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In The Destroyer's Grip


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just hire people for ideas and let them think of ideas and help out and in return they get the earliest beta *hint hint*

lol again ethan

well I dont know if ill "hire" u but i can add u to the beta list if u want.

heh heh heh. i will think of ideas in seminar today!

if its not over about 7 MB's i might just wait for the final release. i just care about units, not textures and the big stuff....

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ok the Tempest seem to be coming to fruition altho theyre looking to be 1 hell of a strange side. They have many tactical advantages but u need to know how to exploit them to the full otherwise ull be crushed by the other two races which are stronger in brute strength.

I will probly post some screenshots soon. I will compile a beta testers list. I will only accept a certain amount of ppl. To apply plz just post it here.

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yes, that just shows you how long i have been delaying the release. I have been so off-course. Been working on many things I have. In the Destroyer's Grip textures, GUI for the Eye of Sauron, and textures for The Subhouse Building Mod.

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Yes, Apollyon was the first to pull me out of retirement. ;D But I am glad, his mod sounds great! Cyborg's game Eye of Sauron, I have been helping with from the start. And Inoculator asked when he first joined my forum.

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do you have a mod size and release date (estimated of course)?

btw, frodo, isnt your release date on Maros Mod a littel off? :)

release date i would estimate will be in about a month

as for size i would imagine that it will be in the 15 meg area as it will have a lot of XBFs etc.

just be thankful therell be no intro =)

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