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The Fortress Of Inevitability


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God modding is classified as what happens when force pop out of no where Vigil.......You seem to be wherever I am and plus you dont mention where your subs are and plus.....You act to big when the British navy is the best in the world....Logical...Realllllll logical.......

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Hmm....I have a good idea! :D Why don't you both shut up and not start a flame war! :P :P :P :) :) :D ;D

Indeed. Either way, it might be interesting to see a battle between the greats, Vigil and Vilgent *snicker, snicker*.

However, too much flaming may find this thread locked or worst. Stay nice, guys :)

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The russian army, navy and airforce mobilized by the command of the President. It was now up to him to decide whether to enter the conflict and on whose side.

Message to England:


Pardon the rash words, but I wish to know of the reason for your reason for the attack on Benelux

President of Russia


Message to Benelux:


What is the reason for your conflict with England?

Presideant of Russia


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Admiral Rozekruis, another admiral, was ordered to handle the defense of arrays 6 and 7. Rozekruis was a hardened veteran from the last war, and also a little crazy. But he's a strategic mastermind, and usually knows perfectly what needs to be done. He didn't believe he could stop the English from destroying the arrays- they are relatively feeble and the British fleet was more numerous. He had a better idea, or at least he believed so.

Instead of lingering with his vessels near his assigned arrays he headed for Dover, a small coastal town of England.

"Sir, we're getting sensor data from one of the arrays. A group of English vessels is near, but they're heading for the array. They will not catch us in time."

"Excellent. Now, put me on all known English frequencies.

British navy,

This is admiral Rozekruis of the Benelux alliance. You have foolishly decided to attack our sensor outposts and thus committed an act of war agains the Benelux alliance. The leaders of the Benelux have sent your government a declaration of war, and you should receive confirmation soon. I am heading for the coastal town of Dover and I will level it with the ships at my command. Retreat your forces away from the array and regroup them to the north, and I will retreat to Benelux waters and leave your civilians unharmed. I expect a response within the next 10 minutes. It's your choice.

Rozekruis out.

A transmission to the Kremlin...

[hide]The English have assaulted non offensive sensor outposts in Benelux waters. We are not planning to stand by watching England bullying us around.[/hide]

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"HE WHAT!?!??!" Throwing a glass across the room it shattered against the fine oak wall, nearly missing the shivvering message boy.

"H-e h-e he...ingadged Benelux all-llience siirrrr.."

Stonens face turned red and the messenger departed quikcly our the door before things could get worse.

"Dammit, dammit dammit Williams!" Pounding his fist against his oak table.

Have you lost it my friend? We dont want a war with the Benelux.

Walking over he looked out his window onto the buetiful sea, running back he slammed his fists on the table again.

Slowly taking deep breaths he thought of the circumstances once more and decided.

"Dam the inconsiderate fool, how can one man start another war.."

Running his hands threw his hair he finally made the decision, he walked over to his desk and opened a droor, withen it was a box with three buttons and a microphone.

Pressing one button a females voice respondeed "What can I do for you today sir?"

Taking a few more breaths Stonen began to speak "Get me the Generals in here NOW!"

"Yes sir, right away" and the voice faded out, two minutes later the door busted open and the Generals entered panting and some not even properly clothed right.

Christ, this is what we got....

"You called for us sir?" Spoke up one of the taller Generals.

Stonen quickly ran threw the news and shocked faces over took the room.

"Wha- Whats our plan sir?" Spoke another one.

"Well, there is some coastel defense for Dover, it has been set up and everyone is evacuating though it will only distract them considering it is not much, also I ordered Williams executed on the spot and the some men were dispacthed to help repair the arrays, and I ordered all of our navy to come up upon the Benelux fleet though that will take awhile. Lastly I sent a message regarding this mistake to the Benelux."

"We're like sitting ducks, waiting for time to make the fate of history" muttered one of the Generals.

A murmured agree could be heard, it was the Benelux move now...

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To the British premier,

the actions of your military have dissapointed us greatly. To put an end to this conflict, we demand that you leave our remaining sensor arrays unharmed and that you take your ships away from the border. In addition we demand that you will not fire upon admiral Rozekruis or the ships under his command. We will order him to make his way back to Benelux waters and he will be dealt with appropriately for his insubordinate actions.


