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Space, The Endless Fight Continues


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Oren frowned. There seemed to be no easy way to get out of this one and the rest of the Nexus fleet was not even in the proximity of this place. Oren grinned, "Full power to the engines! We shall outsmart these imbeciles!". The destroyer coverted all of its power to go to the engines and the ship moved fast away from the enemy.

The thalaxians started after it, but their ships were considerably slower and finally they gave up.

Oren waited for this moment and ordered to stop the ship. "Turn us around! Do you think that I would really run from battle? Do we have any functional weapons left?"

"Yes, sire, 2 front guns," - said the lietenant.

"Excellent. Prepare for a hit and run assault".

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The Thorian fleet finally closes the Thalaxian homeworld. Even from far, the explosion and exchange of fire could be seen.

"Admiral, incoming transmittion." reported Yurian.

"Good!" shouted Luster as he reads the message, "Inform all crews that the Thutaks are now allies!"

The fleet had reached it's destignated sector. The Tuvori fleet is close and both sides could wage a battle at anytime. The Thalaxians are the underdog, but the Tuvori doesn't seems to notice that or try to help.

"Hmm...does that Hobbes guy really meant it when he say it wasn't of his will to be at alliance with the Thalaxians...? Shall I commence the attack on those foul Thalaxians?" thought Luster, studying the formation of the Tuvori fleet on the radar.

Luster had decided to take the risk.

"All ships! Get into Wave Shield formation! Destoryers infront, aegis in the middle and carriers at the rear!" yelled Luster into the intercom.

The Thorian fleet starts to move. Luster could feel it from the little shook produced when the engines lit up.

"Aegises! Launch firewall missles at 450km, 300km, and 150km infront of the fleet! All destoryers fire towards coordinates 220,539 after the last wave of missle detonates!"

Soon clouds of red mist appeared infront of the Thorian fleet. At the same time, the 600mm duel gauss cannons on the destoryers fires. Explosions could be seen at where the destoryers aimed.

"Take off every zig!" shouted Luster into the intercom.

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The Exorcist zoomed through space, following Oren's order to attack the enemy. Several enemy destroyers were in sight.

The armor of Oren's ship has been disabled by numerous enemy hits, and the particle cannons have been destroyed, but this seemed not to worry the captain.

The laser cannons aimed at the nearest ship and began to charge.

Oren shouted, "Hold it... Hold it... Now!!"

The lietenant pressed fire and the laser cannons emmited rays of violet radiance, slicing the target in half.

Suddenly, the Exorcist trembled and shook. Other enemy ships have began to fire upon it. The red emergency light in the cabin began to flicker and the siren went off. "Sire!" the lietenant shouted, "Weapon and engine systems are dead! We can't escape! Oh god we are all gonna..."

"Shut up, you coward! We are soldiers and we die with honor!" - yelled Oren.

Oren looked defiantly at the enemy destroyers viewed in the broken screen and thought, "Come and get me".

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"NEXUS YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION FOR A SUICIDE MISSION, I CONTROL THIS MISSION BACK OFF I REPEAT BACK OFF" screamed Williams into the com port. Noticing the other fleets attacks Williams prepared for a offensive."SIR! We have LARGE problems here!" Screamed one of his men and a visual came up on screen, one HUGE cannon with enough power to destroy all the attacking ships came up from beneath the surface.

"We've got about 5 minutes sir, and we dont have enough power for a direct onslaught, look at the defense." After thinking for a few moments Williams spoke "Power the shields up to maximum, take all energy from weapons and put them into shields and engines, along with any unnessacary systems." The man gazed at him and spoke "Sirrrrr?" "Your requests are done commander" spoke a women on a moniter facing the wall. "Second commander Stonen, you lead the fleet, good bye old friend......REVENGE IS MINEEEE!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Williams as he pressed as his ships thrusters button and the ship flew towards the planet. The enemies fired but the shields were to high and the ship moved with blinding speed. A last word could be heard "DEATH IS INEVITABLLLLLEEEEEEE!!!!!!" and the ship crashed into the cannon setting off a chain reaction of a multiple nuclear warheads going off on the surface, a blinding light made every man on every attacking and defending ship close their eyes and use their hands to shield them for a few seconds......Half the planet was gone.......Williams had made the ultimate sacriface....

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"Willia---ms" Stonen stuttered as tears streaked down the side of his face, Williams was like a father to him. "No, no it can---t be... It just can-tt be..." slamming his fists on the control panel and wacthing the replays flash on and off. "Dammit Williams.....Why WHY?!?!??!?!" Taking a few deep breaths Stonen got his self together "All fleet attack the enemy defenses...NOW!" The ships obeyed and the thrusters burned ablaze and started to move and engaged the enemy. I will avenge you old friend, I will avenge you....

