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The Fortress Of Inevitability


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Captain O'See sighed miserabley. He would have let them board quite happily if they'd asked nicely... As is was the English had forced the point and that was diplomatically unacceptable.

"Message to all Scottish, English and Russian ships above or below water level, remember we are unarmed traders. We do not wish to start a conflict and therefore we offer another choice. Back off, leave us alone. We shall allow a small party to inspect out ships for possible threats, although you won't find any. We shall not, I repeat, SHALL NOT tolerate any further violence. Your men on my ships now are requested to leave at once and I mean NOW." He paused, and then pressed a small blue button.

A small blue light went off in the darkness.

"Rise 500 feet."

"Rise 500 feet. Confirmed."

"Do NOT arm torpedoes."


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"We are civilians. Not military." O'See sent, "Therefore forget that offer about inspecting ships. This is a warzone now and we are unprepared to fight. We are also forbidden from fighting the English. Take your crew back and we shall leave, English ships."

Message to Russians;

[hide] There are two nuclear submarines as you well know that are under here. For the duration of this battle, you may command them. When it is over, their orders are to return to us."[/hide]

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OOC: Your country can't border with me if you don't control Germany unless you control France, wich isn't the case.

The Benelux' specialty had always been ground forces. Few other countries could match the Benelux degree of stealth ops, endurance and mobility. To take maximum advantage of the high profile troopers the Benelux had developped a stealth plane designed to carry troops to distant locations, or even paradropping them into enemy territory.

General Rik van Houten anxiously looked at the radar screen. A small patrol ship had picked up both Russian and English vessels communicating with eachother. The meeting for this gathering was unknown, but it most definitely wasn't a tea party.

He was called by the prime minister of the Netherlands, Jaap Brugge. He was summoned to primary HQ in Den Haag, the centre of all strategic planning of the Benelux alliance. Now he and his fellow generals where all there, the premier asked for a strategical assesment. Van Houten began to speak.

"We don't know what the hell they are doing, or why. Frankly we don't know a damn thing except they have dispatched armed vessels in English waters, wich is to close for my comfort. If the Russians are starting an invasion of England they are also one step further for an invasion of the Benelux."

"Agreed. Under no circumstances we will allow them to take England."

The generals talked and talked, and in the end they all agreed with another. Should conflict arise between England and Russia, and should the chances tilt in Russias favour, only then would the Benelux intervene.

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The torpedos echoed throughout the waters causing damage to some of the ships, unfortunaly for them they fired all at once leaving a long space between loading times. "Missles are ready sir."

The loading period began. Sending a visual radio signal down to the subs they picked it up.

Message To Subs:

[hide]Russians, we wish no more bloodshed, these ships have entered our waters and we have a right to check their cargo, put down your weapons and let peace be peace or fire once more and be destroyed in a shrapenel of hell.


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A small fleet of Benelux ships sets out...and holds at the border between Dutch and English waters. They begin setting up highly sensitive radar outposts, that could detect any submarine (or any ship for that matter) who would near the border.

Admiral Kruizemunt watched over the operation from his flagship, the cruiser Wilhelmus. He was a bit anxious. Though no treaty was violated with these sonar arrays, but obviously the English wouldn't be happy.

"How long is it going to take to get all of the arrays in place?"

"Another 2 hours, sir."

"Any English ships nearby?"

"As of yet no, amdiral."

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The men went through the ships opening doors but destroying not shattering everything and putting everything back as it was.

"We are sorry for the inconvience captain" Hawk said now facing the tired looking sea leader.

"Alright men lets go"

With that all the men gathered together and started boarding back onto their ships.

Williams now was frowning and adressed the Russians "Leave now or be destroyed, this is your last warning, I am sick and tired of Red bullshit, leave now"

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Sitting in his captain seat he began to rub his forhead, having a confrontation with the Red's could give one a headache very, very fast.

So they had found nothing to serious on those ships truthfully, but a person could never be to cautious and espically in this time and era. Standing up he muttered "Your in command Hawk" and then began walking back to his corridors slumping in order to try to get some much needed sleep.

Finally after roaming down the grey hallways he came to his metal door and inserted the electronical key making it swish open. Walking in he threw his hat down onto his oak desk and began to walk over to his bed when a knock came upon the now closed entrance.

"Yes, who is it?" Now rubbing his eyes he was in no mood.

"Uh sir we have some news here, may I come in?"

