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Make your own Houses


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Hmmmm. I think the problem is that people aren't developing their own houses well enough, yet are making lots of them. Try and keep to ONE house each, and just modify your post.

I don't see what Ex and O45 have against it otherwise - It seems not to be to their tastes (I wouldn't enjoy it that much either) but nevertyheless, no reason why it shouldn't continue.

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Good opinions and points Nema. I understand why you wouldnt like it. It isnt intelligence that we are looking for here. it is where you can take dune and be creative with it. Wars over forums dont work too well so why not create a piece of the make-believe universe of frank herbert?

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House De'jes  (minor house)

Home planet: Alpha tau ceti.  (Alam)

Rank: None

A small house that is very much anterprenural. They focus on the vast stock markets of the emperium. They are known for their experts in capitalism.

     They were granted a large plot of land on one of the nicer planets controlled by House Alman. They must give tithes and information to Duke Alman in return.

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The History of Theta

HomeWorld: Theta Wei.

Known as Wei T by inhabitants. A lush, fertile Planet. Covered in a mix of Forestry and Water, giving it an Aqua/Teal like appearence.

Insignia: The Karkiashia [ice Phoenix]

Main Exports:

Exrite Crystals, Farming Resources, Gupily Fruit and the Ordka Cobras venom.

What they are?

Exrite Crystals; a very high concrentrated form of crystalised energy. Can be used to form laser and shields of a different variaty then the Holtzman brand. Remove the risk of a Laser/Shield clash.

Gupily Fruit; a fruit Grown only on Wei T, very sweet or very sour depending on the seasons. A favourite amongst the Empire.

Ordka Venom; venom from a rare snake found on Wei T. It's venom is deadly to touch. It can be used as a Poison or an Antidoite for many other known poisons. It can also be modified to cause a temporary illusion of being invisable.

History: timeline


Formed by a small group of Familys who called themselves Wei. These familys succeded well in Buisness, and eventually took over enough land and become populated enough to gain the title as House Minor.


After a long while, the Familys grew tired of the corrupt ways of the current Rulers, 'Shu'. They began to rise a small army of Rebellion against the Shu. They started by attacking small outposts of the enemy, and had soon taking a large amount of land.


After a long war, Wei manage to take half the Planet. Then, one night. Wei sent their best assassian, known only as Shadow, to kill the Shu emperor. He succeded, but lost his own life. Shu had fallen to the Wei Empire.


Using all of Shu's resources, they took the entire Theta System and most of the outlying areas.


The Emperor of the known universe declares Wei a member of the Lansraad and a Great House. He gave them all the previous rights and privilages that Shu had. Including 7 votes in the Laansraad and an extremely high Spice Quota. Plus, being the only source of Exrite Crystals, a very stable economy.

(5715) {day of Wu}

Wei declares their New Name 'Jieng'.

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I think I want to start up a contest. I agree with suspero... shock aint it?;) Since no moderator really likes this fanfiction post, I will pick a time when enough houses are made and then everybody will pick their favorites. There are rules

1: You can only make 2 houses on this post for the contest. THATS IT!.lol

2: When voting happens you cant choose your own houses. You have to choose houses from other people.

3: No subhouses can be made in this contest. They have to be somewhat realistic in the Dune universe. You cant come up with houses that have to do with the games or the movies. Only in the frame of the books. No gamer houses!

4: No prizes so dont expect any.

*When voting starts try to choose the best house by a: creativity b: Originality c: accuracy toward the books d: depth* There can be many other reasons to vote for a certain house, those are just some good reasons in my eyes.

I dont have any power on this website so please be nice to me. I cant close a certain post that somebody wrote or combat much of anything so please follow the rules. It would mean a lot:)

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House Vennasei

Homeworld: Ancient Ceres

Unknown House ranking status.


