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Escape from the Cube


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A bunch of random people from various factions in the Dune universe have been thrown into a gigantic cube consisting of many smaller cubic rooms with tricks and traps. The object of the game is to try to get out. Whether you work together or fend for yourselves, is up to you. You do not actually make it outside unless I explicitly say so. Otherwise, you may be getting tricked by the Cube's illusions.

You may choose 3 powers from one of the following powers:

- Bene Gesserit use of the Voice, as well as intimate knowledge of everything Bene Gesserit. Ability to manufacture religions and control them at will. Access to the Other Memories of Reverend Mothers long past.

- Honored Matre mastery of anger and sex as methods of control.

- Atreides genes potentially granting Kwisatz-Haderach powers. Can penetrate through no-objects to a certain degree. Includes that certain "hunch" that Atreides always have.

- Incredible firsthand knowledge of important historical figures such as Maud'dib and The Tyrant. This implies having been restored from a Bene Tleilax line of gholas, although it may just be access to special Other Memories that Bene Gesserit would not have access to.

- Mentat computational ability.

- The ability to slow down time, move super-fast, and destroy things with one's bare hands. Sorta like The Matrix. Also, total mastery over one's own body, to a degree that no other could have ever imagined.

- The capabilities of the New Face Dancers. Only those with an incredible sense of smell can detect them. You can even convince yourself that you are the person you are copying, and can only be snapped out of it by a special key from a Master. Also includes the ability to suck memories and personality right out of someone just by touching, even if the target is loaded with shere.

You may also take with you ONE of the following things:

- An axlotl tank, although using it will take a lot of valuable time that you may not have.

- A stash of spice.

- A nullentropy capsule containing the genetic lines of many famous and valuable people, such as Duncan Idaho, The Tyrant, Paul Atreides, Siona, and others.

- An authentic Fremkit.

- Preserved food and water to last a long time.

The participants have no idea why they are there, but they know that they must get out, and that they were somehow captured and put there by someone else. They will all wake up in the same central room. Whether or not there is food and water available depends on the Cube itself. Some rooms do have food and water sitting atop pedestals or in small corners, but are protected by traps, illusions, and the Keepers of the Cube. So there are people that actually run The Cube that can be fought with, but they are a force to be reckoned with.

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I, jacobdouds choose

The mentat ability

The matrix ability

The face-dancer ability

I choose the genetic capsule. As, with it, I can manipulate peoples thoughts using my face-dancer abilitys.

The Frem-kit would be useful, but, as a face dancer, to heal, I only have to change to one thing and then back.

The food would be useful, but, my mental mentat capabilitys can put me in a trance to conserve food, this also works with the matrix part.

How big is the cube?

Can we walk up the walls?

Wouldn't a sphere be better, and you never know where the end is?

I will wait for more people.

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The Cube consists of many cubic rooms of similar dimensions (25 meters on a side) in a continuous grid. Some walls are transparent, some are not. Some walls have enough friction for you to climb on, and some are totally smooth. It really depends on the puzzle that the Keepers set up in the room.

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Hey man that was an awesome movie! :) Why did the police guy have to go crazy though? Ah well! Will seeing the movie have any effect on getting out, seeing as I know how they got out? :)

I choose Mentat capabilities, Matrix abilities, and Atreides Genes.

I choose a stash of spice to further my abilities that come along with my Atreides genes. If you saw the movie you would know why I chose some of these.

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If you want the honest truth, I never saw the movie, but I did see a review of it on Ebert and the Movies. I thought, "Hey, how about if we stick people from the Dune universe into there?" and made this up.


The starting room is made of pure white plastic-feeling substance. Touching it makes plastic noises. There are doors on all four sides, as well as a ladder in the exact center of the room that leads both up and down. Some sort of breathy language that could potentially be demonic chanting is heard from all around, but it is difficult to distinguish from which direction.

Jacobdouds seems to have a pug body, pug face, and pug noise. He wakes up to come face-to-face with Acriku. Acriku has Greek features, a prominent nose, and a broad forehead. Acriku's face is faintly reminiscent of a hawk image.


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I sense a very disturbing trend. I'll just say this much: You'll be very very sorry for not having a well-rounded group.


