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In The Destroyer's Grip


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Despite my seeming retirement from modding I have decided to make one last mod in honour of this fine game made by IG (definitely not westwood)

I will try to make this as complete and fancy as possible with new models, textures etc.

This mod will not be set in the duniverse and will be (or try to be) entirely original.

Thus far only 2 sides have been decided and no names for them have been decided.

The two races are as follows. The Ordos have been replaced with a high tech race that are while physically weak wear body shields. Theyre weapons are long range and powerful using for the most part laser technology.

The Harkonnen have been replaced with a proud and ferocious warrior race that are incredibly resilient to damage. They use close combat weapons as they believe that killing from a distance is dishonourable. When they cant use hand to hand combat they resort to pistols and similar small arms.

The units that have been made so far are:

Hi tech race:

Laser Infantry-

fires a slow moving orb of laser power that is relatively effective against both infantry and vehicles

Helix Laser Sniper-

fires a long range fast moving beam of laser power.

Positron Pulse Cannon-

Fires a medium range pulse of energy that can rip through many targets in one shot

Hover Scout-

Fast moving airborne scout

Warrior Race:


Armed with a small side arm and an electric longsword, these fearsome warriors can wreak havoc on enemy infantry lines


A bionically enhanced juggernaught capable of mass destruction using only its club like fists.

Fragmentation Warrior-

Able to throw fragmentation grenades over short ranges.

Shotgun Beserker-

Armed with a sawn off shotgun this warrior is capable of mass destruction if allowed to get into short range.

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The third race has been decided

They will be a hivemind race which can adapt to almost any enviroment and subsequently have many advantages.

1. they can build on sand

2. they regenerate

3. they are not hurt by coriolis storms

4. they are rarely eaten by worms

5. its a secret =)

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alright the race names have been thusly decided=

Atreides replaced with The Tempest

Harks replaced with the Kulchatah

Ordos replaced with the Aspedos.

This mod is far more ambitious than any that has come before it, mainly as it replaces all three houses with completely original forces (and the subhouses too).

I need some help on textures can anyone help? *cough* Frodo *cough* ;D

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ok and so i present the story =)


In the years leading into the new millennium the people of the Haerchalos were lost. Crushed by the onslaught of their enemies they drifted in space, housed by huge world ships that protected them from the harsh vacuum. The entire population numbered barely over a billion and times were harsh with no raw materials or indeed motivation. Despite hydroponics rations grew scarcer by the day and starvation and disease was rampant in the confines of the great craft. Hounded by enemy strike cruisers the once proud race was forced further away from their familiar territory and into the bleakness of uncharted space. More and more died every day. Riots broke out and people expressed their anger openly against the authorities that they felt were responsible for their predicament. Soon a full-scale revolt broke out on the flag ship of the fleet, Ardulis. Ptulches, the supreme Director of the time was seized and executed. Soon this state of unrest spread to all six ships and the head of the rebellion, Kulchit, was installed as the new Director. Under his command the ships descended to a near-by planet and set up a colony. After a year of peace during which Kulchit

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