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Dunlavy is back... back again... looks who's back! Tell a friend.


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;D Yes, my dear Padawans, I am back (for just a short while). Emperor has been removed from my hard drive, so don't expect to see me on WOL. In fact, the entire Westwood directory has been removed from my computer. My computer is completely Westwood free. Even my WinXP Pro registry has been cleaned to remove all traces of Westwood (and other uninstalled) programs.

Do I still like Emperor? You bet your sweet ass I do, hot mamas. But I'm sure that many of you will oblige that RTS games need a thriving online community and continual support from its publisher and developer(s) in order to be worth playing. Emperor, sadly, lacks those essential components needed for complete success. I have jumped on the Blizzard bandwagon. I am Undead. I hate Night Elves. Humans bother me. Orcs scare me. I dream of creeps, goblin sappers, wands of negation, and Infernals. For you see, Blizzard is the anti-thesis company of Westwood. They make few games. But they're starting to make them very well. And they support these games for years to come. WarCraft III is alive and well.

One thing I hate about WarCraft III: I suck ten times more at WCIII than I did at Emperor. Hard to imagine, yes, but it's true. Strange thing is, however, I own Frodo_I's ass on that game. He looked me up (for reasons unknown) and played me a one-on-one. I even have the replay file of my landslide victory. ;) Perhaps he's been humbled, because on Battle.Net, he's actually a pretty nice guy. :O

Well, I hope people read this or I'll feel bad for writing this much for nothing. Write back. And get the damn map packs.

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yay Dunlavvy... any time you wanna rush me with Hark on Knife Fight again and then quit on me at the 1:30 mark after I obliterate your rush, give me a shout

i am not on WOL presently either but i'll be back

Lol.... would it be...? somebody Nav knows he can take and dont duck? Amazing!! ;D

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