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Dune IRC RPG "idea"


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But we have to organise it well, and make sure it stays alive. We need a good story line and all the elements of a good RPG.

Would this be on the Fed2k mIRC?

If so, good, that way we can get resources at hand.

I have some ideas, who is in charge Kirov?

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Yes, we shall have two gm's (Gamemasters)

The storyline..... shall it somewhere be in the future, when the Atreides prevailed over the Harkonnen on Arrakis and won the planet.

Or in the past?

Maybe we can invent a new generation of a Dune Universe.

Anyways, what are your idea's.

(P.S: We all can have votes whether Ordos should not be in the rpg, since they are developed house of Westwood.)

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I would like ordos, but this is my idea.

No atreides, no harkonnen, no corrino, no ordos, no ecaz, nothing.

You have to develop your own houses, and build alliances with other people. You know what I mean?

You must design your own tech, but this is hard, taking many days on end to research it, having to make scientists to research, then, longer for prototypes and final models etc.

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Okay, you can be the second game master. Acriku and Ordos is not allowed in the rpg, since they will only have negative influence on the RP sphere.

Anyways, so be it then. Custom houses are allowed, no godmoding super-weapons/soldiers/Tech/ ( Jacob may control the major houses if he wants. I will control the Tyranix

Every house has a weakness, Ordos Harkonnen Atreides are allowed as well. The Gamemasters will control relationships of the major houses toward's others though.

Please rpg realistic and dune style, everybody will start out with a small army. (Except for the major houses and Tayrinax. "My dune converted Tayrona race, made a little weaker to be playable. " )

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Okay, as master of the House Major, I promise to be fair, Atreides will help and protect, harkonnen will plan bad things, but won't atttack directly, ordos will buy and sell.

There will be absoulutely no Godlike modes, damage will be decided by statistics, not just, 'Half the fleet was wiped out' There is obviously a chance that you my fail miserably depending on troop moral, resources, supplys etc. This will go well.

As for my house in itself, it will be Theta, my usual house. It will have a disadvantage of these.

1) Full attention can't be given, due to the other job I have.

2) I can't really give myself much from Major Houses, as this is baised, this will have to be a group vote type thing.

We will be getting it started soon.

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Cool, tell us soon. But, um, yes, we won't start listing houses yet.

Houses will be registered on a ledger. Including all imformation. This will be updated as your house changes good or bad.

People who join later in the game will get a 'newbie' mode. Meaning they can't be attacked or attack for three passings, depending on what we decide, maybe 60 hours.

Alliances will require important doiplomatic skills, meetings etc. And, I will not let it turn into mass alliances.

If a large factions start forming, it will be broken up by Harkonnen. ;D

It will be a good fight, if one house startes getting far to powerful, they will be bought out by Ordos until they are more equal again. Thats not saying you can't be more powerful, it will just make it so you can't get to much more powerful.

If one house is weakening greatly, they may be resqued by Atreides, 'if' they have shown good skills. But, once you die, your dead.

This gives some boundries.

Kirov? What of House Corrino?

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Corrino will be neutral against all houses. Later they will try to conquer other houses. Nobody is yet the emperor in this universe.

Arrakis will ofcourse be included in the rpging. Making money with spice is very vital to the plans. You can also work as a Mercenary house or trade in special items etc.

Anyways, if your house gets destroyed or captured by a other house. There is a "chance" you will get revived by the help of a other ally. Esp when you Spice mining operations on Arrakis or some other trading company.

Jacob and me, will decide when there will be a Natural accident in the universe or Arrakis. For example " Sandworms, Huge asteroid collision. Binary/twin Stars that are dying and turning into a black hole. Nova explosions etc.

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There will be no extra factions brought in suddenly like the underwater war, aliens appearing suddenly, lol.

Only those who have entered, the Majors, Natural disasters, and other things decided by ops, will be included.

You may leave at any time, and you can leave your resources to another house, but, if it it over powers that house, the remains will be scattered to the weakest house. To keep the fun going.

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