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The New Dune Game played here!


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sry got exams, make ur characters. game will 'officially' start on 13th May,,maybe earlier...ok? or Nema Fakei pls take over to make sure everything gets in order...if something strange happens pls warn. and Corlen put everything in one post..no flooding

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Er... this is sounding like a MUSH.

However... if you could keep it more informal and a little better organised than the current Dune III MUSH (Nema should be able to help) then it could work quite well.

Name: Tanera Mordecai

Age: 29

Gender: M

Description: 5' 11", red hair, wears a mask over half his face (because it is burnt)

Weapons: half body shield, falchion, maula pistol, grenades, lasgun

Inventory: lock picks, poisons,

Key Items: House Mordecai signet ring

Quests: re-establish House Mordecai. Kill people. Create mayhem.

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*The cratures suddenly turn toward Sephatis*Dam it!They see me!*He brushes off the sand and starts running,but he knows it is no use.The creatures are getting nearer and nearer when suddenly there is a big rumbling sound and something giant comes out of the ground.Suddenly Sephatis's memory comes back.WORMS!!!Sephatis  screams,and he has a good reason to:there are a pack of 20 worms coming for him.....

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