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Space, The Endless Fight Continues


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Ok sorta a new type of fan fiction here. You control your own space fleet. You can have only one planet and thats where your supplies come from. You can also travel to other planets to.

You can have a large space fleet or just be something as small as a smuggler with one ship going from planet to planet.

No God Modding, Battles between fleets/Ship(s) will not kill the other player, they can start a new fleet, and battles must be at bare minimum SEVEN PARAGRAPHS! NO NUKES or bio/chem weapons, no large scale lasers beams, missles etc....Supplies from home planet take a long time to get to your fleet. Remember, the fleet is your main concern not your planets 1325,5364,36723 army guys. Also remember, Battle cruisers and carriers are slow so you cant just zoom off after a allie and leave'em to die ;D.

Home Planet: Thutak, a water world covered with much dense tree cover and a large, happy population.

Fleet consists of:

4 Cruisers

6 Destroyers

12 PT ships

2 Battle Cruiser

3,456 fighters

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John Williams sat in his command center looking on a screen, endless blackness, his fleet was about a week away from a planet called Fulack, odd name indeed Williams thought to himself but it was a trade place for many fleets and ships and though his wasn't a particulary large fleet he still took care of it like a father to his child. The fleet continued on its quest in the black darkness of deep space...

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Home Planet: Orthris

Description: Orthris is entirely covered by city. Metal covers the planet's ocean, but it is large and deep. The Orthrians have developed technologies that combine atoms in the air to provide food and water. Carbon dioxide can be made into drinkable water easily.


200 Battleships

2 Heavy Command Cruisers

Military Description: The Orthrian military consists of heavy combat vessels, they relly on expanding sphere generators. These weapons project a shpere around the ship, and expand destroying small ships, thus negating the need for anti-fighter weaponry.

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The fleet moved on day after day and the ships were about 3 days away from the supply planet and his men were eager to get there and relax for they had been on the ship way to long. John sat gazing off into space, the green metalic room's moniters flickered on and off relaying info back to the fleet. A sudden shake is what grabbed him out of his day dream state.

"What in the HELL was that?" he yelled in a starteled voice. "Sir we umm....We umm...Have...company..." said one of his men down below him as he gazed upon his moniter. "What in the hell are they and who do they repres-" a sudden visual came up on screen, it was a small yet powerful Thalaxian fleet, their arch rivels.

"GET TO BATTLE STATIONS MEN!" Williams yelled as the fleets shields hummed up and the gun turrets on the side of each ship came alive. Another torpedo fired hitting a PT ship and almost nailing it into the orbit of another planet. "FIRE AT WILL SHIPS!" and green laserbeams flew across space and into the enemy fleet.

"Sir incoming tor-" BAM he was cut off as the ship creeked with impact of the torpedos. "Launch the dam fighters launch the dam fighters!" Williams yelled worried now. The fighters launched and the two sides began duking it out in mid-space. Green and red lasers flew everywhere and torpedos and laserbeams were exchanged by the two fleets. A sudden large BAM frightened Williams even more as one of his PT ships got hit by three torpedoes incenerating the hull of the ship.

"Charge the main weapons!" yelled Williams "And direct fire onto the East and furthermost west part of the enemy fleet!" Laserbeams started firing in larger numbers cutting down incoming torpedos and making the enemy shields flicker even more. BAM and another PT ship got incenerated. "WHEN WILL THE MAIN WEAPONS BE READY FOR GOD SAKE?!?!?" yelled Williams "About two minutes sir." responded one man in a now trembeling voice.

"All ships fire weapons in the direct middle NOW!" and they all responded, flicker, flicker then BAM and 5 enemy small cruisers blew up into dust and the whole crew now cheered with delight. "Ok men we have a lot more to do" and the crew nodded. BAM the moniters flickered as a gaint explosion shook one of the fleets cruisers but quickly got back together.

"Sir the main weapons are ready" "FIRE!" yelled Williams, now these were laser beams but not incredibly powerful so they were topped off with armor piercing missles. The beams shot down ripping through 4 enemy shields and blowing the ships up. The missle barage fired ripped through more of the enemy fleet. The fighters after looking doubtfull in the start had elminated most of the enemy fighters and were starting to attack enemy ships. BAM BAM two more Pt ships fell to enemy torpedos.

"FIRE AT WILL EVERYONE!!!!!!" and the ships flickered once more cutting through more of the ships, all that remained were two enemy PT ships. "KILL THEM SHOW NO MERCY MEN!" and the fighters swooped down upon the enemies killing them in one last move. The fighters started returning to their ships and men started repairing damage to the fighters and fleet. Breathing heavily Williams spoke "Can all of our remaining ships make it to the supply planet?" The man gazed down upon the moniter and spoke outloud with a still shaken voice "Yes sir", now grinning Williams said "Lets go then boys."

And the fleet began its journey once again....

See look, nice long battle, and things weren't so one sided :)

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Ok, I thought the PT was an enemy. But heres my post:

An enormous Orthrian Battleship trailed by it's two missile frigate escort passed Command Sharthran's Defense Station. He sat in a raised command chair observing a procession of commercial craft, peppered with ocassional visiting military craft. Sharthran reclined further into his chair and was interupted by a crewman's call.

