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Milking the Cash Cow: The Audio Interview With Brian Herbert


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Its bad.

Very Bad.

And Ex Is starting to get pissed about it.

And when ex gets pissed. He invades Russia The balkins and egpyt.

And slaughters the peasents/kings/civis.(Including romaina.... backstab germany in ww1 will ya? feel the rath of the turks. Ask 045)

I do not want to do that.

But i can just imagine KJA running around in each one of those coutnries. Talking about a new dune trilegy.

I wish to god he never wrote the prequelas. He could have left dune the way it was ment to be left. BY FRANK HERBERT.


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lol I have always been nice I think to brian and kevin. I mean they do write great books. I couldnt put them down when I read them. They truly are talented and Iwish them only the best. this is just insanity though. It isnt meant to be a trilogy. I just dont like the sound of this. If it is a trilogy then I think this is the first time they both honestly failed.

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I wouldn't be surprised if there was a kwisatz haderach latter oninthe legends of duen trilogy. there is a quote in Dune that says that the lady Jessica was juat like the other Lisan Al Gaib,meaning Paul wasn't the first,emaning they could ahve another Fremen Lisan al Gaib,and not violate continuity.Although that deosn't seemt o be that big an issue anyway.

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I could live with Dune 7 as a trilogy, but only so long as KJA/BH STRICTLY and RELIGIOUSLY stick to the FH-written outline and don't deviate from it.

Frank was a writer that was blessed with the writing skill that enabled him to somehow very expertly condense into a single novel what it takes the Kevin J. Andersons & Brian Herberts of the writing world entire trilogies to chronicle... but then one must understand that writers like Frank Herbert only come around once in a blue moon. In this regard I could see KJA/BH being cut some slack.

- Neo

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