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The Evilness Withen


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Many years ago all evil on the earth united as one, demons and skelatons rose wealding spells and heavy weaponary, the soon moved upon the earth killing every human they could find, zombies arose to support the evil Empire in their conquest to destroy of off earths civilization.

The human forces ran back to the east where there was one last castle fortifacation. That is where they made their famous stand for the right to live. Days turned into nights as the battle continued, the desperation of the men could be seen in each and every one of their faces, but a lust for survival shone through everyones doubt. After 9 days the human forces finally destroyed the oncoming onslaught.

Moving quickly they gathered up their remaining forces and quickly took back their land and avenged the death of their fellow men. After 15 years of desperate fighting the evil forces where finally estinquished from the lands of earth and peace was brought back......Until now.....

In the silent depths the evil forces rebuild, gathering skelaton armies, and the living dead as their main forces. Getting armed the evil forces soon united and got many evil creatures such as powerful wizards to re-join the cause. The battle has begun once again and earth depends once more on the fate of the men.

Empire Of Korhan Is The Biggest Human Resistence group

Humans - You can be one of the following human people - Peasent, knight, archer, swordsman, spearer, wizard, king, kings servent, catipult operator and you can run things by me of course :).

Evil Forces - A living dead, skelaton, a human traitor, a wizard, the dark lord, a servent and again you can run things by me....Many jobs etc :).

You can belong to the brothers of Korhan if you are human or be in a group called the Ghost's (Which are like peasents trained well and fighting without the mass armies of the Korhans) or ya can even run a small group name and info by me.....As I said there are many options and one can't possiable cover them all, espically at about 1 am lol.

Evil force:

Zombies: 458,678

Skelatons: 567,567

Wizards: 13,456

Artilery pieces: 34,567

Other Forces: 156,345

Human Forces (Note humans are pshicly stronger and have just started getting men for battle since the evil forces just arose)

Swordsman/Knights: 345,678

Archers: 345,678

Wizards: 15,456

Dagger Infantry: 45,567

Spearsmen: 234,567

Human Militia Growth For Next Few Posts: 13%

Evil Force: 8%


- Battles Must Be Interesting And In Good Length (I.E No - "Well the Sons Of Korhan got 45,567 men together attacked the enemy and won.")

- No God Modding

- Normal Fan Fic Rules Apply

- No errrrrr mass destruction weapons (I have no idea what one could make but just in case.......)

- Remember, supplies and men take awhile to move.....Look at this time period for god sake lol.

- Last but no least Enjoy!

Johnith Smith

Ghost Sword Man

- Was a well educated boy even though his family was not wealthy, his mother still believed her son should have a better chance then she did, his father died in a battle 6 months before he was born.

- Has had hatred for evil forces since he saw the dead corpes of humans all around his village from a nearly lost battle.

- Has black hair, tall muscular man with some scars around his body, wears black and brown armored suit and carries two swords.

- Age 20

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Sultan Mehet II looked down at the fortifactions.

The walls around the old byzantine city. Conquerd only a short time ago from the Byzantine emperor. The Walls had been reparied a short time ago.

Myths of evil armies Had driven Mehet II to recall his forces to differnt strong points across the ottoma empire.

The had fallen one by one to the army of the dead. Know only Constinople stood in the Ottoman hands.....

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Count Lupus Glaciatus.


Age- Measured in centuries. He doesn't let on exactly how many.

History- He can remember the last time evil rose, in fact he was one of the few of the evil side to escape by living as a bat for two hundred years. Has been steadily rising in the ranks for long enough to finally atain the position of Count, having started out a peasant victim of another, even older Vampire.

Current position- Holds no army, but leads an elite group of seven fighters including himself, all Vampires, all younger than he is. All armed with deadly throwing blades as well as their natural weapons.

Character/appearance- Tall, not muscular but nonetheless extremely strong. Black hair and eyes, (as in, all black eyes. Everything.) pale skin, red lips, but handsome. He is quiet and dignified but not honourable. He will always keep his word, but can contrive all sorts of loopholes to pass through. If he were to gamble he'd be an excellant cheater.

A thinker, the Count is said to be less interested in his 'side' winning than his own personal gains. In other words, he'll switch sides if it looks like he's losing.

