thread's dwindled

Since no hope has come

To save my lightless eyes

Lightless days, lightless nights...

The stars are covered with thick

Blankets of clouds

Black as my hands

My empty shell of a body

Hides pain, sorrows, and worries

Memories fill my internal mind

There is no mercy

For this vessel of mine

Sometimes, the fight for control

Isn't worth a thing

This is all just stabbing

My heart full of hurt

These are truly my times

Of darkness...

Oh how I hate it all!!

My darkest days, darkest light

Darkest times of pain

How I abhor them

Just hide it away

All this pain will end,

Or so they say...

Tell Me It's Ok

A sad gloom hangs over me

Like the clouds after dawn

A storm entering the empty blue sky

Where is my treasured world?

What has happened to my life?

I never thought that this would change

Look down at my lonely world

And tell me it's ok.

The lightning strikes

The thunder booms

Down fall the walls that

Imprisoned me, that kept me safe

No familiar things now that you've

Dissapeared with my world

The storm has passed

The snow falls today

Look at my lonely eyes

Whenever you try to sing

But since you're gone, and I'm alone

Who will tell me that it's all ok?

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