Anyways, Exatreides and Gunseng_Harkonnen also wake up in this central white room. They find themselves in opposite corners, with Scytale in a third corner. As they rise up from the plastic floor, they can see jacobdouds and Acriju in the center of the room around the ladder.

The chanting / breathing continues to permeate throughout the room, and nobody can tell what it is or where it is coming from.

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You can post what you actually do; as a matter of fact, I will rely heavily on the participants actively going out, exploring, and interacting of their own accord. You can't make up the solution to the Cube, and you can't make up anything that can be consistently relied upon at all times besides that each room is a cube of edge length 25 meters.  Besides that, I will mostly serve as a hidden "god" of sorts that will throw in nasty traps and other situations whenever I please.

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"I'm..I'm Acriku, looks like aliens made this to test out humans", I say.

Jacob coughs...

"That...that was a joke by the way, who are you guys?", I ask.

"Last thing I remember is falling asleep on the rock in the common sietch. Then...here.", I say with curiousity.

"How did we get here?", I ponder.

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I cough!!

*cough cough*

Don't blame me for being paranoid. Bloody aliens.

owdy Ex and Acriku, pleased to meet you. And Acriku, I won't be hypocritical on this trip.

Say, since we are all stuck in a cube, or all very drunk and high, shall we ally?

Look at me, my face can change, im drunk.

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Exatreides sees a huge flaming skull flying around an otherwise perfectly dark room. The room itself is pure black metallic substance that absorbs all light and therefore is not illuminated by the flaming skull. Exatreides suddenly kicks up against a ramp and almost falls, but is able to recover on account of having super-speed. The skull seems to be mouthing something, and Exatreides suddenly feels extremely dizzy. It hovers over his unconscious body and stares at the doorway from which he came.

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While we are getting to know what is going on, I realize Ex isn't here anymore. I look towards the open door in the middle of the wall to my right and see a flaming skull.

"Um...guys...", I say shaking.

Gunseng and Scytale keep on talking about what happened before they woke up here.

"Guys! We got a problem!", I yell impatiently.

They stop talking instantly.

Gunseng looks around and says, "Where did Ex go?".

"That's what I've been wondering, he might have gone through that open door...with the flaming skull", I respond.

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Gunseng looks at the skull and calculating situation.

"Thats bad, we should do everything together, since we stuck in this place. Everything could happen."

He walk very slowly to the door and tries see something else.

"I feel we won`t meet anything good behind the door. As dark as in DarkZone in night from I came."

Door were small and seemed to be quite safe but where is Ex?

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Perhaps you need my great Mentat intelligince and Matrix like powers. Look at me, I can move in Slow Motion. *follows by bionic man sound*

Maybe he got lost in this big black room? Lets all rush in after him blindly and see if not thinking first helps.

*charges in*

Help, im lost!!!

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As Jacob Douds rushes in, the skull begins to fly around again. He can feel that the sounds he has been hearing originate from this skull, and he knows that these sounds are now beginning to have a profound impact on him. Soon, he also falls unconscious on top of Exatreides's body.


In the meantime, Exatreides is having an extremely vivid dream of a gigantic demon staring him in the face and saying dark and evil things. Large armies of humanoids completely covered in red robes constantly march past him.

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"Okay, this is all about going there without any plan" I say. "We won`t do nothing if we will rush. We see that every time that we try get there, this skull starts flying around and then we are losing contact with those who went there. This skull is doing something and I am sure that if anybody from this group want help others, skull would flying once again, and once again next of us would lost."

I looking around place and see lines in two room corners. I come to nearest and starts pushing. It looks like another door.

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*You are unconscious, not dead*

I look through the darkness and jump back when the skull flies by the door. I see Gunseng opening a different door to more danger.

"Are we just going to leave them behind Gunseng?", I demand.

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Bablyon, I will interpert "Voice" as meaning the whole Bene Gesserit suite.

Babylon pops right out of the panel as Gunseng Harkonnen begins pushing on it. Babylon can immediately recognize that the skull is speaking something in the Voice, and that the dark room has been designed such that the Voice only has its effects in that very dark room. The Voice is inducing a dream-trance designed to be a method of cramming as much torture as possible into a dream, as since people can have long vivid dreams within a few seconds.

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