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Space, The Endless Fight Continues


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The Nexus went into the orbit of the Thalaxian planet and have begun to drop the plasma bombs. The huge round metallic bombs fell on the Thalaxian cities, turning them into burning rubble. The rest of the Nexus fleet also neared the surface of the planet.

Vigil shouted over the Intercom: "Continue firing on the enemy forces! Don't stop until they are all dead!"

The Nexus fleet fired on the orbital defenses and the remaining Thalaxian ships.

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The ship shook with hits from torpedos. "FIRE ALL WEAPONS REPEAT FIRE ALL WEAPONS!" Yelled Stonen still trying to keep the situation under control. "PT SHIPS ATTACK CORDINATES 9765!" Again a loud blast shook the fleet. The lasers began cutting through enemy lines and the fighters were still at a stand still.

"Fire all main weapons!" and a glitter of blue could be seen and lasers shot down incenerating enemy ships, followed by a barage of missles swarming down ontop of the enemy. BAM BAM BAM a blinding light came across the moniters and made people shield their eyes. Two of the fleets battle cruisers had been hit badly and were torn apart. Pt ship after PT ship fell. "Bomber squadren Alpha bomb raid at cordinates 0 8 7 5 7 repeat 0 8 7 5 7." Stonen looked down to see a calm man talkin into the radio.

Looking back at the screen he wacthed as a gaingantic flash went across the screen, the bombers had dropped their loads and had taken out nine enemy destroyers with little resistence due to mass fighter support. Hmm, I will have to wacth that man Stonen said to himself, but his train of thought was once again shattered was a violent BAM as half of fleet a cruiser fell apart.

The PT ships were firing violent barages of missles at the enemy fleet, penitrating atleast half of the enemy fleets shields but doing little to the actual ship. "PT LINES ONE AND FOUR FIRE FOLLOWED BY BOMBER SQUAD CHARLIES RAID!" Yelled Stonen franticly noticing the enemies now diminishing shields. BAMMMM and Stonen looked in utter shock as a fleet carrier got incenerated by torpedos.

"All laser based weapons fire to the left of the enemy fleet, that is where most of the shields have been destroyed, PT ships fire missles to the right of the fleet and take out those dam shields already!" As that was said a giangantic flicker of lasers shot past Stonens ship into the right of the enemy fleet. Loud explosions could be heard as the lasers crackeled with the enemy fleets shields.

BAM BAM and two more fleet carriers blew up in a blaze of smoke and fire. PT ships were still firing missles but the enemy was now starting to direct fire towards them and the larger ships could only act as shields for so long. "Battlecruiser Gh6 and YRU fire at that battleship" Stonen pointed to on a moniter and the lasers and missles began to fly. "Soldier when will the main weapons be ready again?" Stonen was pointing to the man who had issued the succesful bombing order before.

Glancing over his moniter the man spoke "Uh about three minutes sir." Stonen nodded and wacthed the flicker of lights continue. "Bombing team Bravo, bomb the farthest most three enemy battlecruisers." And the bombers swooped down taking loses from enemy laser fire, but dropping their loads and the enemy ships flew up in a blaze of fire.

Grinning Stonen started to gain confidence once more. "Battle cruiser section A fire at coordinates 786 and Section B 657." A flicker of lasers began some going right at their targets and others flying into enemy fighters who were still battleing the fleets own fighters in a desperate clash of power. "Main weapons are ready sir." Stonen gazed down at the man who had just spoke up. "Ok fire them directly into the enemy battle cruisers, their starting to lose their sheilds." The man nodded and spoke into the comsat giving the orders.

Once more a flicker began and shot down, this time cutting through literly hundreds of enemy ships. The shields has been lost and the armor has been damaged by the fleets lasers. The last enemy ships continued to fight, this started to annoy Stonen "Bombers continue raids on enemy ships." The bombers swooped down dropping bombs and annhilating many ships. The last ships directed all their fire and destroyed three fleet carriers before they went down. When the last of the ships went up into a smolder of flames the crew cheered loudly, and Stonen began to speak over them making them quite down.

"The battle is won, many have been lost, alas get our repairmen workin on all of our ships, I want to engage the fortress in 18 hours." The crew nodded and relayed information back into the comsats, the first task had been accomplished.

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Thank you.

The fortress rotated slowly on it's axis. The Thalaxian weapons already powered up to maximum. They had no idea what this ship was, but were ready for anything...

'Ghor' slid through space.

"Any weaknesses?" The captain asked.

"None, sir. But the crippling device can be targetted to send cometships in."

