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Dune - A new beginning


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"We are facing a crisis." The senior Navigator intones. I suggest...an alternative.

Message to House Moritani;

This feud is becoming unadvantagous to both parties in the conflict. We offer a diplomatic meeting between yourselves and the Guild. You may choose the location, and bring weapons if you so choose. However, we request that you do not use them. The Guild has several plans we wish to discuss with House Moritani.

Message to House Atreus;

Now that Caladan is no longer stationary your fleet is requested to spread out between all Heighliners excepting Heighliner KYA.

Anmar thanks the planetary officials, and starts to decend. She lands on the planet without fuss and disembarks at the major starport. She carries with her the message to House Moritani (above). It is delivered, and she requests to stay on the planet. When asked why, she replies that she could be useful to Moritani officials in the way of infomation. With this cryptic answer, she and her two commandos are escorted under armed guard to a more senior officer to ask him.

The Moritani planetary defence offier looks at his instruments. Another shuttle! Space was getting more and more crowded every day. "State name and purpose, unknown shuttle." He speaks. There is a crackling of static.

"Tleilaxu shuttle requesting decent onto Grumman." Comes the reply, "please respond." The Man stares in front of him in shock, then shrugs and relays the message to his superiors.

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Tleilaxu message to Grumman;

We are allies of the Guild, that is no secret. We are here to take part in the meeting and to take the location you have decided on to the Guild. And also to deliver another message; all allies of House Moritani are allowed to attend as well. Where shall the meeting be?

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Guild Message;

We shall send two Navigators to Lankiveil, two Tleilaxu masters shall also be present, as well as two reverend mothers from the Bene Gesserit, one of whom is a Truthsayer.

Houses KYA and Atreus, we ask you to send two diplomatic personages as well.

Houses Moritani and Vernius, two diplomats each please.

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Above Lankiveil, the Heighliner warps into being. It disgorges three shuttles, two black, one green. They request permission to enter atmosphere, it is granted.

The Great Hall, a massive debating chamber, lies empty. Next door, a smaller, less grand room is prepared. There are several seats around a round table. Reverend mothers Anmar Josie and Faralin Ymen stride in but do not sit down. Two Tleilaxu masters follow, their piggy eyes peering all around them. Two Guild Navigators come last, floating in their massive tanks. They wait.

Message from Anmar to Houses Moritani and Ix;

We offer ourselves as impartial judges. Not to control, merely to prevent the meeting becoming a fight. Should you choose not to accept, we shall agree on a neutral party together to stand as judge. If that cannot be reached, then we suggest that one additional Reverend mother and one additional Moritani spokesman stand as judge.

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Right, since nobody else had said anything I'll just start myself...

The Guild is prepared to resume the old system of politics. We shall return to providing transport to all houses, and withdraw our monopoly on melange. As Corrino is gone, we suggest that Moritani become the Imperial house. However, we ask that the fief of Tupile be given to House KYA indefinately as their new home planet, and that House Moritani reliquishes hold on planets that belong to other houses in the Landsraad. The Guild shall not keep the military wing of Houses KYA and Atreus, but shall remain in close contact with them. The Bene Tleilax shall keep the planet Geidi Prime, and House Vernius must destroy any space transport technology is has.

Message to Houses KYA and Atreus;

[hide] With Atreus on Caladan and KYA on Tupile as their new home planet we shall not restrict you to being merely a wing of the Guild. We offer instead a 5-sided aliiance. The Spacing Guild, Houses Atreus and KYA, the Tleilaxu and a secret party. We shall not depose Moritani, but it may be useful just in case.[/hide]

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