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Oren was did not see William sacrifice his life, for he was too busy watching his own end approach. He was still standing and wondering why the ships were not firing.

Suddenly the space all around shimmered and began to glow. Oren could not believe his own eyes. Nexus ships, here? How could they know??

Several Nexus ships appeared next to the enemy destroyers. At the head of the arriving ships was Arden's flagship, Nexia.

More and more Nexus ships shimmered in and began to fire on the Thalaxians.

Arden's voice was smug over the intercom, "Hehe, Oren, my friend, do you think that I would let you die? With that tracer on your ship you were quite easu to find".

The Nexus carriers let out the fighter, which immediatly began to surround the enemy.

Arden to General Stonen, "We are the Nexians, and we are hee to help".

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The Tuvori fleet was severely behind, and so the transport spaceships had been left behind with a small guard to catch up as soon as possible.

"Dammit Williams why didn't you wait for us?" Hobbes thumped his wrist console, causing it to bleep and spark alarmingly. The Admiral twitched his long, webbed ears in nervousness as his fleet entered the area where the taken ship should be.

"Expected ship 30 degrees right 12 vertical sir." Came the voice of the scanning op.

"Acknowledged, put me in vid link with the rest of the fleet, Cometships excepted."

"Yes sir."

"All Captains, this is the Admiral. Ship is in view, it is small. Wait until is fires. I shall handle it personally, but should we have underestimated them, show no mercy." He recieved coomunications from each of the captains and then closed the link. "Record entire battle, Comms Op." The Admiral sent, "We want evidence."

"Afirmative sir."

"Right." Sighed Hobbes, "Now, we wait..."

The wait was not long. The AI crew provided by the other fleet attacked at once under base instructions. Red laser shot from the bows in wide streaks, but was harmlessly refracted from the Ice shielding. Narrower beams were fired, and these caused minimal damage.

"Circle around, Ms Josie." Hobbes said to the pilot, "I want to get close enough for a channel."

"Do not fire on us!" He transmitted to the dumb AI who wouldn't comprehend, it was all for the records. "We are allies!" He was rather a good actor... The AI fired again.

"Destroy them." The Admiral grinned, "Amethyst lasers, two." Two narrow beams of purple energy sliced into the hapless ship, crippling it. "Another, saphirre laser, one." A single blue light beam shot into the fuel tank. It exploded.

"Zodiac plus fleet move on." Hobbes transmitted, "Carriers, pick up the evidence." The fleet moved on, ready to assist.

Message to all fleets attack Thalaxians:

[hide] Wait for us! We are a half-day behind you! We can considerably contribute![/hide]

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Message To Tuvori:

[hide]We could use your assitence, hurry, the AI has fired, we need more help. Please hurry and do not hold anything back, and I am leader of the fleet now, disclosed in the message is the video image of Williams last move.

-Commander Stonen, Fleet Commander[/hide]

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The fleet led by Arden and his flagship Nexia prepared to attack as soon as the allies arrive.

Two more groups of Nexian ships shimmered in from the opposite side. One was led by Vigil and his Dark Star. The second was led by Alex and the flagship Inferno. Vigil was the supreme general.


Vigil: all ships, prepare to attack as soon as our allies arrive.

Arden: Roger.

Alex: Yes, sir.

Vigil: let out your fighters and prepare to fire upon the enemy

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"Admiral! We've detected energy signals on the Thalaxian homeworld, which reached the level of...nukes!!" reported Yurian.

"What the f**k!? I wan't further information ASAP!" shouted Luster.

Soon a transmittion returnd from one of the fighter pilots.

"I've seen a lone Thutak ship diving into the atmosphere, then soon the explosion followed. That ship seems to be the flagship as it have a different paintjob. The Thalaxians are stunned by the explosion, and their ranks are getting messy. Requesting further orders!"

"A kamikaze!? Pilot, which wing you belong to?"

"Wing commander of the 13th fighter wing."

"Command your wing to enter the Thalaxian homeworld. Get to ground zero and report back what had happened." commanded Luster, "All other fighter wings, fly into the Thalaxian fleet and wreck havoc!"

The Gunguir fighters flies into the the Thalaxian fleet. Although the fleet is in a mess, they still know to defend. AA fire is heavy and quite a number of the fighters is shot down. Still the fighters approached the ships and begin their attack.

Yellow beams shot out from the belly of the Gunguir fighters. The beams hit the Thalaxian vessels but there seems to be be no effect, not even a scratch on the armor plates. Suddendly the turrets and engines of a thalaxian destoryer exploded. Soon followed a few more vessels that is under attack of the Gunguir fighters. The shockwave cannons had taken effect.