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"M'lord the evil forces move in from the East to attack small villages around our castle, we must intervene." Johnith Smith was kneeling before the Sons Of Korhan king, in his silver armor swordsman suit with the weapons of one.

"You make a good point, you said the evil forces were 14,000 in power?" The Ghost's swordman nodded eagerly. "Well grab together a force of 24,000 men, let us show the evilness that bides across the earth who is the powerful one."

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Count Lupus dropped the body he had been draining and stood up to look around him. The village was in chaos, men, women and children ran from their houses in panic, trying to get out of the village. Every so often a black shape would swoop out of the darkness and carry someone screaming into an attic or a tree branch. The buildings were burning, the fences were broken so animals ran with their owners.

The Count lashed out a hand around the face of a child trying to catch up with his mother. It took him a second to kill the squirming brat and then a few more to finish the snack. The mother kept running.

The Count and his faction feasted that night, and then looted the houses for gold, bartering goods, etc. In the morning, when the terrified survivors crept back in; they found forty three bodies, and not a single house left standing. Some of the fires were still burning. A single envoy was dispatched to the King.

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Lothar Teranos

A wizard of only 23 years old, and yet one of the most talented in the empire of Korhan. He was left as a baby on the doorstep of one of the greatest archmages in the land, Antonides Teranos, who raised him and tought him. His training was put on ice as his master was summoned to fight the demons, and he hasn't had word from him since. He voluntarily joined the imperial army in hopes of finding him.


Currently has no forces at his command. Officially he is a lowly footman, despite his knowledge of magic.


Long, black hair. Not exceptionally muscular, but not a weakling either. Eyes of the lightest green. Wears a black cloak. Also, he can morph into a large crow at any time.


Lothar ran to the town hall, responding to the town bell wich had suddenly rung. The evil forces were attacking much earlier then anticipated.

"Damn", Lothar thought. "Why is it that my first post, in a irritating rural village, suddenly turns into the new frontline? Must be my luck again."

The leader of the local forces, captain Aduras, told all forces to attack immediately before the enemy reached the town itself. He looked at Lothar.

"Wizard boy! You know magic, right?"

Lothar responded grumphy.

"That's why I am a wizard boy, captain. You know how to wield a sword, right?"

"Don't get smart with me, laddie. We need to delay the enemy. 500 enemy wretches are about to overrun our village. We only have 150 men. I've dispatched a messenger to the nearest city but it will be an hour before they can get reinforcements here."

"I know something."

He morphed into a crow and flew quick as the wind to the town border. Enemy troops were making a charge uphil to the town. He morphed back into his human aspect, and pointed his staff to the enemy. He waved his staff and his other arm, and said some spell in latin. A green wave eminated from him and impacted the charging troops, who suddenly moved only very slowly.

Edit: oops, I don't know why I put that in quote tags.

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Appearance:Just like any undead,except for long,black hair.

Speacial moves/attacks:Can practically melt into the ground at will.


Korhal melted into the ground as the knight attacked him.He and his comrades were attacking a village,that had only the local militia to protect them.Though the humans were physically stronger,the undead forces were gaining fast,and had the number advantage over the humans.Korhal re-surfaced behind the knight,and ran him through.The battle was soon over.

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Count Lupus watched the wizard with interest. He had never seen one who pretended to be a soldier before [This is just his opinion, Lothar isn't pretending anything is he?]. The green wave had certainly sloweed the troops... thankfully they weren't his. The army was composed mostly from zombies and ghouls. Strong, mindless and powerful but they couldn't talk or think to, metaphorically, save their lives.

Lupus knawed lazily at the arm he had 'borrowed' from a town defender. He gave a signal to each of the other vampires in the trees behind him. The arm fell to the ground, and seven magpies flew over the town walls.

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OOC: Lothar views himself as more then a soldier, but he was registered as a footman by the bureaucrats.

Lothar was pleased of himself. The wretched undead were moving at the speed of turtles, and he bought him and his comrades some time. His joy didn't last long. Seemingly from nowhere, 7 large vampires appeared and flew to the town. He quickly assumed his crow shape and followed them. When he landed in the town, he morphed back to his human state. The town defenders were getting slaughtered by the vampires. Suddenly he felt a rage as he had never felt before. He grabbed a sword from a slain soldier and charged, screaming. He could only hope to delay them until reinforcements came, who weren't due in for at least 15 minutes.