Sighing loudly and being sure the man could hear him Williams walked over and opened the door on the young tall messenger who he'd never saw before. Bowing the man walked in carrying a teal document, moving his way across the room to the desk he layed down and opened the documents, Williams walked over a few feet and glared down onto a picture.

"Sir this is what the Benelux are currently doing"

Looking down Williams say a few but very large radar looking dishs.

"What in the hell are these boy?"

"We don't exackly know sir, we just got these pictures from headquarters and they dont eve-"

"Let me guess, Let me guess, we get to go find out what the hell these things are right?"

Gulping the man nodded to his officar and Williams just nodded back and shooed him away with one hand. Grabbing the documents he flipped threw them until he got to the last page and read:


Whatever these are we have figured out that they will not be online for another six hours, go check this out and do not worry, they are close and will not dare to fire onto the Royal navy. Good luck Officar!


Looking throughout the documents he found the time it was composed, 12:15 p.m Zulu time, so Williams had 1 hour and 45 minutes, good thing it was about a 30 minute trip full speed.

Sighing he grabbed his hat, put it back on, grabbed the documents and went back to the bridge, it seemed like today would never end...

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The Scottish ships reached harbour without further 'distraction.' Their cargo was delivered safely, and the ships were disbanded to other missions. However, those in command were worried.

"England acted correctly, it was indeed their waters." A voice transmitted.

"But the treaty states that we are forbiddon to attack them!" Another voice replied over the radio waves, in code of course. "They had no right to doubt our word!"

"Do you trust them?"



A sullen silence...

"I still think that we should complain."

"No, we'll take it well. That way maybe diplomatic relations will remain friendly. In fact, I think we'll invite someone up to show there's no hard feelings."


"Yes. See to it."

"Who do you want?" The other voice said grumpily.

"Oh, some minor royalty, a general, a politician, I'll let you decide. But of course his majesty always did prefer talking to military personel. Must be all that time in the forces."

"I'll see to it right away, sir."

Message from Edinburgh to London;

We cordially invite Commander Vulcon and any representatives he sees fit to take along to a display and banquet in Edinburgh castle. The visit would last three days, dates are flexible. We humbly await your reply.

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Gab was sitting alone in the plotting room...

''Tension... the world is a sneeze away from going to war. Right now it's like the coldwar all over again, only with the whole world and all the small factions calling themselves countries that make up most of it involved... the small factions that make up it...'' Gab repeated in his head...

''The W.U.N.F have failed'' he thought as he sighed

One of his Generals entered the room and gave the distraughten Gab a second before addressing him

''Sir?'' he asked

but before Gab could say anything he replied to the image that Gab presented him

''It's not over sir, the world is divided and about to start WW3 but that hasn't happened yet'' he said suggestively

Gab got up and lightened up at the time

''You are right, there is still hope. You may let them in now'' he replied

commander Arhkganselisk was leaving for the entrance

And soon the other genrals were at their seats

'''You are correct Gab, there is still hope, but we must act quickly'' the second commander replied hardedly

The commanders were of course, allowed to listen in on in anything of interest

''Quickly... but carefully... We don't want to step on any ones toes lest we start WW3 ourselves and act just as badly as most of the world is acting'' Gab replied

''''Should we risk having any military influence anywhere? We could perhaps begin recruitment from some areas'' the third commander asked/said

''We as of yet cannot decide wether that would be the correct course of action to take so for now we won't have any military influence anywhere however we act diplomatically'' Gab replied

'''It seems that the world currently can only read words written in blood and can only understand the language of battle that only guns can speak''' stated a commander

'''''Unfortunately he would appear to be right'''' said Ar with a sad look on his face

''This is true for most but not for all. The Americans seem to be concetrating a little less on their gun and a little more on the grand picture. Were this not true it is likely they would replied less peacefully to the British's attack.I suspect the only ones who will be reasonable and not aggresive will be them and that it would be best to contact them''

'''Agreed, we must do something''' stated a commander

Commander Arghalensk nodded

''''Then it is decided'''' stated a commander

''''Indeed, we will contact the Americans ASAP.We have still links to them so this will not be difficult''''


