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The Fortress Of Inevitability


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Hello Everyone, I have returned to fan fiction, and since two people picked present, one past and I personaly picked future for the setting of this thread my selfishness took over, but reasoning also came into play :).

The year is 2,015 A.D, terrorist action in the strength of that of Sept. 11th have hittin Britain, Russian, Germany, Japan and many other countries. This sent the people into a battle frenzy as they soon declared war on small middle eastern countries beginning a less together WWIII.

The worlds leading super power, the United States Of America chose to stay out of this conflict seeing no real advantage to starting a new Vietnam.

Though Japan, Russian, Germany, Britian, Swedan, Nethelands, Iceland, Brazil and the now super power South America united as one global world destroying force bickering soon amerged throughout the forces bringing a world wide war across planet earth. Country is against country, not only the super powers but smaller countries also.

America on Novemember 19th, 2006, was attacked by a British force but the Americans soon showed what got them to the worlds be the worlds strongest country and ran the enemy off their shores. They soon built a un-penetrable coastle wall and defense rangeing from the bottom of Texas to the most top part of their still peaceful and friendly ally Canada.

The war has begun, the countries are pitted against each other, their can only be one victor, let the batlle begin!


- No God Modding.

- No Nukes, Biological, or chemical warfare.

- America can not be attacked, or involved in a conflict to make this even.

- Give good, long descriptions on battles not "50,000 tanks suddenly appear surprising the Russian forces" stuff like that etc....

- One allience between two countries can be made, those two countries both cannot possess anymore alliences.

- Remember, Middle Eastern forces are gorillia fighters to the extreme meaning brute force isn't what wins this nessacarly so pick your person/country wisely.

- Space age battles have begun, things break down, this counts for all things so remember this.

- You get one special thing about your force, thats it, but it cant be that they beat all cause thats being arrogent.

- Lastly, enjoy!

How To Start:

- Pick a country to command or a person to be a part of that force and state his/her posistion.

My force:

I pick Britain, you can of course join my side but inform me of your spot in the military etc...

Army/Air bases

16,678,765 armored men

43,678 tanks

34,678 fighers

23,345 bombers


145 class A battle cruisers

125 N. Subs.

178 Cruisers

92 Destroyers

456 PT ships

Special: Why of course the navy!

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F@!$% piece of Siyhgfdssgfdedfs... just deleted my whole post

>:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

My mini-group is the W.U.N.F

The W.U.N.F were secretly formed by the majority of the world that united together against the terrorist threat. The W.U.N.F were planning to reveal themselves to the world and had plans to unite the Earth after the terrorists were halted but unfortunately the countries that formed them soon started waging war against each other. The W.U.N.F were to be disbanded despite their primary objective remaining to unite the Earth, since the countries that formed them no longer had such peaceful intentions in mind as they once had. Fortunately however, the W.U.N.F slipped away during the chaos caused over their disbanment since the countries argued over who would disban them and to which country would the W.U.N.F's rescources be given to e.t.c and the countries that formed the W.U.N.F now generally believe that the W.U.N.F were destroyed in the chaos and this is an respectable decision, considering the position and layout of the W.U.N.F H.Q....

The base is hidden in a huge canyon that split's up into various valleys which in turn also split into more valleys, in the valleys there are hundreds of caves, and mountains are so high as to reach up to the heavens, in one of these valleys there lies a cave opening hidden in a huge forrested area, with boulders and the like about also aiding it's secrecy, the cave opening is almost at the top of the mountain, the only thing above is the huge overhang that covers it from the air and makes the huge forested area appears like it's in a cave, inside the cave, there lies several natural paths and tunnels which each open up to more natural paths and tunnels, at the end of each of these tunnels there are several holes in the floor which are perfectly camouflaged by fake coverage, if this fake coverage is seen through by infa red there is more fake coverage past that, which can only be seen through with a special infa setting which fools anyone who has made it this far into thinking that the coverage was a ploy since he/she used infa red and spotted pure rock and ground clogging the hole, each of these holes lead to several more holes that have the same form of coverage except the special infa setting that you need to see the seconday coverage is different to that of the first special infa setting, which fools people who figured out that they need to change their infa setting to see that the seconary coverage of the first set of holes is fake, finally all of the holes in the second set lead to uninhabited cave rooms, only one of the holes lead to the actual cave room used as the W.U.N.F HQ, the cave room has virtually nothing within and what is there is perfectly hidden within the cave walls... additionally there are various rusted and broken old doors blocking caves entrances in the valley, these caves don't actually have anything within and are assumed abandoned by most who see them, the cave with the HQ within also has one of these old rusted broken doors to fool the enemy, behind the doors there is a huge bolder that keeps it from opening to further the notion that the cave is abandoned to anyone who sees the cave, to remove the boulder there is a special lock pick type instruments and goes in several different directions, if found by anyone it appears as a bended piece of metal, the instrument is used to go up a specially desighned hole that has several twists and turns, the instruments pushes a small piece of crust out the way which in turn removes the boulder, the W.U.N.F men rarely enter and leave the cave, when they do so they use utmost caution and stealth, also the boulder is always put back in place

Along the many valleys that eventually lead to the W.U.N.F base of operations there are the 2 snipers each with their own spotters along each valley that actually leads to the base (in addition to a few snipers scattered around other valleys so the enemy cannot pinpoint the location of their lost that watch for enemy units so as to increase the efficiency of the snipers, also there are two green beret hidden in two of the valleys, who sneak up behind and black jack enemy units when required, or if things get really dirty, they will slit their throats

So in other words... none of that: ''straying scout discovered the W.U.N.F HQ'' stuff alright:D?

