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The New Dune Game played here!


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this apparently leads to an opportunity to make friends with them. but u can refuse and then go on to another place. maybe rent an ornithopter and go to the Atreides capital. or maybe u decide to get on a heighliner and go to Giedi Prime...everything is up to u...

will this work?

hopefully some of the moderators might allow this.

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Though it's not the first game anyway cool:

Alexander Ordos is a medium height 14 years old boy with dark black hair and dark braun eyes - Draconis IV native, though he doesn't have asian features...

Alexander couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a band of people walking to him in this lonely desert. Alexander was wondering in this desert for Hours after being droped here by some smugglers that laughed at him when he told'em that he was from Draconis IV.

Subakh al kuhar? - said one

Alexander never knew much about the desert natives though he remembered this phrase:

Subakh al Onar... Alex responded...

The people laughed and droped a fremkit before him then they suddenly disapeared...

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Wait...do the moderators allow this? If so, I need ppl to help run the 'game' as im not free from mon to thurs. only Friday, Sat and Sun im on...nema, ordos,ex,gob and mahdi can help take charge? if u dont wish to then pls let me know thnx :)

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Description:Big,hulking man,about 6'1,short,spiky beard,straight black hair,blue eyes.

Weapons:Machine Gun,Sniping rifle,Lazgun,laser knife.

Inventory:pack of water to survive for 2 weeks,pack of food,weak sheild,jet pack,100 solaris.

Key Items:Atredies Insignia,idenification card.

Quests:Corrupt and Destroy.

(Okay,if everyone else just puts random items,then i will to!)

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*Sephatis walks around the vast waves of sand.He only remembers waking up in the middle of the dessert and nothing else.Then he sees a small speck in the distance.Could that be someone else?...... *Yes!He runs over to it,keeping down,but when he finally reaches it,he sees the person with a machine gun.Thinking the person would hurt him if he saw him,Sephatis buries himself in the sand.....*Sephatis army crawled towards the person and then jumped onto him,holdng him in a chokelock until he felt the person slide down to the ground.**he took the machine gun from the person and fired a few shots into his body,then walked off......*

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