"Sir, I have recieved a transmission from the border gaurd."

"Display the communication on the main viewer."

"Yes sir", a large figure appeared on the screen.

"This is Admiral Fortha of the Imperial Border Gaurd. 12 Asven Frigates have attacked my Command Cruiser, with no success of course. Although we have detected 12 battleships, with a large number of frigates and carries included. Request instruction."

"Crewman, send this communique: 'Admiral Fortha, recall your ships to orbit, the border is space, if the Arven are planning an assault, we should consolidate our forces. Sherthra out."

"Transmission sent sir."

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The fleet arrived at the industrial supply planet and docked. Men aboard started to repair things more heavily "Sir 2,345 died in the attack, we lost about 234 fighters also." Grummbling Williams waved the man away. He sent a communication back to home base for 6 more PT ships and 3,000 more men. He knew he would be there for awhile so he wanted to make the best of it, crabbing a case from under his command seat he opened a brown box and lit a cigar....

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Williams looked out a window in his private quarters, the metal docking bays didn't cover up any bit of ships so Williams sat there gazing upon the ships admiring the marvels. His fleet was still repairing and the injured still getting healed but it was slowly returning to normal. Looking over he saw a odd looking single cruiser.... A Orthris ship.......But why would a lone cruiser for them be out here? Hmmm interesting......Walking out of his room he went down the teal halls and went into the circular metalic greenish command room. "All men of the fleet, we have a Orthris cruiser here, upgrade security to Defcon 2, though we haven't had much interaction with them being safe never kill the cat...."

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The message was recieved by the home planet and the reinforcements would arrive in a week.

26 Men, 25 heavily armored gaurds with machine guns, gas masks, pistols, grenades, knives and heavy armor made there way over guarding Williams to the Orthris docking bay. Pounding on the large metalic door two lightly armored and peacefull looking guards answered the tap. Looking in utter shock Williams broke the silence "Tell me why you are here and take me to your leader, we must talk"

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Homeworld: Thorin Prime, 100% covered by sea. Early colonists constructed gigentic platforms with suspensors which make up the "land" of Thoris Prime. Due to such geological conditions, Thorians are known to be the best pilots in the galaxy.


30 Aegis Crusiers

10 Battlecruisers

10 Carriers, houses 1,000 fighters each

10,000 fighters

Admiral Luster sits in the command chair, reading a document.

*Operation Lifeline*

*I'm sure you're aware that our relations with the Thalaxian is getting worst. We're trying to solve the problem through diplomatic means but until recently, one of our trade ships, "Horizon", is being destoryed by Thalaxian ships near Fulack. This would not be tolerated.

I hereby appoint you, Admiral Luster, to lead an attack against the Thalaxian fuel storages. The destruction of the fuel storages would hold the main Thalaxian fleet and buy us time for invasion of the Thalaxian homeworld.

We've already notifed the Fulack government, and they've agreed to open their ports and provide supply to our fleet. You shall reach Fulack by 1 week, and strike the Thalaxian homeworld within a month.*

"Admiral, we're reaching Fulack in 1 earth hours."

"Order all crews to prepare for docking."

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Just a thought, is this the Duniverse? And if it isn't, are all characters to be human?

Home planet: Schranah. Pronounced, "Shun-ah," the planet is a gas giant. This makes living there extremely difficult, as the floating bases hidden inside the clouds are constantly on the move in the high winds. The entire planet is ruled by the Tuvori Dynasty, a family organisation. Though trade does exist between Schranah and other planets, the technology existant on the planet is mostly top secret, and a mystery to the rest of the universe.

Thus, the Tuvori have different ships from others; They are constructed from unknown metals and are shielded by thick layers of ice that never melt in the vacum of space. Ice is incredibly tough and can withstand laser fire and bullets from an extremely long time. There is no danger of flames as to burn something must have oxygen, there is none of that in space. (I haven't made a weakness, you'll have to find it).

Spaceship: Large, well armoured, but weak weapons. Transport ships.

Current supply: 50.

Sunship: Gargantuan floating fortresses. Armour: Massive. Weapons: extremely powerful. Speed: Almost stationary. These massive, powerful, well armoured ships are really only for planetary defence, as they cannot move at anything resembling a decent speed, although they can rotate quite fast.

Current supply: 2.

Starship: Medium-sized, medium armoured, medium weaponry, medium speed. Nothing particularly special about them.

Current supply: 150.

Moonship: Tiny fighters. Poorly armoured but extremely fast, their weapons are powerful but must be conserved, as more than 17 shots per flight causes a meltdown.

Current supply: 80.

Cometship: So small as to resemble a comet, hence the name. Only one person can fit in it. One of the fastest ships in the universe, can be destroyed with a single shot. Two weapons: a powerful laser gun capable of cutting through medium shielding and a loading of explosives that detonate on contact. These ships are used as scouts and as extremely agile fighters.

Current supply: 200.

Secret ships: Unknown. Current supply: 3. Names are Nirvis, Glacialis, and Ghor.