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Count Lupus was angry. He had not planned to attack the town...yet. But one of his own had attacked beforehand and now bloodlust had taken them all. Besides him. He sat next to a gargoyle and viewed the carnage below; the townsfolk were being slaughtered. At the sound of what was more of a warcry than a scream of terror, the Count peered over the gargoyle's wing. It was the funny wizard-ish thing again... what was a wizard doing with a sword? Intregued, Lupus stood up. An enterprising archer took aim, and fired.

Lupus caught the arrow without effort, and threw it back; spearing the man through the heart.

The six attacking vampires were taunting the wizard, flying just close enough to slap him, or tweak his hair, and then taking to the air when he slashed his sword at them. They circled above him like vultures, darting down in pairs every so often.

All at once the wizard threw down his sword and raised his hand...a blue bolt shot from his fingers, and struck Anguis in the chest. The vampire fell to ground like a stone, making not a sound. The other five took off. The second in command, a female by the name of Feles, glanced at Lupus for orders. He waved his hand, and mouthed, 'delay the reinforcements.' Feles gathered each of the others and they flew out and away. They were elite troops, Lupus knew they could hold off measly town militia. By now the wizard had his sword back, and was advancing on the prone form of Anguis.

Lupus stepped off the rooftop, landing gracefully and rolling just in time to catch the sword that would have sliced his arm off at the shoulder. He grasped the sword by the blade and forced it out of Lothar's grip; then threw it behind him.

The wizard was plainly not as afraid as he should have been, and the Count admired that. Nonetheless, he swatted the spell that the man threw at him aside. It rebounded and exploded in the air. Lupus advanced on Lothar, smiling.

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"Hawk when will we arrive at the village, our food supply is getting pretty low."

Johnith Smith aka Hawk stood upon a green hill, trees randomly were placed throughout it. Putting his finger up to signal hold on he continued to gaze at the village, a few hours and he should be there.

Turning around he told his fellow battle hardened to the core 12 person Ghost group his information. They nodded and bagan to turn around until a loud shriek echoed throughout the hills, followed by another.

"What in the hell was that?" One the men yelled grabbing his bow.

Hawk went back ontop of the hill and utter shock overtook him.


Shocked faces came over his group but not a word escaped them as they relized the circumstances.

"Men we must hurry, if we pace it well we can arrive in the village in half of the time, follow me!" Sliding down the hill his fellow Ghosts followed their leader.

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Must...keep...this thread alive.

Lothar keeped his head cool. There he was, standing against a vampiric demon. The rest of the troops were now fighting the ghouls that were progressing uphill, wich still were affected by his slowing spell. He considered his options. Any spell against this vampire probably would be less effective. But he had other tricks up his sleeve.

He yelled an ancient spell, and hid himself in his cloack. He then threw it off, revealing that he had morphed into a large bear. The vampire appeared unpleasantly surprised. Lothar walked lumbering towards the vampire.

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At last... I was beginning to think the thread had died...

Count Lupus would have flown. Ordinarily he would have taken off and tired the bear out from the air. But that was no fun, and he wanted a laugh. He snapped his fingers. It wasn't really nececary, but he liked the cracking sound it made.

He backflipped away as the bear swiped a massive paw around to removed his head.

A rat peered out of a drain. It was joined by another. And another. The Count grinned, as one by one hundreds of rats emerged from the sewers and drains of the town, swarming over the bear. It trod on many, tore away more, but they kept coming. They climbed in vast numbers, biting at the eyes, inside the ears... and other places. The fell on it's back, and the Count smiled. The smile faltered, as the bear began to roll.

Squishing millions of furry bodies, Lothar rolled around and around, covering himself in blood and tiny bones, but killing most of the rats. Those that were left the Count let go.

But it took energy for a bear to do that, and Lothar was panting now. The Count Lupus drew his own cloak about him, and emerged a vast, slavering white wolf. He bared his teeth and growled.

The bear that was Lothar lumbered forward to face the Wolf. Neither of them moved. Each waiting for the other to attack.

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"Get him!" yelled one of the ghosts as all of them stringed up their arrows and released them, vipping past Lupus, intentionaly not hitting him. Spinning around the count looked directly into a arrow of Hawk's who was grinning widely now, his fellow Ghosts stringed up their arrows and were aiming and him also.

