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Dune - A new beginning


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The Machinery is now in place. One on the North Pole of Caladan, one on the South; and two in low orbit around the sun.

"Countdown commencing..." A Guildsman entones...

"3......2.......1....... Warp." Caladan, and it's sun, disappear.

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The industrailaztion of planet Kezio was going as well as could be possibly hoped. Ming operations and factories begain pumping a steady steam of Material for the war effort.

Farms in the south of the planet produced a acess of food for the KYA and guild people.

Training on the harsh planet of Tuplie is going as hoped as can....

strange vilgi....your forces materialize out of thin air....whoops there gooes. lookie that i have 50 quadbillions drillian forces that came from no whare how about that?

and your war materials....whoopy doooo dah lookie that all came from no whare....its hard to fight a war with no guns

"A army runs on its stomic" I also notice that you have no way of feeding your army.......Hungry solders dont fight well...


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OOC - Stop arguing, Ex. And especially stop asking stupid questions. I have always had food and weapons and having no Guild won't change that. And it is much much much easier to warp an army than it is a sun.

Let us stay on topic or else Dunenewt will close this thread.

IC - The forces of House Moritani grew every passing second. With no enemies nearby, House Moritani colonized and conquered new planets. More and more soldiers joined the military, attracted by the regal benefits.

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I wasn't going to say this in the hope that someone might figure it out. A sun is a star, and vice versa. Stars can be seen. Ipso Facto, a new star is almost definately Caladan and it's sun. I'm going to pretend that you figured that out on your own, and go on.

Caladan and Tupile are both transportable now. The eight gigantic Holtzmann engines that allow this remain where they are, at the loss of several Heighliners, leaving only 50 still functioning.

Back to our friend Anmar! Thought she'd gone, hadn't you? She in currently en route on a diplomatic mission to Grumman, on a Heighliner. It appears in space, the shuttle is ejected, and the Heighliner warps out just in time to avoid major damage from the external defences of the planet, although it will need serious repair. Her shuttle does not decend into the atmosphere uninvited, and is not shot at, as the Bene Gesserit are neutral.

"This is Reverend Mother Anmar Josie wishing to enter Grumman atmosphere." Anmar sends, "Permission requested, please respond."

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I was not trying to make a argument. not everythng i ask is to flame you vilgi, but having troops pop from nowhare. and aircraft and tanks apear from midair is god modding. U cant just say 50 million tanks warp over to another planet. How long have you been working on your tanks. if you spend all the material and food needed to power and man tanks you would have been unable to man or build something else. So pleeeeese stop saying "50 billion things begin the atack on another world"

cause that is getting really anoying. That was not a flame. mearly a question

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Anmar sighs gently, she knew this would happen.

"My past business with the Guild was to ensure belief in one instance. My personal contract has expired and I have been released. My request to arrive here was in order to exchange vital infomation in aid of the war effort with House Moritani." She states, clearly, "I also have no way of returning now to Wallach IX, and if you refure to see me I request transport back to my sisters."

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The forces of the Moritani began to spread over the Known Universe, colonizing planets, since no enemies were there to stop the expansion. Every day, hundreds more planets were found and colonized thanks to the Ixian teleporter. The Moritani Empire grew larger.

And in this expansion was also hope of finding the pathetic and cowardly enemies who went into hiding.

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