Message to the alllied fleets:

[hide]This is Admiral Luster of the Thorian fleet, we're here to make the Thalaxians pay for their foul acts! Attack now! In the name of Admiral Williams of the Thutak fleet![/hide]

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"How very patriotic," Josie sneered.

"Now pilot," Admiral Hobbes warned, "We are here to attack, not judge."

"We WERE here to prevent attack."

"You are confined to quarters, Ms Josie. Smith, replace her."

"Send the battlers forward, fighters stand by!" Hobbes pressed the button on his console for battle stations. At once the Moonship 'Zodiac' surged forward to meet the large Thalaxian fleet rushing towards it's homeworld from an unknown trading post. At the rear were two heavy transports, slower than the rest.

"Saphirre lasers! We want to raid this one afterwards!" The admiral shouted. And the battle begun.

The two freighters were slow, large, and had very little weaponry. Each of the Tuvori fighters, about a hundredth of the size of these massive transports, circled around them like insects. Blue lasers flew from their bows in rapid sucession. Those that hit the shielding did little damage, but the sensitive engines were more vulnerable, and the fire concentrated on them. Red lasers from the bows of the ships returned fire but thanks to speed only two craft were hit. One kamikazied, the other limped back.

"Fire torpedos on starboard engine." Hobbes commanded. A rapid sucession of missiles from the bows of his ship sliced through space to explode, one after another into the engine. The craft was crippled. "Quarter fleet." Hobbes said, "Cripple engines then come join us." His moonship slid out, followed by 3/4 of his fighting fleet, to take on the next transport.

"Sir, we're picking up signs that the rest of them are doubling back." Ops reported.

"Ok then, lets see if we can take this one out first." The Admiral replied.

"Um, no sir, it's um... A Fortress type..."


Some explanation is required. The Thalaxians have only one fortress type ship. They are the equivelant of Sunships. See my first post.

If you can't be bothered, they are a bit like death stars.

"Retreat retreat retreat!" Hobbes shouted. His fleet turned tail and ran.

A high whining filled the ship. The Admiral collapsed, his large green hands clasped over his pained ears. The pilot screamed and did likewise. Ops, at the communications post, fainted as he was wearing the outside reciever headphones. Then it stopped.

"What was that?" Hobbes said as he got up, his sensitive ears still ringing.

"I don't know sir, but we've stopped moving." There was a deadly silence, the hum of the engines was gone.

"Tuvori fleet, this is the floating fortress, 'Lambertha.' We were going to protect the planet, but seeing as we have the royal family on board and most of the important people, we have decided instead to destroy you and then head back to the safty of Fulack. Goodbye." A dark shape loomed overhead. Hobbes gasped as a large triangular ship filled his view, and was gone.

"Ghor..." He muttered.

More explanation. 'Ghor' is one of only three 'secret ships,' built only by the Tuvori. It is constructed from stone, shielded by ice, and powered by blood. Where other ships have electricity to carry signals and messages, this ship has the red stuff. It is a quarter of the size of a sunship, massive, but still fast and nimble enough to dodge most lasers. 'Ghor' is slightly slower than the other two secrets, which are constructed differently, but can still avoid most lasers.

Captain Blaine of the secret ship 'Ghor' eyed up his target. He was not to obey the Admiral, and in fact would never have revealed himself had not the rest of the fleet been paralysed. He pressed a button. Almost simultaniously the same whine punctured the cabin. The captain was pained, but the ship was not.

'No electricity, see?' He thought to himself, and smiled.

'Ghor' approached the fortress, and released Cometships. They attacked, but their tiny lasers did nothing to the extreme armour of the fortress. When the whine came again they too were paralysed, and destroyed when the vast ship rolled into them like a steamroller over twigs. Only three made it back.

Message from Admiral Hobbes of the Tuvori;

[hide] We are holding at bay the floating fortress, it shall not attck you so conquest of the planet should be easy. I warn you however, that it informed us that the planet is devoid of any important personnal other than military. This may be a bluff.



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(OOC: If that thing is similar to a sunship I think it can't move to Fulack...so how does it do so?)

"Admiral! We've received reports of a fortress class Thalaxian vessel entering the sector!"

"Thalaxian royal family onboard...possibily a hoax...going to Fulack?" muttered Luster, "Anymore information on the vessel?"

"I afraid not Admiral."

"Send out the detector drones! And forward a message to all allied fleets for more info on the vessel!"