The Tuvori use guns that fire sharp and nearly unbreakble ice shards, as well as laser weaponry. Their ship's weapons are the same as that of other ships.

The fleet of ships floated through the gas of the homeworld, Shranah. High above them, the two Sunships, Phosphorus and Ignis, the size of a small planet, stood in everlasting watch.

The Admiral of the Fleet, Hobbes Nahl, stood on the bridge of the flagship. His own ship, the Starship 'Zodiac.'

"Incoming transmission sir." The communication officer called.

"Put it through." The Admiral answered.

"We have recieved communication that an attack on the Thalaxian homeworld is planned." A Voice from the planet's floating cities came through, "This must not occur. We have no wish to enter another party's conflict, but our relations with the Thalaxians must appear to be strong, or they may thing we are desertig them. You are to travel to Fulack and intercept the fleet led by Admiral Luster, do not attack. Merely request that they open diplomatic discussions with the Thalaxians. If needed, offer ourselves as adjudicators. You have your mission."

Half of the fleet (but no Sunships) left for Fulack, as their system was close to the planet, they would arrive in six days.

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The Nexus fleet departed on an exploration mission as usual. At the head of the fleet were the two flagships - Dark star and Nexia. After them followed the rest of the awesome Nexian fleet.

The recently promoted commander Arden was in the dining hall of Nexia, eating and resting his eyes. Nothing interesting was happening in the last ten hours, so he decided to leave his post for a while.

Suddenly, the flagship shook as if something big hit it. Commander Arden stood up and ran back to the control room.

Lietenant Oran shouted, "Sir, we're being attacked by an identified fleet! Shall we respond?"

"How many of them?"

"It is a very large fleet, but they do not have the advanced technology we do, sir".

"Give em everything we got! Launch the fighters and signal for them to attack at will. Message all ships to attack at will!

The ten carriers let out the fighters. The fighters immediatly took a formation blocking all attack of the enemy, so that the main ships would not get damaged.

The destroyers and the battleships fired their main guns at the enemy mainships. It was an awesome salvo of plasma projectiles and violet laser rays. Several ships were cut in half, while the others looked like holed cheese because of being hit by the projectiles.

The enemy fleet struck back, firing with their primitive conventional missiles at the main fleet, but those were taken out by the quick shots of the fighters. Only a few reached the ships, where they were deflected by the crystalline armor.

Arden laughed, "Nexia, Dark star, fire the main guns!"

The flagships fired with fiery beams of light right in the middle of the enemy fleet, destroying the enemy flagships.

The enemy was scared and confused and began to retreat.

Arden shouted, "do not let them get away! Destroy them all!"

The Nexus fighters surrounded the fleeing enemy fleet and began firing from all sides. Soon, there was nothing left of this fleet unfortunate enough to attack the awesome fleet of Nexus.

OOC - sorry for the one-sididnesss, but that's just because the enemy had poor technology.

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The fleet soon got their reinforcements and the ships were busstling full of readiness to leave the spaceport. "Ok all ships turn engines on now" said Williams into a intercom and a large hum could be heard. "Alright boys lets get out of here" and the ships slowly turned around and zoomed away. They were about five days away from the consuel meeting where all the Houses/Planets that had a considerable space fleet(s) would have representitives. Grabbing the trster button he pushed it along with captins on all the other ships. A sudden large roar could be heard as the ships zoomed off into hyperspace...

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The Thorian fleet docks in Fulack. The fleet would stay here for a week before heading to the Thalaxian fuel storages. The long stay is mainly caused by the renewing of the Gunguir fighters.

Admiral Luster lies on his command chair reading the new specs of the Gunguirs.

"Nothing new, nothing new..." murmured Luster as he flipped through the pages. He was almost dozing off...suddendly something seems to wake him up.

"150mm shockwave cannons? Now that's intresting..." grinned Luster as he continue to read on, "Lietenant Yurian! Announce to the fleet that we would extend our stay for 3 more days, and tell all ship and wing commnaders to meet me ASAP!"

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A small Asven fighter streaks across the sky, momentarily blotting out the sun from Patrol Captain Vestuar's view. His tiny fighter handled well, the Orathrians rarely built fighters but when they did they were of superior quality.

Vestuar stared out at the Asven ship through his fighter's canopy, he charged his weapons and signaled the rest of the fighters in his patrol group to stand down, he would engage the fighter alone.

The Heavy Patrol Fighter darted into action and began pacing the Asven scout, until it came within 200 feet. Vestuar smiled as he let loose a salvo of anti-matter packets. They streaked towards the scout leaking plasma, until they arrived 20 feet away from the scout. At this point four tiny lasers emerged from the scout and cut the AMP's into nothingness. Vestuar's smile disappeared as he ordered his ship's computer to load a torpedo.

The two fighters continued to fly at blinding speeds, until a third, smaller item joined the chase. It approaced the scout and hugged with death's embrace.

Now Vestuar smiled, but it was short lived. An Asven torpedo cruiser emerged from a nearby moon's dark side and blasted his entire patrol group into oblivion.

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