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The Evilness Withen


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A calm settled on the battlefield. Or at least, on a small section of it. Hawk realised that for some reason, nobody was attacking him. He stood in a widening circle where nothing trod. Even the undead were stepping around it. The fighting continued outside the circle, and Hawk was in the verge of rejoining the fight when...

"I see you like to lead by example." A voice smugly said from behind him. Hawk tensed, breathed, and swug around with a sword slash that should have decapitated the vampire. The blade came up short with a *clang* against Lupus' own sword.

"Tut tut. How rude." The fanged Count smiled. "I was just flying over when I happened to see you, just thought I'd... drop in..." He smiled and deflected the lunge that Hawk had sent at him. "Shall we continue our confrontation now? As you can see I've already cleared the area of lesser minds. Of course they would snap out of it if you called them but that would be cheating wouldn't it? Bad form."

He deflected another blow, parried, and was immediately disarmed by one of Hawk's 'special' moves. The Vampire smiled, and became a wolf.

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"And I suppose that mist isn't cheating eh" a smirk came across the warriors face. Muttering the phrase his body transformed once more, but before the vampire could speak he muttered more words and it went even a level further, but his muscles dissappeared back into his old form to preserve speed, he did this about three more times.

Grabbing both of his swords he grinned and charged the man with blazing speed and strength......

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The wolf that was the Count dodged to the side just in time.

"My shape-changing is natural," He said with difficulty through the fangs, "it is me. Calling others to help you isn't you. Mist isn't cheating. Calling the rats again might be..." So saying, the vampire lunged.

Slash, bite, stab, bite... Hawk put forth his swords again and again, Count Lupus sent down his fangs time and time again, neither of them made a scratch. The Count changed shape.

He became first a lion, and lost a paw; then switched to a hyena, lunged again... With a swiping blow, Hawk's swords flew through the air to cleanly decapitate the vampire. The head rolled some distance, the body fell at once to the ground and revertated to human form.

"And that takes care of you, vampire." Hawk grinned and walked over to pick up the head as a trophy. He grasped it by the hair and lifted it up, it bit him. More in surprise than pain, Hawk dropped it. The body was already standing ready, picking up the head and putting it back on.

"Nice try, very nice." The Coutn said, "But without the garlic or the stake that really doesn't do much." He picked up his sword from where it had fallen, and stood waiting.

Raging, Hawk charged, swords flying. Lupus deflected the first blow, ducked the second, caught the returning blow by the point of the sword and twisted away with it. He threw the sword into the swirling mass about them.

"Look behind you, sir." The vampire smiled. Hawk didn't look, but he instinctively glancd. That was enough, however, for him to spin on the spot and take down a swooping vampire that had aimed for his neck. Just in time for two more to sink their fangs into him from behind.

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The Count Lupus smirked as he stood over the body of his fallen enemy. Of course he had said that bringing in reinforcements was cheating... but he always cheated. In any case, the man's heroic's had been worthless. He would have made a terrible vampire, far too attached to being human. The vampires would have killed him anyway.

But he had fed the vampires well. And without him his forces had quickly re-grouped, but ultimately had been forced back into the town. The undead were even now stalking the streets for stragglers. But the Ghosts knew the territory better, they would escape.

In fact some of them were doing so now... The Count peered down at the thin trail of men he was folowing from the air. They would lead him to larger, more important cities...

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"Hold your Fire!" Mehet II screemed at his archors

The undead army had launched a massive assult on the ottoman fortress of Edrine. Mehet happend to be on tour of the fortress when scouts brought word of atack.

A army of 40,000 undead marched on Edrine.

20,000 Ottoman forces Were waiting inside the fortress for them.

The undead army looked like a massive swarming sea of death. slowly marching foward towards the castle walls. Mostly Zombies the 40,000 un dead were a force to be recokned with. they destroyed the turkish fortresss in belgrade several months ago. and were reported heading south.

"Wait till the tip of there line is past the first line." He screemed.

He looked down from the castle wall. His 5,000 Janisary body gaurd were mounted and ready for combat. Woman and children were running for cover.

Swordsmen and the the army waited inside as well.

The first undead made it withen 10 yards of the castle walls. Close enough.

"LIGHT ARROWS!" He screemed

peasents walked infront of the archors, holding a torch that lit the arrows

"FIRE ARROWS!" He screemd motioning with his sword towards the army of the undead.

The arrows cut through the air. and landed between the undead. Lighting the damp soil. that had been coverd in pitch and oil.

A massive wave of fire swept through the army of the undead. Night became day as over a thousand yards of earth were in gulfed in massive flames around the stronghold.

"FIRE!" He screemd again. another wave of firy arrows launched. landing in another section of the undead. Lighting them in a firy wave.

A massive cheer erupted through his ranks.

Melting smoldering charred undead fell. finaly allowed to sleep.

Arrows continued to stream at the falling undead. Those not a flame or only slightly singed continued.

The flames begain to die down.

enough for Sultan Mehet II to send out his forces.

He turned towards them.


The Massive main gate fell open. And the Janisaries charged out. There white head dresses and gown shown in the fire. They charged foward. Curved swords in hand. Slicing at the undead. Hacking through there flesh and clotted blood.

Confusion gripped the unead legions. some contiuned to march on the castle. others slwoly retreated. others still atempted to fight off the atacking Jannisaries and short swordsmen.

but nearly all of them would cease being undead by the morning....

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