From the turret of one of the destoryers a detector drone was fired. It acclerated to sub-warp speed as it gets out of the barrel. It soon reach the vessel and unfold it's wings, then circles round the fortress. Infornation of the fortress starts flowing back.

"Size match up to 80%+ of Earth Luna...Armor material unknown, 95% of detection signal send was absorbed by the first layer of the outer wall...estimated firepower would match up to 200 destoryers, mobility low, possible warp ability, and!? Engine failure, scanning halted at 88%!? Whadda heck had happened!?"

"The drone got destoryed, Admiral. The last trasmittion that returned was that a strong sphere-shape energy field had beed emitted with the fortress as the centre. All vessels, friend or foe, caught in the field, got their engines disabled. Then movement of the fortress in method of spinning had been recorded before we've lost the drone. Judging from that a final trasmittion could been made, we assume that the energy field only interfere with engines."

"Our casualties?"

"10 wings(100 planes) had engaged the fortress when it emits the energy field. We assume that they had been caught in the spin..."

"Inform all fighters to keep distance from the fortress! Forward a message to all allied fleets to stay out of the field range!! And forward them the info we've got on that vessel!" cried Luster directly into the intercom.

"Flagship, this is WC(wing commander) of the 13th. We;ve reached ground zero, wreckage of the Thutak ship could be seen, and we've confirmed that it's their flagship. We've also seen the ruins of something like a cannon, the type which is used to dealt with meteor showers, and we believe that this's ain't the only one."


"None. The kamikaze had wiped out the defence, at least on this side of the planet. We're now hovering around ground zero, requesting further orders."


"13th, fly until you reach a defence of the thalaxian capitol, then turn back and RTB."

Message to the allied fleets:

[hide]This is Admiral Luster. Our detector drone had done a scan on the fortress. The results are attached with the message. I request further info you've got on that fortress. And stay far from the fortress, you'll find the estimated dafe range in the attachment. I'm also requesting the coordinates of the 3 Thalaxian destoryers my fighters have disabled, and possibilty to retrive them in 12 Earth hours.[/hide]

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"Sir what in the fuck are we waiting for, theres a god dam fortress!" yelled one of Stonens personal Generals. The fleet had yet to do anything and men were getting annoyed thinking that Williams would of already made a move. "General give me the numbers on our total fleet once again."

Grummbling under his breath the General spoke up "234 Class A Battle Cruisers, 134 Carriers, 456 Destroyers, 134 flagships, 567 Cruisers, 789 PT Ships. Sir with all do respect-" "Respect and you in the same sentences, almost a pun......" Going on as if he didn't hear the insult the General spoke once more "Sir we have all of our ships here, the resources that were needed to get all of our ships here is monsterous, and our planet will pay for it, we must make a move NOW!" Rubbing his chin Stonen sat there in deep thought and the General was getting even more so agervated.

"I have come to a conclusion......Power up sheilds, main weapons, engines and get men to battle stations and pilots to their ships." The General interupted "What's our move sir?" a snicker came across the sides of Stonens mouth "Why we're gonna attack the Fortress of course!" The men looked on him in utter shock....

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The Nexus fleet attacked, firing all weapons at the enemy from all sides. The laser blasts flickered in the darkness of space and sliced through the enemy.

The Nexus fleet destroyed hundreds of ships, but more and more enemies came on the attack. It seemed like the resources of these Thalaxians were endless.

Vigil commanded for the fleet to continue firing and get combine into the arrowhead formation. The three fleets joined together with the flagships in the front behind the fighters.

"Launch the bombers!" - commanded Vigil.

The bombers were launched from the carriers and headed for the planet armed with deadly plasma bombs.

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The Nexus ships continued a all out duke out with the Thalaxians, the ships were obviously more powerful but the Thalaxians just kept on coming and the Nexus ships even though continueing to kill started taking damage and loses.

Suddenly a man yelled in the Nexus ship "SIR LOOK AT THIS!" The nexus commander came and saw the whole radars filled with red, meaning oncoming ships, they were dead if that many came and they had to fight from all directions. "Incoming, 600 meters, 400 meters, HERE THEY ARE!" Hundreds of flickers of laser gun bullets flew and the Nexians held their breath, but the shots flew by hitting the Thalaxian fleet, the bombardment continued.

The Nexians looked up to see the full Thutak fleet (234 Class A Battle Cruisers, 134 Carriers, 456 Destroyers, 134 flagships, 567 Cruisers, 789 PT Ships, So its REAL big ;D) flying past them. A comsat came up in the Nexus ship, it was Stonen. "Nexus, continue fighting here, I'm sending my fleet against that dam fortress, good luck soldier." But before the Nexus could respond the communication died out and the ships blasted off towards the fortress. More and more Thalaxians came....