The Benelux leaders

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It was 12pm and everyone was waiting silently in the command room passing glances around to each other throughout the command room. Due to the location, the silence was complete and the room was almost completely desolate adding to the feeling. The darkness covered the entrance entirely making the room look as if there were nothing beyond it and it was the world. The commanders were used to this by now though and remained stern and silent

Suddenly the door opened and a messenger entered breaking the silence

''Did you receive the message?'' Gab asked

''Yes sir'' The messenger replied, placing the message on the desk in front of Gab

While he opened it, the commanders remained silent whilst they sat deep in thought. All of them had already been thinking about this for quite some now

Gab pulled the message out and stared it for some time, reading it carefully

After it a minute or two he looked up and spoke

''The operation has begun'' he said simply before signaling to the guard to get the computers out

The cave wall rotated to display the world map as te guard pushed it

''Well men, where shall we begin?'' Gab asked

The guard handed a remote to him

Gab turned slightly to face the screen and as he pressed two buttons the map colours suddenly changed to display several color coded areas, much of the map reverted to red in particular which was indicative of areas currently divided by several factions

''As you can see we have many options'' Gab continued

''''The whole of North Africa is pretty messed up but if we do anything there, the other countries might think it's a move to control the suez canal'''' Said one of the commanders pondering the though

'''Not if they don't find out about our involvement, no one's keeping an eye on those countries and if they subtly revert back into a proper country with a goverment who will notice. Risky yes, but sometimes risks must be taken''' One of the commanders commented

'''''Well, operations with no involvement from a foreighn country is what were here for isn't it?. Yet, it may be better to simply choose a different country'''''' Arghkhelinsk further commented

''Yes, but with North Africa as it is, any country could march over the canal and claim South Africa for it's own without going against any treaties since there are any goverments in Africa right now... pity that the country would be taking the risk of starting a war as other countries could attempt the same move. How strange, keeping by a treaty but starting a war in the process. I guess the creators of these treaties hadn't thought about these kind of situations or chose not to mention them.'' Gab said in such a way that the irration resulting from what he said seemed to be emanating visibly from him

''''' Yes, most unfortunate... but do you have a solution?'''' Arghkhelinsk asked hopefully

''A solution to the very problematic nature of the treaties? Of course not. Fortunately however, no solution is required for the problems regarding Africa but instead a preventative... It is time to send a communicqua to the USA regarding the equipment we need... and of our prevenatative measures...'' Gab replied


Hidden text:

Sir, we have developed a plan to insure peace in Africa for the moment so that we will have the required time to re-unite the various factions in Africa back into proper countries controlled by democratic goverments. As you know, SA is currently under grabs to all the warmongers and other ill intentioned people and leaders of the world since all would take it to control the country and it's rich rescources would be a travel through Africa from the North and such a conquest would breaking no treaties however it could cause a war over the country and it's rescources as several countries with the same plan would probably end up fighting over the country. The threat comes from Europe, especially the countries of the south east and perhaps the south west of Europe who are very close to Africa however most of these countries lack sea transport and a serious offence cannot be mounted with just air lifted troops and so they must use the Suez Canal. This is where we come in... If any foreigh force is attempting to cross the Suez Canal we will destroy the bridges via very light underground explosions from pre-placed bombs which will still manage to destroy the bridges since we will undermine the supports that keep the now heavily deteriorated soil together. In fact, explosives may not be neccesary. This would not be viewed as an military act of any kind since the bridges are afterall, not in good shape any more and the foreigh forces would not incur any casualties. The real question is: would you like us to take any of the b@$t@rd$ out? If we could take out the forward scouting team of the foreigh forces in question, they would be slowed considerably to buy us more time though this of course could be suspected of being a military act. Of course, if you wish, we will not go along with the plan at all. Finally, thanks for the equipment, it was in dire need however without new personnel (which was needed even more) we will have to recruit from the towns that are in support us which may slow our action time. This probably doesn't matter though, since we may need to make some preparations anyway before we start out campaighn, so don't worry.

Required rescources:

Were probably going to get any metal we need from towns that will support us in S.A so this is all we need in the metals department, we could however, do with some refined metals since there are few remaining metal smelting factories in S.A

250kg of gold

1000kg of steel

50kg of tin

500kg of food (Don't need much more since the farm lands of Africa will provide a more than an adequate food supply for our small army)

Required Ground Vehicles

40 M1A2 abrams

15 radar vehicles

65 jeeps

150 trucks

12 support artillery

7 heavy artilley

Required Air Vehicles

10 bombers


25 advanced night hawks

10 F-119 stealth bombers

required navy vehicles (for future use)

50 PBR2's

1light aircraft carries (New york class. Not yet required)

Required equipment

100 M65's

75 X28's

30 LAW's

Extra equipment and ammo for all existing infantry ie: the infantry we already have

10 mortars

Most of this is for the African campaighn were going to iniate soon but some of the equipment will also probably be needed in the late term

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Will everyone please remember that in this thread at least there is no such thing as Britain. Only England and Scotland as Wales and Ireland don't seem to be taking part. (Although if you want Atreides Legend, you can have Wales if I get Ireland...)

The dinner had gone well, despite the presence of the 'armed escort.' And after several tours, exchanges of gifts, and political conversations, the three-day excursion was over, and diplomatic relations between England and Scotland were slightly better than they had been. However, not everything had gone to plan...

Message to Benelux;

[hide] We recognise that your efforts have narrowly avoided a disastrous conflict between yourselves and our neighbour. We request that you inform us of your current diplomatic relations with England,

kindest regards, James VII of Scotland. [/hide]

Message to Russia;

[hide] We do not wish to appear rude, but time is of the essaance and we hope that you will forgive our bluntness. Are you planning any military action against England? If so, we request that we be informed of it in order to make our own plans. And possibly assist yours...