"Do it." At once the triangular vessel banked to the left and shot forwards.

"Fire." The Thalaxian captain ordered.

Green laser lit up space as it fired in short, sharp bursts upon Ghor's shielding.


"All refracted or reflected bar one, sir. Holing in lower area, not serious but close to engineering."

"How did they manage that?"

"Lucky shot, sir."

"Is performance affected?"

"No, sir."

Ghor retaliated with red bursts of light, swinging around the centre of the massive fortress as if in orbit. The pathetic red lasers merely scratched the surface, leaving tiny black trails.

"Enemy status?"

"No damage sir."

"Try again."

Ghor wheeled in for another attack, but for a single ship this was dangerous, and sure enough...

"Blue laser hit to engineering sir!"

"Damage?" The ship rocked.

"We're leaking blood sir..."

"Clot it."

"What, me? You- Aaaaarrrrggghhhh!" The Scanning Op screamed as his chair disappeared through the floor and into a red river. The floor closed over it.

"Leak report?" The captain asked his replacement.

"Body sucessfully blocking artery sir." The calm woman replied.

"Excellent. Fire Amethyst lasers."


"You know better than to say but."

"Yes sir."

Ghor rocked back as the pressure exploded down the hull plating. The ship's engines strained as they were forced backwards by the huge power. Two vast purple lasers engaged the fortress, and halted it's spin for a second.


Again the ship shook as the lasers fired.

"They're retaliating sir! Torpedoes!" The ship shook again! The captain had to grap his chair to stop himself from falling over.


"Stone exposed in three places! They must be nuculer!"

"Fire in return!"


"No buts!"

Already rocking from the last torpedo hit, Ghor's engineers almost wept to see the engines burst as they did.

A salvo of twelve nuculer warheads shot from the bows. They all targetted the same place on the fortress. On a planet that would be enough to blow a hole to it's core. As it was...

"Device destroyed sir, retaliation in-"

POW! The ship vibrated for a moment, then was still again.

"What happened?"

"They hit us with another salvo sir! Two engines destroyed!" Ghor rolled in space. The gravity was still working, but...

"Targetting lock lost sir!"


Ghor was paralysed...

I have to leave now, but I'll be back to finish it.

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The Thorian fleet is now reaching the other side of the planet. As the fleet is now tugging the captured and damaged ships, their travalling speed is greatly reduced and the Thalaxian fleet is closing in...

"How long until we are above targets?"

"3 mintues, Admiral...Prepare for impact!!"

Beams of green lasers approached...

"Ahhhh! Admiral, we're hit!"

"Report damage!"

"Engine 5 and 6 are damage! We've lost 45% of our power!"

"Shit! This is Admiral Luster! I request 4 volunteering destoryers and aegis crusiers to help defend the flagship! All other ships proceed to destination point!!"

Message to all allied fleets:

[hide]Do not attack Thalaxian capitol and supply depot 053. I repeat, do not attack these 2 ground targets. Coordinates of these 2 ground targets are attached with the message.[/hide]

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"Whats the death count?" Stonen said grimmly, slouching in his command chair. "About 456,788 ours, about 2 million for the Thalaxians." Spoke the man that Stonen had been wacthing. The crew gazed at the man in utter shock at the death toll. "The only thing bad about dieing in space.....Is that someone can't find your body to give you a proper buriel." The man nodded and turned back to the consel.

"Oh yes and sir?" The man spoke again and Stonen shot a questioning gaze at him "The five legions of infantry and 4 legions of armored units has arrived and are holding posistion above the Thalaxian planet, waiting for orders." Stonen nodded and spoke into the comsat to all the fleets ships "Our ground forces await, let us go back and greet them." The ships engines started up and the fleet started moving towards the ground forces.

Stonen gazed back at the fortress, specs of explosions could be seen and he muttered "Good luck my friends.....Let the eyes of god be with you."

Message To Allied Fleets:

[hide]Continue bombarding the planet heavily, our ground forces will land soon.


O.C.C - I call the ground war for myself :D

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The fleet arrived and were greeted by ship after ship hauling troops and vechicles plus supplies. Stonen and the whole crew were grinning by the near mass of all the ships. Stonen ran out unexpectdly to the armory, got a heavy machine gun, full body armor, three sub machine guns, a laser gun, ten grenades, and 4 knives, he suited up and ran back to the command station, the crew gazed up at him in utter shock.

