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In The Destroyer's Grip


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ok ppl

infantry for the Aspedos and the Kulchatah are complete

the vehicles are also pretty much complete

now.. air

any ideas?

i was thinking that the aspedos shud get the atreides air drone equivalent, an engineer dropping eits, carryall, dvanced carryall and a fairly weak gunship.

for the kulchatah, the air mine, hark ADP and both carryalls

The tempest: an edited orni to look like some kind of creature and both carryalls.

i think that shud be sufficient.

however, super weapons...

for the kulchatah some kind of super warrior i guess

for the tempest... something weird... i know... heheh its a secret

for the aspedos it was originally going to be a unit that transforms into pure energy and can roam around on its own accord smashing stuff but as i cant get it to work, any ideas?

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for the tempest,

it could have a strong machine gun that leeches & contaminates things, and does pure damage, as organic stuff doesnt really do pure damage...

edit- i forgot, will anything do real damage?

and is this just infantry, or are there tanks?

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yes there are tanks, even "tanks" for the tempest

i dont thinmk its possible for 1 weapon to both leech and contaminate

however u cud use the advsardaukar in such a way...

however what i really need is a super weapon for the Aspedos as I have most of the other units already set out

btw im having loads of trubble with icons: i made one for the shotgun trooper (as a test quickly), i put it in 3DDATA/textures/ and identified it in the artini, however the game always crashes when loading.

ny ideas nyone?

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