[hide]To the American goverment/president/leader

Sir, This is the W.U.N.F. We are glad to inform that you're organization is alive and well.(America was the main founder for the W.U.N.F) We wish to iniate a peace campaighn involving objectives such as the re-uniting of countries that have been divided into several seperate warring factions among other objectives. However, such actions are clearly not possible without some military capability which we are lacking in. If the objective of re-uniting the countries is approved, we will begin reconnaisance on the countries the objective is based on as well as some more in depth intel-gathering regarding the political status of the factions involved. Wether or not the campaighn is approved, we are sending a transporter to you with the blueprints for all of our technology. You're country is the only country we can trust to use our technology wisely, you're country is also the only country we can rely on to be capable of peaceful negotiations and to atleast attempt to stop the near by war before it happens. The transporter to be used is yet to be decided so look for anything emmitting the following radio frequency: 0124 567 345. Were using a foreighn German frequency used by a small german watch post situated near the town of Germalsk near the heart of Germany so that if somebody intercepts any comunicqaus he will not suspect any involvement from us or you're country. He will however, suspect involvement from Germany, so god bless the Germans is one of the involved faction or a war monger intercepts one of our comunicquas. Fortunately, it is unlikely one of our comunicquas will be intercepted by anyone this deep into Germany. This message and any other messages sent by us, until further notice, will be sent from the town of Hurlesburg. If any locks on to the origin of the signal, then once again I offer my blesses. Fortunately however, this is once again unlikely, since we've got some high intensity-small area jamming from where the message is being sent which is ready for activation right after the message is sent. Additionally, it is also deep in German territory. These towns were selected because of their safety from German monitoring which is due to a lack of any German interest in these towns nevermind lack of German radar coverage in these towns. Our transport will also have full info on the Germans as well as other small neighbouring countries and some factions. We only have the support of a few towns that are near by to us so troop movements from you're country won't be taken lightly by the Germans. If anyone you send here must show his face, then he should do it in one of the towns that support us.


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AL is England.

Admiral Kruizemunt heard the alarm: yellow alert. He quickly made his way to the bridge from his quarters. He entered, and spoke loudly.


The first officer walked to him.

"Sir, an English vessel has entered radar range. It is a class A battlecruiser."

"One vessel?"

"Yes, but it only just entered radar range. Others may be following, and with the sonar net offline we can't yet tell if there are submarines nearby."

"Transmit the following message on all known English frequencies.

British vessel. The devices we are placing are only research probes meant for oceanic research. We have not violated your territory or any of the current treaties. State your intent.

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Williams sat there reciting what Kruizemunt had under his breath. Swishing a see threw cup of brandy in his head the next move was up to him.

"Slow down the ship and let the rest of the fleet cacth up to our location." Nodds of agreement could be heard throughout the command room.

Why is the fleet the one that always has to decide these matters, one of these days we're going to make a mistake and all of England will feel the mistake they made.

"Two minutes until the rest of the fleet is caught up to our location sir"

Williams simply nodded and yet another matter came to his head, this one about the dinner party Vulcon and himself would attend, ARGH! Thats what I was supposed to attend to today!

Thinking quickly he began speaking directly to no one, soldier adress the Scottish about the dinner party, send them this message."

The man nodded and began to type away what Williams was speaking

Letter To The Scottish Regarding The Dinner Party:

[hide]Vulcon, and myself commander Williams of the British fleet will attend to your request, we will of course bring a supply of fully armed men as we see fit not to trust you just quite yet. We will arrive on the 16th of November at 6:00 p.m your standard time.

End Of Message.[/hide]

Though the Scottish had said nothing about it being a dinner party type banquet Williams himself had added that in to show them who exackly was in charge of who for the time being.

"Sir, the fleet has arrived."

Looking out the window he saw thw towering command ships along with the rest of the fleet eagerly awaiting orders from their superior commander.

"Open the communication channel to captain

Kruizemunt and tell him this."

Message to Kruizemunt:

[hide] We will arrive onto your radar and sonar base in five minutes, we will dock and check EVERY room to see that this is not some weapon of mass destruction or a weapon to spy on our island. Also we wish to make sure that it cannot do any real harm considering to say this is for oceanic research. If you do not comply it will be destroyed as we see fit, but if you do it should be a quick check over of everything in that station. We are doing what we see best to keep what little peace is left Admiral. - Commander Williams, British Fleet[/hide]

"Tell every man to get to their ship boarding stations, tell the helichopters to get ready to drop men onto the island to check everything out about this station, we have 4 minutes, and if they say no......Be prepared to destroy the whole instalation."

Men and women nodded and quickly tended to what their orders gave them.

Williams sighed and rubbed his eyes, this choas seemed like it would never, ever, end.