A women was the first to break the silence....."Sir your not actually thinking offf" a large grin came over Stonens battle worn face "Why yes m'dear, I am going to join the ground forces!" A sudden gasp came from the ship. "Sir you cant your to imp-" Stonen laughed at this "I am a battle hard warrior crew, not drop the subject get me a pod and send this message to the Nexus fleet."

Message To Nexus Fleet:

[hide]I am joining the ground assualt, though my fleet is larger then any other one here we are damaged and many are dead. Even though that factor is obvious, my men still have the need for war in them, with that.......You have control of my whole fleet until my return.......Good luck!"


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Vigil to Arden: It seems that everything here is under control, so I have decided to leave and so has Alex. You will have your brigade of the Nexus fleet left with you, but also Stonen's fleet that he left under my command. Stay here and make sure that all enemy ships are dead.

Arden: Yes, sir.

Tha majority of the Nexus fleet currently located in the Thalaxian space shimmered back to the homeworld. Arden remained with his flagship Nexia, several douzen destroyers, battleships and carriers and many fighters and bombers.

Arden to Stonen's fleet:


As the temporary commander of your fleet, I request full obedience for the time being. Follow my instructions exactly.

For right now, remain in orbit of the planet making sure that all the enemies are dead.

More orders are soon to follow.[/hide]

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The ships decending down upon the city, a flicker of green bullets hailed past the ships destroying many in the path. Closer, BAM a small 16 man transport blew up in a inferno of flames. The ships got closer then the enemy fire got even harder and the ship Stonen in started to shake, the transports started opening firing as they decended onto the land.

BAM and flames took over the ship Stonen was in, they had been hit, smoke was ingulfing the ship and a faint "mayday mayday" could be heard. The smoke ingulfed Stonen and he blacked out......Not knowing if he would awake to the brightness of daylight of the firey depths of hell.....

O.C.C - Wont be able to post much anymore, I'll try to get back to this...

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The 8 ships have formed a circle around the flagship, and is exchanging fire with the incoming Thalaxian fleet.

"Concentrate on one ship at a time! 3...2...1...Destoryers fire!" Yelled Luster into the intercom.

The main cannons of the destoryers roared. The slugs easily penetrated the armor of a Thalaxian carrier. The carrier soon exploded, causing a chain reaction as it drags a few surrounding thalaxian destoryers in the blast radius.

Incoming thalaxian laser fire are reduced to harmless light rays as they pass through the "firewalls". They were either reflected off-course or just powerful enough to char the hull of the Thorian ships. Just as Luster thought they might survive this until the other part of the fleet finishes the "job"...

"Admiral! The enemy had deployed torpedo ships!! Aegis 18 is hit by 5 nuclear torpedos, total lost!" reported Yurian.

"Number of torpedo ships?" asked Luster frantically.

"4 is in range, another 4 would arrive in 5 mintues! Incoming transmittion!"

"Admiral! We're now above target!" reported a ship commander.

"Release one of the thalaxian crusiers now!! Target coordinates 234,906, Thalaxian Supply Depot 058! Launch a detector drone with it and transmitt visual record to flagship immdieately!! I want all this to be done in 3 mintues!!" ordered Luster.

Above the thalaxian supply depot, 2 Aegis crusiers are now powering their engines to full power. Attached to them through tractor beam is a crippled thalaxian battlecrusier.

"98% until max speed...max speed! Release cargo and camara!"

The tractor beam is now being cut off, and the battlecrusier, due to interia and gravity, is now diving into the atmosphere. Parts of the battlecrusier disintergrated as it dives, but the ship is still relatively large in mass, at least large enough to completely wipe out a military base...

A bright flash could be seen at the point of impact, and the supply depot is being wiped out by nuclear fire. Only barren land was left after the flash fades out, and all is being recorded by the detector drone.

As Luster waits for the visual record, another of his destoryers is being destoryed, along with 3 of the torpedo ships though. Luster knows that this can't be dragged any longer...

"Admiral! Record received!"

"Yurian, send the following message to all Thalaxian ships and military bases, excluding the fortress!"

Message to Thalaxians:

[hide] You've seen what had happened to the supply depot. Surrender now, else the capitol would follow, along with your families! Your royal family had already abandoned you. We don't want innocent blood to be shed. Consider about this.[/hide]

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Upon awakening Stonen noticed everyone in his ship except himself had been killed. Grabbing his weapons he moved out of the remience of his downtroted ship. He noticed heavy bushes and green tree cover, looking around he saw pieces of destryed ships and dead bodies.

He moved across dense tree cover and noticed even more dead bodies, roming around he took out a radar and looked in utter horror...He was the only surviver....

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