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Originally we planned to wrap it up with KH2.

But thanks to Duke Leto and his inflamatory comments, I have now decided to make KH3 as well, just to show that idiot that the original is always better than his pathetic plagiarization. (sp?)


this WILL be good one way or another

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Puffpuff O_o Here you go. ;D

Anyways, I have a few honest, peaceful suggestions...

The Smuggler units are "mutes", IE they don't talk. So is the repair vehicle when you order it to "repair".

There's some serious issues with the Lion Turret...It shoots both lasers and flame. :-

The textures of the Smuggler's Centre (Actually, shouldn't it be "Center"?) and the CO buildings are VERY similar...

The "grey" icons need that blue hue, IMHO. I convert to greyscale and then set "Blue=30, Brightness=-17, Contrast=-8, Gamma Correction=0.74". I think that comes relatively close to the offical icons.

Nema did a fantastic job on the textures, to be sure, but perhaps the wings on the Hanger should be removed?

Overall, I loved the mod, and now you can't say I've never played it. ;)

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Edric O:

I offer my services should they be required again, for the KH3, I wont be able to do as large a part, for many reasons, but a small thing here and there never hurt.

Should you want me assistance, email me at jacobdouds@hotmail.com or jacobdouds@xtra.co.nz

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Thanks Jacob. I'm not sure exactly what features are we going to put into KH3 yet, but I'll email you if we need help. :)

IxianMace: Hmmmm, maybe. But then it will need to do more than just provide power...

And now for your suggestions, Duke:

Errr, I know that about the Smuggler units, but you see, I can't think of any unit sounds that would fit them. :- I mean, you know that we can't put new sounds into Emperor. So which units should the Smugglers sound like?

The Lion turret only shoots lasers, actually. The flames are only a SFX that we can't get rid of.

It's Centre in British English and Center in American English. ;D

The textures don't look too similar to me... but I'll see what we can do. (it all depends on Nema)

We had lots of trouble with those icons. We barely managed to make them work, and I don't think we want to go through that again. ;)

The wings? I'm not sure they CAN be removed - they are part of the main body of the hangar.

And I intend to download CR, too. I'm curious... ;)

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