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ok, even myself is tired, so, here to make a final end ot all of this...


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I,m gonna trnaslate a post made by Christophe Lorek, Lead Programmer of the 3D team of Dune Generations.

Is that sound enough official to you?

Ok, here is the message:

"Ok, let's start all over again:

All projects from Cryo Networks, including Dune Generations, SCOL language itself or the sources of the virtual machine, are now in possession of the court's liquidator, wich had for now, took no decision about if it all have a value or not, so if he could re-sell it all to someone else, so he could get some money to pay the company's debts.

The decision to reveal the sources od Dune Generations, or the virtual machine (you must know that we are developping the virtual machine and the SCOL language in the same time to make Dune Generation possible) isn't in our hand, the hands of the project leader, the hands of the director, not even the Chairman... (It is to the liquidator to decide that he had nothing to do with it, and give us the autorization to make what we want of it).

Second problem, the game isn't finished, and, without the knowledge of some developpers on what the game had to be, isn't finishable. Many iof the tasks had been on hold, by some members of the team, some parts because the did not fit with others, so, there is not only a work of progrmation, but also a software desing work. So, with some of the team missing, it's not evident to see the work wich is still to do.

Sometime in life, you have to make your mourning.

Dune Generation is dead, for many reasons, let that project rest in peace now."

So, this is it, all clear for once.

No dream about taking the project by anyone, even the public, Ok? ;)

Case no. 239954-B (Dune Generation - Cryo Networks), Closed

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You think WW might get of there arse and do someting... I mean they already have those other pay to play games DG would be an eccellent addition and if they did It might just restore somewhat of the trust I have lost in them ;D

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*SIGH* is a good thing to remember if being attacked from behind.





althought a visual demonstarion is a lil more informetive and interesting rather than just reading the words.... ;)

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