After the silicon plague; House Vennasei built new computing machines that could intelligently protect itself from Virus. These new thinking computers could do all tasks humans could do and more. Their extreme intelligence allowed for compu-logic thinking for statagy, economics and population control, among many other things. The holy war against computers struck at these computers first. Later House Vennasei fell. The Ixian conglomerate took blue prints and data from this Great House's technology

and continued to build illegal computers in secret. The legacy still stands and navigators are taught by the same computers that were destroyed millenia ago. Some Ixian rogues were the founders of the Spacing guild. When Spice melange was found they experamented and founded "The Union of the Foreseeing eye." Some of these navigators still exist and thank House Vennasei for their technology of thinking machines for the space travel that now can legally be used. This is a great feat that only the guild knows of.

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Okay, this may be overly detailed and I know a few things are mispelled but here's my entry.

House Arbon

Hailing from Helio Prime

Helio Prime is a harsh, volcanically active planet. Atmosphere is very poisonous due to the amount of toxic gasses poured into the atmosphere. It is that atmosphere that is its biggest commodity. The refinement of the gasses powers generators and is a fundamental part in the function of glowglobes. Because the atmosphere is so dangerous to life, the residents of Helio Prime live in a subterranean network of tunnels caves and some surface dwellings. Similar to House Vernius but not as massive because the population is relatively small compared to other houses in the Lansaraad.


This house has no official leader, rather a collection of provinces that govern the world like a commonwealth. Society is arranged in a caste system. This caste system is based on importance of one

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House Kanjel

Planet- Shinkyon


House Kanjel rules over a agricultural planet of Shinkyon, the planet is cover with 50% water. The autosphere suits great growth of all sorts of organisms and plant life. The planet is also heavy with natural resources. They only downside to this is that the resources are very hard to mine, making the little amount mined each year extremly valuable.


This House has a Duke as the leader, who makes the laws and decide swift military action, when of course his advisors agree. Ever since the planets revolt people have been happy with the goverment set-up, based upon the concept of fair rights for every man, women and child. Thus making the civlization a happy, civilized culture willing to do anything nessacary to have their planet and others benefit in a positive way.


The planet trades vast amounts of green food and animals to distant planets. But its main trade is the crystal called Halmintz. Its chemical base is still unknown but it gives off huge amounts of energy, thus making most Houses in need of it for vast and powerful weapons. Since Halmintz is very hard to mine and to travel the House also wacths stocks and trades of other House minors and House majors in a attempt to grab profit when it sprouts up.


Orange Cathlic bible ( Or however its said ;D )


The planet was torn apart by the disupute of labor and paychecks and fairness to all. Soon a revolt sprouted spliting the planet into to. Soon the revolters claimed victory and set-up a new form of goverment. The leader of the revolt named Nauk was soon crowned the Duke of this planet. He soon bor a hier and died. The royal family has ruled over this planet now for 4 centurys.


In the past the Kanjel and KYA allyed with each other and sent troops to the planet Xutia and together killed 5 legions of Sardaukar. Now the Kanjel and KYA have started working together to build a space fleet bigger then all the rest. No reports have verifyed this, because the spys that went in.....Never came out.


House Kanjel has had many men succed the training to become a swords master and thus they train the men, making this House have the all around toughest close combat men in the Imperium. Also a sizable navy on the home planet accompinied by a good size gaurdian air force

Until next post, Vilgent.

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House: KYA(after KYA vs setera war)

Planet:KYA Prime


Legel Drinking Age: 9

Average life span 109 Years of age.

Population 4.9 Billion

Relgion: OCB

Launaguge:Imperial Galach with some regions speaking Kjobo

Mining: KYA prime was chosen as a homeworld becouse of its rich resources.Metal and other metels can be obtained easily from the the planet. Other preisus minerals are also obtainued easily. A recent enviormentatlist movment has reduced polution by 85%.

Agriculture: Farming is limited to the southern most continents.

Econemy. 70% mining 35% agriculture 5% weapons trade.

History. The KYA empire was formed by the founder President Sharpie Independece was saught from the rulling party of House Kjolbo for political resons. A visous civil war was faught on the planet for over 6 generations. A peace treay was sighned. giving the KYA over half the planet. Economic crashes and a short war soon gave the KYA empire full control of there planet.

Military:The KYA empire has a strong military space and ground forces. There piolits are the best in the imperium.Weapons are the third largest export of KYA prime. the KYA weapons simths are respected through out the imperium.

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