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When you say you have Britain, is that as a whole or just England? Because Ireland famously wants independace and a war crisis is just the time to force the matter. Wales might just decide that now's the time for our own government, and I'd like Scotland.

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YAY! Thank you. :)


Scotland saw the need to break free from Southern rule after the attack on America which she never supported. In the famous 'Duel treaty of Nations' Scotland won the right to govern herself, and also gained ownership of all formerly British waters above the Scotland/England border. Scotland was also granted, at the expence of a large chunk of the Navy, a vast percentage of the RAF. The only military obligation of the treaty was that both parties are forbiddon to attack each other, but can ally if they see fit.


50,000 fighting aircraft, of various kinds.

21,000 Nimrods. Known as 'The mighty Hunter' for obvious reasons.

19,000 Hercules aircraft.

Etc etc. You get the idea, very large airforce.


50 cruisers.

10 Battleships.

10 Destroyers.

25 nuclear submarines.

Almost all of which are on patrol duty along the coast.


Um... It's not big enough to invade anything.


A top-secret project. Said to replace the army.

Strength, the RAF!

Scotland's current allies: Russia (If Dark Assassin agrees), Japan, France, Cuba, India, China. Currently on neutral terms with all others.

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Look at your numbers!

"34,678 fighers

23,345 bombers"

I make that one plane per 1000 people. Hmmm... then the scottish airforce... 1 plane per 100 people? Makes BA look like a hobbyist.

"16,678,765 armored men"

So one person in five is a soldier? What is this?

And what does that leave Wales with (apart from sheep)? And Northern Ireland? (Oh, yes, the northern Irish -forget that, then)

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Thought I'd join this one. And gorilla forces :)? I take you mean guerillia.

Benelux. Short for Belgium Netherlands Luxemburg. Originally a small bond that existed prior to the EU, and revived again when the EU shattered. The Netherlands is the dominating nation of the three, since its the largest and most powerful. Conscription was reintroduced quickly, raising the manpower of the army significantly and allowign it to defend against most outside threats. Offensive capabilities are nonetheless limited, and the navy is as of yet relatively ineffective because England is, well, in the way.

The Benelux was initially not heavily effected by the war, as none of the other factions ever saw it as a priority to wipe such a small country of the map. This allowed them to build a modest army, capable of defending the country from most attacks. They have however little offensive power, due to the size of their army.

Army and air

12,354,564 marines

23,484 tanks

17,392 fighters

4,384 bombers


67 destroyers

144 cruisers

102 frigates

Edit: woops, sorry, no nukes.

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The Russian army mobilized all across the borders and prepared for a possible invasion of the outlaying republics. The ground rumbled as the tanks and the heavy artillery rolled to the Russian borders. The skies roared as the planes soared overhead.

The territory of Russia changed a lot since before WWIII. The country assimilated all of the territories that in the old times belonged to USSR plus the territories of Finland and Mongolia. On one border, Russian territory met with china and India, on the other - with Benelux and Germany.

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The W.U.N.F are revelution of the old military in the way it fights while the old militaries of Earth use a combination of about 1 third brute strentgh, 1 third espionage and 1 third strategy, the W.U.N.F rely completely on espionage and strategy which is an extremely deadly combination even now despite their funding being cut off and the low amount of vehicles,personnel,e.t.c resulting from it

Since the W.U.N.F had and still have ties to the countries that formed them, their special thing is that they can have multiple alliances with several countries provided those countries were part of the creation of the W.U.N.F (ie: all the countries who were in the U.N and all of the countries that united against terrorism)

By the way, how do you make hidden text?

The W.U.N.F have had alot of time to make use of all the tecknology they received from the country and have created units of all varieties of their own however their manpower has not increased much because they could secretly recruit troops during the chaos



1000 AT infantry

60 crazy Ivans

100 flame throwers

150 G troopers

75 ice throwers

40 H.M.D infantry

35 L.M.D

75 heavy mortar infantry

75 light mortar infantry, 75 mortars since it takes two men to man a mortar

600 N.V.G infantry

650 scouts

135 shotgun troopers

115 combat class snipers

35 precision class snipers

35 attack divers

specialists (sub-infantry section)

5 divers

5 drivers

5 electricians

5 green berets

5 hackers

5 sappers

5 spies

5 thieves


20 artillery

30 dragoons

20 black spots

10 howitzers

40 runners

7 MSGs

35 ???