Message To W.U.N.F From U.S.A Goverment:

[hide]We will supply you with the needed weapons as long as the shipment you order does not get to large nor add to the suspicion against the United States right now. We have gotton your technology and the information on the Germans. Also, the W.U.N.F must know, we will not send one of our men into battle for we wish not to spread blood, we will give you supplys bearing no countrys crest and this is all we can do, good luck W.U.N.F and may god be with you. - U.S goverment.[/hide]

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OOC: it's not a single station (or even on a real island, they're artificial islands). It's a grid of 7 arrays in the chanal.

Kruizemunt began to think. There's no time to discuss any of this with the premier or the other admirals. It was all up to him. He told the communications officer to summon reinforcements.

He knew he could not allow the British to board one of the sonar arrays. They would most certainly check the software and equipment. They could find out the sonar frequency patterns, and they would be able to adjust their future strategies to minimize detection. The grid would lose most of its strategic value.

"Transmit the following.

Unacceptable. The research probes are in our terroitorial waters and we will not tolerate any violation of our waters. We do not violate existing treaties and we expect you to uphold them as well. Half of the Dutch fleet can be here within twenty minutes. Be warned."

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"They pose a threat if they will not allow us to examine the area sir."

The advisors around Williams grummbeled with agreement.

"They still haven't called their ships sir, and we got have a new division of ships coming, one with more power then this one sir" spoke another one of his advirors.

"We can strike now without slim or any casulties, and we cant risk this thing getting operational and posing some sort of threat later on."

More murmurs of agreement.

Sighing Williams looked over the circumstances once more in his head.

"How long would it take with our firepower to fully destroy all of the radars?"

"About 6 minutes sir"

Grim faces echoed throughout the command room.

Taking a deep breath he decided to quickly radio HQ:

"Williams, we agree with your actions your about to take, whatever fate it may bring to us, good luck soldier"

Leaving the room he went back into his command chair and slumping down he ordered the move.

"All forces open fire, full force, destroy every dish and make it crummble ina burning inferno."

A whole ea echoed as shots rang out...It had begun....

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"Sir! They've opened fire on Array 5!" a bridge officer yelled.

Kruizemunt almost had a heart attack. Could this be the first battle of a full scale war? He could not allow it.

"Open transmission!

Have you lost your mind? Cease fire immediately! We will allow you to board the array with 4 men, under our supervision. Call of this attack now, or we will be forced to open fire on your ship!"

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"Order the whole fleet to open fire"

More shells came down upon the radars incenerating one island completely. A staticy message came through:

Have you lost your mind? Cease fire immediately! We will allow you to board the array with 4 men, under our supervision. Call of this attack now, or we will be forced to open fire on your ship!"

"HOLD!" Williams screamed into the radio and the shots ended, all that could be heard was the loud crackle of the many fires on the islands.

Looking disapionted Williams spoke into a com sat to the Admiral.

These are the conditions:

We will board and check every room we want to for as long as we want.

We may rid you of something we feel may be dangerous

We will adjust anything needed

We can send as many men as we want

We will not be restricted to anything

"And to show we're not kiddddding"

Pressing a few buttons the whole fleet fired one round from every one of their guns destroying one of the arrays instantly...

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Kruizemunt was enraged. Either the British captain was an idiot, or he wanted to trigger a war.

"Transmit the following to the British vessel.

I will not bend to your will. I will report this to the leaders of the Benelux, who will consider this incident an act of war and a violation of treaty. The other arrays have been reinforced with naval vessels and I recommend you stay far away from them, as you will be fired upon when you enter range. Have a nice day.

Now, set course to rendevous with our reinforcements, full speed!"

And the cruiser quickly left the area, before the enemy could be close enough to fire upon it.

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"Hmm, not letting us on eh?"

"Sir the second division navel force has arrived and joined up, its clas GHT, the Elite Imperial Navy."

Williams grinned "Ah the Imperials, should be good fun"

"Sir they say they'll exchange fire if we destroy another one of the arrays"

Williams laughed out loud

"Oh really eh? Think they can destroy the best navy with more fire powr then them?"

"Well lets see about that boys, whole fleet OPEN FIRE!"

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Russian submarine squad under the command of Commander Vulcon made its way toward the Benelux controlled waters. It was followed by the Destroyer fleet of Commander Kirov.

Both fleets have stopped on the border of Benelux-Russian waters.

Message to British forces:


Explain the reasons for your attack or we shall be forced to intervene.


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