O.C.C-The fortress battle is MINE and MINE only, I want NO other intervention by ANY of you, oh and sorry bout using your force for a few sentences Vigil, I needed it to develop the though and I took care not to mention any specific names or ships and I didn't make any strategic moves or make the Nexus people look like fools :).

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Waves and waves of Thalaxian assault came, even though the Thorian fleet have better ships and tactics, losses start to appear. The Thorian fleet had just wiped out a wave of thalaxian assault, but Luster knew another would come soon.

"Report losses!"

"Aegis 1, 5, 21 , Destoryer Geri, Moudi, condition red, evacuation of the crew had started. Aegis 1-3 condition yellow, pulling back from the front."

"Flagship, this is WC of the 13th. Recon of the planet is complete. Thalaxian capitol is intact, along with a few military bases and smaller cities on the continent. Overall defence is weak but it become very heavy within 2km of the capitol. Request for RTB."

"Permission granted. Yurian, how long till the next wave comes?"

"Estimated 1.5 Earth hours."

"Thalaxian losses at the last wave?"

"2 battlecruisers and 3 destoryers, the battlecruisers are being taken down by our fighters and can be raided later."

"This is Admiral Luster. All fighters return and defend the fleet! Destoryers move to the rear of the formation and watch out for rear flank. Aegis cruisers, attach tractor beam to Aegis 1, 5, 21, our 2 destoryers, and the two thalaxian battlecrusiers in groups of 2!"

"Once that's is done, all ships, in wave shield formation, proceed to the other side of the thalaxian homeworld!"

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The fleet roared towards the giagantic platform, the men were nervous but they hoped the plan Stonen had concoxed would achieve success. "There a weakness, the bridge located here is the weakness, direct as much as fire as possiable to it and the fortress will break into two, the sytems will fail and victory shall be ours." Stonen recalled the speech he gave to the all the men in the fleet a few hours earlier.

The Fortress was still a few hours away and Stonen accidently fell into a quite slumber. It was a green meadow with the threes fluttering and the grass moving back and forth in the light breeze. It was a sunny day without any clouds and his wife Jessica appeared waving at him while her brown hair fluttered. Turning he saw a small puff of smoke and he walked towards it. There was a chair where a tall man sat holding a cigar off of the end. The chair flipped around, it was Williams, he was grinning and began to speak. "Ah don't worry about me old friend, I'm fine now, without the troubles of war, its the peace I finally need." He bagan to laugh and started speaking once again "Ah I'm rammbeling on like old times, look, theres a weakness in the dead center of the bridge, it can be destroyed by a Plasma C Sx204 laser cannon main weapon. Your ship is equited with that, if you fire at cordinates 178 after damage has been done to the bridge the fortress will fall apart. Avenge me old friend, oh and tell that crazy Nexian to wacth himself." He started laughing again and the dream faded away......

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Stonen suddenly jolted back awake and rubbing his eyes he remembered about the whole mission.

"Soldier, how long until engagment with the fortress platform?" asked Stonen sleepily. "Uh about one hour sir." Hmmm, the time for battle has come he thought to himself. "Everyone to battle stations!" yelled Stonen with a sudden jolt of happy emtion, he started to get the feeling Williams did.

A flicker of the red alarms got Stonen out of his joyous mood. "What the hell is going on soldier?!?!" exclaimed Stonen. "Uh sir.....We have a fleet incomin cordinates 0456." "Soldier a FLEET?!?!? We're still a hour away for god sake!" "Yes I know sir......But.....There still comin none the less......"

"DEFCON FIVE REPEAT DEFCON FIVE ALL PERSONAL TO BATTLE STATIONS! Get the god dam fighters in the air!" shouted Stonen now jumping into his control seat and activating all the controls. The flicker of the moniters showed a considerably large fleet, about 34 battle cruisers, 567 destroyers, 1345 PT ships and many fighers.

"3,456 miles incounting sir, we have about 2 minutes." Shouted one of his men over the sudden choas of niose. "Bring shields up to full! Get the weapons all operational! Get the bombers and fighters out, and get the PT's in back of the battle cruisers and have them fire, make the destroyers at the same line as the battle cruisers and the cruisers in front!"

The flickers of the moniters grew and grew.....And a sudden shake rumbeled his ship.......The battle had begun..

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O.C.C-The fortress battle is MINE and MINE only, I want NO other intervention by ANY of you.

Hey! I introduced that ship! Where'd my fleet go?

And it was travelling to the planet slowly. It's weapons are on all sides and it is roughly spherical. It's plan wasn't to save the planet but to take it once the forces had gone.

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