28 ???

1 ??? currently under construction/research


18 frigates

105 freighters

36 gunboats

72 harpoons

9 vigilants

6 novembers

40 soothsayers


40 freedom fighters

20 A black spots


20 peace makers

10 pelicans

5 javelins


(OOC, I didn't mean you can NEVER find my base just don't find it on the first turn and wipe me out instantly alright?)

You also should remember you're only allowed to have a single alliance with any county unless the second alliance is with my group (due to my teams special thing)

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"The worlds best navy, in a war, and I still dont get any action." Captian John C. Williams stood upon the silver and grey deck of his class A battle cruiser. It was another day like all the rest, scouting the coast with a group of three battle cruisers, 14 destroyers and 16 cruisers.

Gazing around the room he saw what he saw everyday, a silver plated room with moniters and people operating them, in front of him was the glass panels showing a sunny day with a few clouds dangeling about.

"Nerrrrrrrr nerrrrrr, nerrrrrrr nerrrrrr" the alarms sounded and the oh so well known red lights flashed on and off. "Whats going on sargent?" A walking tall, blonde haired man stopped and looked around like he had no idea he was actually being adressed. "Ummm, we have a few ummm trading ships, actually about 37 of them coming from the west at about 12 knots."

"Well who do they belong to?!??!" The Sargent again looked around the room dumbfully as if looking at his fellowship mates was the key to all known knowledge. "Their hmmm-ahh, Scotish, should we bored them and kill the people and take their supplys, show'em what we are made oh perhaps hmmm?"

"Do not destroy them, yet, lets meet them, surrond the ships. board them and figure out what to do next." The sargent nodded and then departed.

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The captain of the HMS (His majisty's ship) Kraken sneered at the readings. His name was Captain O'See (pronounced O-shae) and he was in charge of the trade route between Scotland and Russia. His current command was to reach the port of Dundee with his cargo of grain and steel. He was a week ahead of schedule and was in no mood for delay. He was, however, not stupid.

"Let them surround us but DIPLOMATICALLY repel any attempts to board us. We don't have time for an inspecition." He spoke to his aide. The man rushed off with the orders.

Of course the captain couldn't speak for his opposite number in the Russian navy, who was in command of the 17 Russian ships in the centre of the fleet. He could do as he wished. After all, his cargo was unknown to O'See, Top Secret apparantly.

The captain checked that the 'weaponless and peaceful' flags were flying, and then sent a message to the guardian of the fleet.

Deep below the surface...

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A squad of Russian submarines in the English waters was observing the actions if the HMS and the English battleships from below the sea depths.

Commander Vulcon: "Prepare to fire the torpedoes at the sight of English aggression. We might have a possible war threat on our hands".

Lietenant Rovin: "Yes, sir! Prepare the torpedoes!"

The submarines began to loose depth and opened the torpedo hatches.

Now, it was all up to the English...

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"Sir our forces are boarding the trade ships." Williams nodded still standing and looking out the glass onto his soldiers who were jumping onto the ships.

"SIR! WE HAVE RUSSIAN SUBS REPEAT RUSSIAN SUBS!" Williams turned and looked at the panic stricken new recruit. Giving him a disappionting look Williams spoke to the whole fleet "boys we got ourselves some Red Subs, prepare the missles, if they fire one torpedo we shall easily show them why out navy is feared."

A mummur of confirmations could be heard throughout the channel.


"Alpha team take the left side, bravo take right" Hawk waved the command to his men as they flew through the ships passing the traders. One man came out with a hand gun screaming "GO AWAY" and opened fired. The shots had not gotton past the body armor of the soldiers and he had been quickly mowed down.

Coming up to a metal door Hawk signaled his team and they started ramming it..... Creek after creek could be heard as it flew down and the men entered the cabin, Kraken, stood waiting...

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"Commander!", yelled the lietenant. "It is now up to you. They are boarding the tradeships, sir!"

Vulcon looked grimly at his crew and said, "Message the Russian government. Tell them to mobilize the Navy and the airforce and message the English government and inform them that this action can only lead to one thing - WAR!"


"This is Commander Vulcon to the commander Williams of the English fleet. I demand that your forces to stand down and let the trade vessels pass. DO YOU WANT TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR A WAR THAT WOULD CAUSE THE DEATH OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE?!"

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"You can't destroy what you can't see", messaged Vulcon and commanded the torpedoes to fire.

The nuclear submarines pivoted as the torpedoes shot out of the hatches and struck the English fleet up above sinking several ships.

Vulcon commanded dodging manuevors as the English ships began to drop the deep-sea bombs in the hopes of destroying the pesky little submarines. The subs weaced out of the path of destruction, yet few of them were struck by the mines, blowing them into a thousand pieces.

The others regrouped and fired another devastating volley of torpedoes.


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