The Count just gazed at them oddly as Hawk began to talk, never off his oppenent as the wizard slowly got up.

"Funny how mister big bad vampire can be surprised from the Ghosts. Grinning once more he continued to talk on.

"Now I recommend you flying away right now, we will let you go but if you dare turn around and move your hands in any way.....Well lets just say...We wont miss this time. The choice is yours" he tightened his grip on his arrow....

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The Count was impressed. Very impressed. Usually his hearing was easily enough to hear anyone behind him. Of course there was the heat of the battle to take into account... He spoke slowly,

"I am about to leave. However, I must warn you, as it is only fair. Shoot me once you can no longer see me, and you shall regret it." So saying, he vanished. A red mist hung in place where the Count had stood, it was unaffected by the wind as it drifted towards the Ghosts. One with less strong nerves let loose an arrow, it flew through the mist. At once the redness changed direction, swiftly, it floated towards the whimpering soldier. Once it touched him he froze as it flowed into his mouth, up his nose, and away into him. There was a silent pause, and the soldier looked up to see every arrow in the vicinity pointing at him. He smiled, said, "Shoot the man, I don't care!" And let loose an arrow through the man next to him and on towards Hawk.

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The arrows zipped past Hawk, he only grinned. "Nice trick now I shall show you mine, learned it from a wizard a long time ago."

Grabbing to long swords from his belt he stood and muttered a few words, then suddenly the ground seemed to shake as Hawk screamed loudly. None of the Ghosts had seen this trick before and looked in utter horror.

Hawks shirt ripped and his muscles bulged out many times their normal size, and his hair grew a few more inches, it was complete, the evil lookin now somewhat upgraded man look at the possessed one who grabbed a arrow out of his pound and just as he strung it Hawk threw a sword at blinding speed cutting the man down in a flash of power, grinning Hawk muttered a few more words and his regular form returned.

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"Impressive. Very impressive." Lupus smiled nastily. "But how many times can you do that? I can do what I do for a very long time... or of course until you run out of men..." The red mist reappears. Like lightening, it possesses another archer, who kills two of her companions before being shot down. The mist moves on to another victim... the Ghosts are starting to panic now, as none of their weapons have any effect on the mist, and they are being forced to kill their own comrades...

"Come on bear-wizard! Tough man!" Shouts a possessed swordsman, "Beat me!" He goes down in a hail of arrows, and the red mist moves on to take another archer...

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Shooting a disappionting gaze at his possessed man Hawk yelled

"You think they call us the Ghosts just because of our stealth?"

Grinning be waved his hand and the possessed man fell dead instantly, taking a deep breath him and his fellow ghosts began muttering a chant and they disappeared into thin air, a blue light shot out of nowhere and hit the wizard, his life energy soon returned to even higher then it was before.

Walking away the remaining Ghosts headed towards the battlefield.

God I hate this invisibility spell, cannot be undid by anyone except the ones who commanded it for about five hours yes, but it requires 3/4 of a mans life energy thus killing him mentally just to work. Also you cannot harm anyone physicly, god I do hate this spell.

Uncloacking the Ghosts looked upon the battlefield, the undead moved ever closer, but wait....."Look at that!" Shouted one of the ghosts.

The undead seemed to be moving at....at a CRAWL! No one could believe it, unsecthing their weapons they ran into battle....

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The Count Lupus sat happily in a nobleman's house sipping contentedly at what we shall for pleasentness' sake say is wine. He had already emptied every gold chest in the extensive house, and killed everyone he found. He had been that annoyed. Still, it would be time to move on soon. He much prefered to work in the shadows to open fighting. Not that he was bad at it, as today's little scrap proved.

No, he decided, it was time to take root in a city.

And nobody noticed the seven ravens that soared over the walls.

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Left, right, left, left, right,left NOW! Hawks blade went cutting threw the enemy, they were even slower then before but could still put up a fight at least.

Muttering the chant his muscles buldged out and his hair grew once more, his ghosts only needed to hear the spell once and began reciting it, soon they transformed. Spinning around all the way with their swords drawn they slashed down many of the enemys, there wasn't much compitition in the whole advent.

As he slashed and cut away the undeads hoards of men he muttered to himself.

"I shall show you my true skill next time we meet, Vampire..."

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