Sincerely, James VII (King). [/hide]

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"Burn his body in a living inferno soldier" the man nodded and quickly moved off to take the command.

Williams body burned before him on a carcol box, he turned around and started walkin back to his office thinking of the dinner party only a few days ago. The Scottish had been incredibly welcoming and were very nice hosts to the foriegners, Stonen now regreted the armed guard but he knew that the Scottish saw reasoning behind even though they seem kind of disgusted by it.

"Stonen......They didn't kill ya....what a pity" was the greeting message he got from his brother who was grinning when he got back, the same brother he hadn't seen in a few years for he was on a special ops team and had been moved around much.

They had a few drinks and talked about there jobs now and had a few laughs, overall a pleasurable four days.

Just today Stonen sent a allience paper to Scotland, they were a worthy country and needed a good ally in all this world choas.

He walked back to his office and sat down in his chair, looking around he found some documents on the table, picking them up he flipped through them, nothing, nothing, nothing and finally picking up the last file he was surprised to see IMPORTANT labeled on it, he read the document aloud:






- ShadowWillow

"Hmm, that gives me a idea, another one thanks to the Scottish, I'm starting to like them even more" grinning widly.

Pressing the intercom he heard his female secretarys voice

"yes sir, what may I help you with?"

"Send this message to the Benelux and Russian allience"

"Yes sir, please recite it for me"

Message to Russian Empire:

[hide]We formally wish you to send a top military leader or politition for a four day stay with us, we will show you the land and talk about the current political status, your leader may bring a armed guard of 12 men, what weapons they bear does not bother me this will be on January 10-14 if you wish to come, good day - Stonen[/hide]

Message To Benelux Allience:

[hide]We are sorry for our recent foolish actions carried out by a crazed ship commander, we wish to get the now stale relations between us back up to a resonable level, allience or more nuetrel. We will do this by asking you send a top politition or military leader like I did myself in Scotland here for a five day tour and discussion of the current world status, please reply soon, the date will be January 4-9, thank you and please respond soon - Stonen[/hide]

"Alright sir, I got the message's down and they have been sent, anything else I may do?"

Rubbing his chin he thought for a moment "actually yes there is, if either of these countrys accept, I want you to make sure that niether of them see a trace of our military, this isn't a spy mission for them after all"

"As you wish sir, I shall send out the memo, anything left sir?"

"Nothing else....And Diane...Thanks"

"Any day sir, any day"

Grinning he turned off the intercom and grabbed out a cigar, the time for change was now.

Message Regarding African Campaign:

[hide]The American goverment has agreed to send you these supplys without the Eagle crest or manned by any of our soldiers, you must however know in recent days many factions in Africa have declared blood war against each other, these are hopeless and there is no need to waste supplys trying to save them. Also you must consider Germanys current movements on the Russian boarder, do not I repeat do NOT try to intervene here, if Germany wants war them let them be so, it is not worth risking men, but be careful around any of that area if you wish to travel. Good luck men - C.I.A[/hide]

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Message to the premier of England

[hide]We are glad that we agreed to solve this problem peacefully. However, we are at war with no-one, and an alliance is not a thing to be taken lightly- we don't want any of the factions believe we pose an immediate threat. When conflict arises, contact us again, and we'll consider.[/hide]

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Laughing out loud Stonen threw down the documents, bullshit he thought to himself reading the Benelux response.

Ah no matter, getting things good with Russia is a prime concern right now, thing haven't been going very good for us with them. God knows we needs the Red Amry breathing down our neck

Going over he looked outside and noticed military troops and weapons being moved to some place the Russian commander wouldn't visit. Three days away and England was almost ready for the Red commanders visit.

The RAF had been very upset with moving a mass amount of planes to a new location but it didn't matter to Stonen.

Sitting back he counted down the time until the Red arrived...

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No such thing as Britain, no such thing as Britain, no such thing as Britain...

Message to English forces;

[hide] We accept your proposal for an alliance with open arms. You may now count on any form of support we may offer you, may the world's best airforce and the world's best navy fight together. Keep in mind though, that our country is still allied with Russia, and we do not wish to choose sides should violence arrupt between you. We are most pleased to see that the... events with the Benelux forces have ceased. It is good to see a sensible response at this time.[/hide]

Message to Russia;

[hide] As you have no military concerns regarding England we have weighed the reasons and decided to ally with them. This allows us to put them at ease and secures our position. This does of course by no means imply that we are abandoning Russia, no way. Ask and you shall recieve.[/hide]

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It was a sunny day as Stonen stood out on the runway waiting for the plane to come down with the Russian commander in it. He hoped to find out if the Germans wanted war or something else by moving their troops on the Russian boarder.

The plane touched down with a shriek of its breaks and slowly turned and made a sudden hault as the staircase came down and the Russian walked down. Learning some Russia over time Stonen smiled and spoke in the Foriegners native tounge.

"Welcome to England comrade"

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